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Thread: [Release] Greyscale

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    Default [Release] Greyscale
    Hey Peeps,

    After alot of work on this, it's finaly up on Cydia! (Thanks to MacCiti)

    Taking Grey to a whole new level....
    Welcome to : GREYSCALE

    THIS IS A PAID THEME. Had to get that out of the way.
    There's a good reason why this is paid, there's gona alot work into this. Not just the icons are skinned, but almost everything is skinned. From the Dialer, to the Calculator, to the iPod screen! So if you like my theme, please support me by buying it on Cydia! =)


    Lockscreen, Lockscreen Charging, Springboard.

    SMS, Dialer, Calculator.

    iPod, Loading Screen, Categories.

    E-Mail, Safari.

    Install Instructions:

    ===========================	Intro	==============================
    Thank you for choosing Greyscale as your future iPhone Theme!
    The theme is a 1-page Navigation theme which relies heavily on 
    indexing Apps into Categories.
    ===========================	NOTE	==============================
    This theme is meant just for iOS4, and is not ready for the iPhone4!
    Also, you NEED a jailbroken device, else this won't work!
    ===========================	Add-ons	==============================
    In order to properly use this theme, you will need to install the 
    following applications/tweaks. These can all be found within Cydia.
    Five Irows 
    Five Column Springboard
    Five Icon Dock
    Lockscreen Clock Hide (Optional)
    ===========================	Setup	==============================
    1)  SSH into your iDevice to "/var/stash/Themes.xxxxxx".
    2)  Drag and drop the Greyscale.theme file into "Themes.xxxxxx"
    3)  If done correctly, you should see Greyscale appear in the Themes 
    4)  Go to your springboard, and drag the following icons into the dock
        in this order: Phone, Messages/SMS, Clock, Mail and iPod
    5)  Go into Categories/CategoriesSB and create the following Categories
        in this order: Games, Tools, System and Media.
    6)  Place every app except for Phone, Messages/SMS, Clock, Mail, iPod, 
        Cydia and the Categories you just created into a Category folder. 
        You can do this by opening up Categories, tapping Manage Folders, 
        tapping the folder you want to place something in and then tapping 
    7)  Go back to your springboard, and place the 4 Categories along with
        Cydia on the top row of your springboard. I chose to do it this way:
        Games, Tools, Cydia, Media and System.
    8)  Go to Winterboard, tap "Select Themes", and make sure only  
        "No Undocked Icon Labels" and "Greyscale" are turned on.
    9)  Tap "Winterboard" in the top left corner and tap "Respring"
    10) Enjoy the Theme!
    Changing Wallpaper Instructions:
    ============================= Alternative Wallpaper ===================
    So you're tired of the stock wallpaper, eh? Well, don't worry, because
    I included a few Wallpapers that I've "Grayscaled" just for you to use!
    Follow the steps below to change your wallpaper to one of the
    alternatives or any wallpaper that's 320x480 and in png format!
    ============================= Setup ===================================
    1) Go into the "Greyscale.theme" folder and delete the "Wallpaper.png"
    2) Go into the "Extra Wallpapers" folder inside "Grayscale.theme" folder
       and choose a wallpaper of your liking.
    3) Copy the wallpaper (Right mouse->Copy) and paste it in the root of 
    4) Rename the wallpaper to "Wallpaper.png"
    5) SSH into your phone and browse to "var/stash/Themes.xxxxxx"
    6) Drag&Drop the "Greyscale.theme" folder there.
    7) Resping and enjoy!

    For any other questions related to the theme, ask away, and I'll respond as soon as I possibly can =)

    Enjoy the theme!
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    Cate can be replaced by folders are not? folder because then spent ios4

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    They could in theory be replaced by folders, but you won't have the custom images I made for them. Also if you have lots of apps, folders just isn't going to cut it. It's all up to you though =)

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    Meh, it's already being posted on pirated sites ><

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    That means that the theme is really awesome.

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    Haha, yeah, but still, someone actually told me it was on the pirated site before i was able to make an official post about the release ><

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    Can you release the Icon so I can make some Cydia Icons please?

    Sooner bred, Sooner fed, Closer to being, SOONER DEAD

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    Quote Originally Posted by sooner View Post
    Can you release the Icon so I can make some Cydia Icons please?

    Download StockIconSkinning.psd from - send big files the easy way

    Here you go

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