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Thread: [RELEASE] Metro IV, the WP7 interface on iPhone

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    Another issue I had with this theme was the slight lack in consistency in the icons, so I made a few changes to:

    Calendar, Clock, Music, App Store, Contacts, YouTube, Notes, Videos, Facebook, iTunes, and Weather icons. The white icon in each (which for some I have replaced) is shifted to the side of the overall icon, corresponding to which side the icon is meant to be in.

    NEW icons include textPlus 4, Modern Combat 2, Meebo, amp, JellyCar 2, Google, Doodle Jump, The Onion, Muzik, Skyfire, Notable Quotes, Sad Scale, and Pandora.

    I also created two springjump icons, Page 0 and Page 1, so now the arrow doesn't scroll and can be used.

    I hope you like these icons. For the sake of simplicity, they're in .zip format instead of attached files.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -img_0037.png   -img_0038.png   -img_0039.png   -img_0040.png  
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    JimmyZeroL (2010-12-30)

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    Does this theme work on iOS 4.1 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyZeroL View Post
    Does this theme work on iOS 4.1 ?
    Yes its iOS 4 compatible not retina though (Rigatony is working on this though)
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    This problem of the icons being too close together vertically is happening to me as well, and I have double checked all the the winterboard and infiniboard settings. Please help!

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    Have you tried resizing Dock.png to a smaller height?

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    Ok, let me explain.
    First the release was for iOS3. But people said "the gap between the icons is too big on iOS4" so I've made bigger icons in the iOS4 version. If you have trouble with the icons, try using the iOS3 icons, in the iOS3 theme (do not replace the whole theme, just the icons folder).

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    Default thanks
    I put it the icons from 3.x and it worked a little better, then I changed the dock size again and it works yet a little better. The icons are perfect at the top of the page but start to overlap towards the bottom, it's weird. Also, where is the contacts icon, I cant find it to change it?
    Thanks so much

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    Default Issue
    I'm having this issue on iOS 4.2.1, the vertical icon spacing is too small, it overlaps:

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    So as others have said, you can try the 3.x icons or changing the size of Dock.png (keep the width, but change to height, to say 64) (it looks as though you are using a different dock than the default dock but also not the dock included in this theme... you must use the blank dock.png in this theme and this theme should be at the top of your themes list). Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asronline View Post
    I'm having this issue on iOS 4.2.1, the vertical icon spacing is too small, it overlaps
    Also I see that your Infiniboard settings aren't correct go into Preferences > Infiniboard and set Hide Behind to Off

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    Thanks guys, ok I don't know what's wrong with the dock. This is the original/default iPhone dock on iOS 4. I've tried it all but no luck it just doesn't change or disappear, an issue with 4.2.1 maybe? If you guys know a solution that would be great.

    So for now I'm going to fix those infiniboard settings as well as try the 3.x icons and get back to you guys. Thanks again!


    UPDATE: ok guys I figured out that I had to rename Dock.png to SBDockBG.png but I'm still having that overlap issue.

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    ^That's pretty dope. Release it when you can.
    "Ain't no blockin' my shine, like my new Air Yeezys you can see me in the nighttime."

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    Quote Originally Posted by gpax View Post
    Heres a few different icons for this theme , the right arrow works as it does on the windows phone where it takes you to a list of apps ( their not all done yet but you can see where its heading) and the xbox live icon takes you to the game page
    iv still got alot to do but i like the larger icons
    Can you open a new thread for your theme and stop posting there, please ?
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