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Thread: AmberAlert - Preview

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    I'm happy that I've paid.....

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    yes you have I will send you a link in a little while thanks !

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    Good morning free I jus purchased this via pay pal n I think I did it right I have never done it before so If for some reason I messed up jus let me kno thanx and by the way u do awesome work

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    thanks a it.. and it looks great....

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    Thanx free jus got amber alert but I was jus wondering how to change the wall weather location I have changed the lock screen and tried to change the wall but I jus can't figure it out thanx for ur time

    Sry for bothering u again free and sry if I'm bein a pain but jus few more questions first it might jus be a problem with my phone but I am runnin 4.0.1 on a 3GS and for some reason the home screen keeps goin black like jus the background tho icons r still there and everything but yea jus black behind jus wondering if there is a fix or not and second do u think there might b a sbsettings for this theme? Sry for bothering u bro thanx
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    no your not bothering me at all! I am just really busy ! I am not sure why that would be happening I can run it for lil while and see what the issue is! No no SBSettings yet! it was not really that high of demand so I kinda moved on to the next project! but I will still support !

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    Cool thanx bro by any chance u kno how I can change the weather on the homescreen I think I needs woied number????

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    donation make for you

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    Um I guess cancel that last request bout the weather I got only n searched for the woied number and found it

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    Glad this finally got released! I've been out of it for a while. I had some conflicts on my iPhone with winterboard and themes under ios4.1. Once everythings sorted out I will certainly buy this one!

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    Just sent donation via PayPal. Please let me know how to download when you get a chance. Thanks!

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    This theme looks great! I think it's slicker than After Hours, which I also have. Just a couple questions...

    2)For some reason, iFile, Camera, MMiForum, and biteSMS either don't have icons or they don't "auto skin" (or whatever the term is). DO you ave icons for these apps? Also, anyway to "theme" the folders?

    3) Sometimes the weather widget on the lockscreen doesn't load. Anyway around this or is it due to the widget getting it's info from an outside source?

    Thanks again, I really enjoy this one!
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    Bump. Still working with this theme, Freeapple?

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    It got rejected from MMi repo because of the new rule that stuff has to be retina to be paid. Even though he made it BEFORE iPhone 4 was around

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    I'm aware of that, but, I bought it directly from FreeApple and installed it on my 3G. Works great, but I'm trying to get some help with a couple problems I've been having.

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