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Thread: Icon requesting made easy

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    ok try installing "bigboss recommended commands" just search bigboss recommended. and that way u will get like everything. the problem is is that ur missing the id command.

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    working now.
    THX PhanaticD

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    no problem, it was actually coreutils that u needed to install, i updated the package on the repo so now no one else should have this problem.

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    Nice app, good work, but can you update it to have an option to get ALL icons installed on the phone (itunes app icons only), not just ones that are not in a specific theme? Sometimes i have people who want to get their icons in the bundle folders but because you have to specify a theme for this to work, they can't use it. Thanks!

    EDIT: nevermind it already does this... now my favorite tool for theming!!
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    Lol i need to update this, this was last developed on 3.x

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    If you could, that would be great. I'm testing it on ios 4.2.1 and it grabs about 80% of the icons but it's missing some of the HD icons used on the iphone 4 (the ones that end tiwh @2x for example) but that could also be because the app doesn't have that icon size availalble.

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    could u double check whether or not the icons are missing from the app itself? also what apps icons are missing from? i know the default apple ones have changed

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    Ok, i checked, and yes some of the applications do have HD icons but they are not grabbed. I think this happens when the icons use non standard names (fo example Mirrir's Edge uses the neame AppIcon.png and [email protected]). Does your app get the icon names from the info.plist file for each application?

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    yea its supposed to, but i dont know if it works for HD, i will look into all this when i get a chance to work on it

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    And ya, some of the apple icons have changed. In fact, the apple names have changed with each new IOS released, 4.1, 4.2.1, 4.3.1... almost as if they can't make up their mind! I'm using "AppInfo" (from cydia) to check the info.plist to see what apps have HD icons, and then SSH into the phone to verify the icons are actually there.

    Some of the HD ones do work, which is the strange part.

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    okay i updated the "icons" method of my script, on 4.2.1 it grabs every single icon! before it left alotttt of them behind lol.. do u know if theres any difference between 4.2.1 and 4.3 folder names and all that?

    tomorow i will work on the bundles method and fix up some small details in the icons method and then i will finally update this on my repo! its been too long haha

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    I'm not too sure about what folder names have changed in 4.3.x because i've avoided upgrading at the moment. From what I can tell from my friend, the camera icon is definately one that has changed, but I don't know what it has changed to exactly.

    I'll have a look to see if there is a better way of tracking the system icons down for differing ios versions. They must have some sort of database or info.plist for the program/icon locations.

    I assume right now you're grabbing all the icons from the Applications.pwn folder?
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    alright well if ur on 4.2.1 and he is on 4.3 can u just compare the contents? its just the default apps i need to know >.< btw i updated the first post with the modmyi wiki article for fixing pngs.... i wish i had know about that app a longgg time ago.

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    Oh, yeah its a good app to convert the images, I just wish it would convert a directory of folders rather than having to dump them into a single folder (seeing as many icons share the same names). I'll speak with my buddy, and see if he's willing to do it.

    I don't have a mac but I was looking to see how hard it would be to make a simple app that could be installed, which can run this script, and the attach the zip file to an email to send out. This would make is user friendly for icon requesters to retrieve their default icons.
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    Hmm i might try and do that for my first iphone app

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    Ok, looks like the only change is that the icon name for Camera went from Icon.png to icon.png (lower case i) but the foldernames are the same on ios 4.3.3.

    i don't suppose you can incorporate that "normalize PNG" script into this so it normalizes them prior to zipping them?
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    Ok that should still work, and what normalize png? If ur talkibg about the one i linked to thats a whole another language

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    Ya you're right, its in "c", I just didn't look close enough.

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    Major update. Sorry I havent worked on this since ios3.x It now should get ALL the icons reliably, next update will have the "icons" method in HD for dreamboard theme usage

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    On your app where you type in the name of the theme, do you think it would be easier to have them listed with a number above so the used just has to type a number instead?

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