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    Default [request]
    I would like to see a Microsoft Surface theme, this could really look nice. I know there is not much developed or released for surface yet, and I know how much most people despise Microsoft. I would be willing to help, I have sufficient theming knowledge, not a whole lot of Photoshop skills.

    Even something as simple as maybe a surface wallpaper homescreen with the 4 corner buttons, make one of them apps.. one settings, one phone, etc. and rotate with sbrotator. and have some UI stuff to have a REAL surface feel?

    Anyone else like to see this?


    i've used surface, its like a 30" iphone, only more buggy.

    i was thinking may a koi pond lock screen with UI sounds.. this could be decent. will probably need some help along the way if I try this.

    is that photoboard app still around somewhere that was cool...

    this would probably be a landscaped theme obviously

    even an iNav theme, with application previews...and the Im done button returns you to koi pond...or "attract" lockscreen

    heres a quick springboard screenie I threw together.. completly wipes status bar from springboard, will be normal for all apps.
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    Default limited
    Im throwing this thing together rather quickly, but I expect it to be limited an not a full UI for obvious reasons, but Im a bif fan of touch computing so I had to do it.

    Any help, thoughts ideas or suggestions, let me know.
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    I wouldnt call the microsoft surface "buggy"

    it's probably the best multi-touch interactive computer out there...

    and it has the price tag to back it up...

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    Default i hear ya
    it is very nice. I still want one, I wanted to make a DIY table.
    I have the SDK and touckpack on my hp touchsmart notebook. Im not much of a dev/coder though. I wonder if Apple has anything planned on table computing? I havent seen anything in those patetntlyapple reports.
    On topic with this theme, I would love to have the that koi pond app on the lockscreen, that would be worth it. I think someone did a nexus lines lockscreen with touch, but this might be a bit more complicated.
    So first thing I would try is just a .gif video sample of the app.
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    this might be cool, post a few more pics of the actual microsoft table OS and maybe i could help

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    from what I can see this would basically be the portrait iHome theme with different wallpaper and icons.

    there are some few problems with making this thme tho, for exemple:

    If you watched Microsoft surface videos the middle icon when you scroll changes shape to a square and lights up.

    This could be "faked" on iOS 3.x but not on IOS 4.x since winterboard doesn't support multiple wallpapers yet.

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    Default just tooling around
    I know it's off, but its just basic. just to get some feel for it. I put all my apps into one folder, because categories SB uses the same uniform layout, will remove the icon labels, but they are very easy to get lost with blanks. thinking about some arc text around corners or mini icons in the corners for the app icons. more than one page and not all the corners will remain the same, so not sure if I wil go with the one large icon in the middle inav idea. I used display recorder to capture koi pond app, which would be ideal surface attract lockscreen, but even a 3 second .gif is laaaaaaaagg. Im not sure why its so slow. remove all status bars icons, lock and home screen. tap to unlock clear as well, button is in lockwallpaper. text is rough I know, I only have and Im usualy dont make my own themes, I do mash ups. and there is not much to find on surface artwork.

    the blank corner is a folder with all my apps.
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    I was thinking to make the first springboard page an horizontal theme with horizontal scrolling with infiniboard

    So the first page will be essential apps such as:

    Phone, Messages, mail, Safari, Contacts, Calendar, Music, Settings.

    on the second springboard page the theme will be a normal vertical style, so people will be able to place their folders and other icons. Games, media, entertainment, etc..

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    Sound really interesting.

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    I have an idea, should post some more screenies tomight.
    yeah if everything was working and I had mor access to surface audio and artfiles.. and the animated lockscreen I would rock this. but not a lot is compatible with iOS4. If LSRotator is released soon, I would like Lock and home screen to start in default landscape and rotate if desired. There's a few different ways you could go on this.

    Anyone have a high quality koi pong .gif or etc to run on lockscreen? Mine is super slow mo and the highest quality display recorder from Koi Pond App, still is very grainy, like when i put the Pure Anti-Glare screen protector on my phone. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention this is on my iPhone 4? Probably because its posted in the wrong category, but that's OK. I was thinking a bout trying the simple background, but heard too much about people restoring.

    Again, I like full UI Themes, but usually I dont need them, because they are very time consuming and not a huge deal for me, as long as I can still access my app fairly quickly and it runs, I can live with stock. But stock Lock screen and Home screens, etc. are for the birds.

    here's an idea, of course SBRotator is being no help. a lot still not function with iOS 4. Icons look pretty rough, is there any way to make high res icons larger than 118*120? I dont think so..I would like a little border on them, have to change badge image, and the bottom buttons in portariat are phone and apps folder, buttons on top are nothing. Fine tune this and get it to rotate with animated Fish Pond LSRotator and We're Good.

    Back to work..

    Probably all just for fun, I will keep my files for SBRotator and LSRotator release and see where it goes from there.

    Decent Fish pond Lockscreen anyone??

    icons look too much like icons... will update
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    Default battery logo
    While thinking how to make this, I decided to throw together a logo battery, doesnt look to bad, not perfect though, last two images are surface table with error messages
    for iPhone 4 high res @2x
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    How about this for an icon?

    by the way, what are the chances of me getting bagged for using all these images?
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    Default busy
    ok hows this? again, Everything is not really high res tweaked.
    and hopefully the background will rotate w/ SBRotator update.
    Dont want to go too small with the ions, probably 2 per page max.
    As for sbsettings and all folder icons the would be a glassy aero theme when I get around to it, then Audio and a moving Lockscreen and I'd be set.

    ANybody have any surface background video wallpaper, like the one Im using only moving? If only for a few seconds?
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    Wink icons
    ok heres my 10 home screen icons, slightly pixelated, but will Im continuing on, hopefully I will find or hear a better idea for them,
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -img_0153.png   -img_0152.png   -img_0151.png   -img_0150.png   -img_0149.png   -img_0148.png   -img_0147.png   -img_0146.png  

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    landscape stretch w/sbrotator isnt too bad
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    I think making the theme natively horizontal would be far easier.

    I'll show an example when I get back on my main computer, im stuck on ubuntu for now.

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    ok cool, I prefer all my themes to rotate nicely,when sbrotator updates I will finish this
    Love to see what you got, sure.
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    here is what I had in mind

    and the second page would look like this:

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    Absolutely Love it, thats why you are theme creator and I am n00b. Definetly aggree on the landscape, and would hope to rotate to portrait later. As far as apps, I would prefer the corner buttons and have them all in one folder or category. I only have 2-3 pages of apps anyhow, and use about a dozen regurlarly. In the landscape if you were able to scroll the coverflow surface photos, that would be a few pages, then where would the apps page go? I think you were saying something about infinboard/infiniscroll etc. Definetly sweet first page, more of a theme, where I was trying to replicate the actual surface device, frustrated light beams and all =( I'd love to help if you are interested in pursuing this, or I'll just buy it for .99 cents when you release the official... just kidding. Good Job! Cheers.

    PS I made a blue orb loader, like you will occassionally see on the website, I really liked that, of course its not even close, but it useable.
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    Default more screenies
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -img_0159.png   -img_0160.png   -img_0161.png   -img_0162.png  
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