HD Colors is waiting for approval in Cydia!!!! THX for waiting

You can also get the theme by donation to https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/websc...=N3TFVSTGQUPZJ. Please write on donation for which theme you want to get the download-link.

Now something about the theme:

It's a very clean, glossy and colorful theme with a date-weather-widget for the springboard and lockscreen. On the Lockscreen you can choose an image from your camera roll. You can activate both seperately. Deactivate the Lockscreen in Winterboard to use your own, without needing to customize the theme.
You will get an Icon-Mask for Autocreation (Icons, Appstore...)
You need Iconoclasm to use this theme. Copy the included plist into /Library/Iconoclasm/Layouts/ and activate in Iconoclasm settings. In HD Colors Widget.theme and HD Colors LS.theme you have to change your city-code for liveweather.
Download it and activate it in winterboard WITHOUT SUMMERBOARD-MODE. That's all.
The FULL UI is already included.
The Theme is multi language. Only the widget is in english and german only.

Please stop publishing the icons from this style in other themes or forums. You're not allowed to use this icons in any other theme/forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!