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Thread: [RELEASE] iMatte for iOS4

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    Default [RELEASE] iMatte for iOS4
    Hi there everyone!

    It's not because you didn't heard from me in the last past weeks that iMatte is dead! In fact, it's more alive than ever! Here is the "final" (until I change something again, or someone requests something) version. (The one that will be released in the stores soon)

    Official iMatte Website:

    I know it has been down a few days, bots have exceeded my bandwidth limit last month.

    The downloads are now offered to registered members to avoid that. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it doesn't take long!

    Here are the latest screens, there are 10x more on my website, every part of the theme is shown in full res images, without the iphone overlay that can make screenshots looks better.

    I hope you enjoy, if you have any comments, visit my website and leave it there, as I cannot visit every forum every day!

    Hope you like it!

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    your welcome

    BTW: I'm submitting today to Rock, so it will be available there in the next few days.

    I'm also waiting for Saurik's approval for Cydia's featured section. It will be there... when I can't exactly tell, but soon.

    Thanks to all those that supported me.
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    Cool theme. I went to your site to download it. And it is saying I have to register. Problem, site is in a different language and I dont know where to go to register haha

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    Thanks for the comment! I had joomfish before, but removed it became too much work for one guy. I just turned it back on. The articles have been auto translated by google (if you read elsewhere on the site, the imatte section was made in english, but I had forgotten the signup process would still be french!)

    Thanks for letting me know!

    You can now go back and it should display in english, and you should be able to sign up!

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    Love this theme. Is there a reason why I don't have an icon in for Infinifolders? Beautiful work tho, I'll donate when the rest of the UI stuff is released on Cydia!

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    Yes, I had forgotten to make a pack of these! Unless there is something else I don't notice, I think it was the only thing I forgot to break down from the original big archive!

    I have added it on my website in the free download section. If you have any other questions, (you or anyone else), please do it on my website, cause if I answer a question for you, that might help others too. And it's better if all the support is in one place!

    There is a forum and you can leave comments pretty much on anything!

    Thanks, oh and by the way, no need to wait for Cydia or Rock, if you donate now, I'll give you access to the extras section on my website, and you'll be able to get everything that will be on cydia, and even more, cause things like the settings icons (or the qtweeter theme let say) I cannot make a package of it, since they overwrite original files. So you will end up downloading them there! So you don't have to wait (just do it when you feel to )

    You can look in the forums, I added a new forum, where I'll post new gfx files I make, before they end up in a release. So if you or anyone want to have their voice on what's coming up... it's a good place to start! (well, for now, I'm pretty busy with everything else but the theme, and I just created it today, but still, there is two things there :P)

    If any dbar themers like this ui, and would like to have a section on my website in the screenshots and downloads section for them to post their work with the imatte ui... feel free to contact me! I'd like to have a few modders that makes a nice and different layout every now and then!

    Those will be offered freely on my website, and never end up in the store packages, unless you give me the go.

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    Nice. Well it says that I'm over my allowed downloads when I tried getting the Settings icons. Woops, not sure why.

    Any way to slide the badge's down for the top row, or has that been messed up in iOS4?

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    I downloaded the theme, and moved it onto my iPhone. Problem is, when I choose it in winterboard, nothing shows up

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    Hi there! Sorry for the delay, you should have posted this in the forums on my website! Like I said, I cannot visit every forums anymore!

    The thing is, I could not guess what is your theme folder, since there is random char after the dot. So I simply removed mine, and leave it as Themes. If you don't want to keep any of your current theme, or winterboard default's theme, here is what I do. Select the .something directory, to rename it, but simply copy and paste it's name. Then delete the directory, and rename the Themes alone with the one in the clipboard!

    I hope it was ok as an explanation!

    Oh and I want you all to know that iMatte is now in Rock store! I'm still waiting for Cydia's, but coming soon!

    If you want to easily install and maintain iMatte with the very frequent updates, please consider buying it from the stores.

    Thank you!
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    I will kill the person who calls this theme ugly.

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    Oh this theme is for sure worth having.

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    i really wish i could install it, but it won't let me. i wrote about the problem in a different forum,( but i'm getting this error:
    Yfrog Image : - Uploaded by ambeestar

    any advice as to what's going on?

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    hi there,

    I'm really sorry you have to go thru this, as it is not how I planned it to be.

    I asked not even 12hrs after it got in cydia for it to be removed, because of the many problems I've had with macciti. They did such an awful job at submitting my theme, that I decided to host it myself.

    I had a reply that imatte was removed from cydia, but seems it still there.

    You're only solution is to get reimbursed by cydia, and donate on my website and I'll give you access to the repo and the extras section on my website.

    You should have visited my website before buying but they didn't linked it in cydia. That's just one of the many things they did wrong.

    Have a look on my website at informatique conseils +, there is a post in my forums that explain the story in greater details if you wish to know.

    Again I'm sorry for your troubles. If i ever see the money and sales info from cydia sales, I'll make sure to reimburse everyone. But I highly doubt it will happen.

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    whoops. nvm. went to your site and read all about the problem.

    donated to you, emailed saurik. guess we'll see what happens. thanks for your reply!

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