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Thread: NEON theme

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    Please, please put an updated version on app installer. Awesome theme btw!!!

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    My request is a better phone icon in green, that looks like a phone handset from the side, if you know what im talking about, like what the green icon looks like on cell phone keypads.

    Also, Can someone make me AT&T in a green Neon light font. Thanks!

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    Here's a carrier image I made to go along with this theme.
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    Ooo, I like it a lot! Is there any way u can make me one like that put instead of iphone it says AT&T



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    Quote Originally Posted by hoits2000 View Post
    Ooo, I like it a lot! Is there any way u can make me one like that put instead of iphone it says AT&T


    Here ya go.

    Let me know if you want a different font or anything.
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    weet thanks a lot! I'm at work now so I can't download it yet, but how's the yellow look up there? Is it easy to red the letters? Thanks again. Fonts good. Hows it look on green?

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    I have a black background so it looks good to me.

    I can always change the yellow to something else if you don't like it.

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    Hows it look in the gray when looking at the emails?

    Can you make it it green too? Ill see which looks best on mine, thanks!!

    To bad they dont make a neon light font.

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    Can you also make some icons for OpenURL?
    Facebook and Fandango would be great.

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    Really enjoying this theme.

    I made a couple of Icons for NES and Soduku. Enjoy
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    someone know, I downloaded the signal bar orange for the wifi and the other one but it is only orange when i enter in a menu, not in the springboard, why?

    thank you i found the solution..
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    Did you make a second copy of each and rename theme for the gray pages?

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    wow...thx for sharing a great theme!

    good work!

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    bump for more icons

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    bump for update in installer, using it now but with mismatches.

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    hope they would update it in with the nes, labyrinth, xlauncher icon

    also if they would change the phone icon as neon phone not the star and the ipod icon as a neon ipod not an itunes icon....just as a suggestion.......your theme are the best so far tnx!!

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    2 New Icons attached.

    Launcher which I made myself and Stumbler which is adapted.
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    Sweet addition. Thanks for the icons!


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    Default GREAT THEME ANY1 HAVE THE ABILILTY TO MAKE A Game Boy Advanced icon
    I love this neon theme and it looks great on my phone but now the new gba emulater came out there is no neon icon for it. I hate when one icon looks out of place lol it would be a big help if someone could make a gba emulater icon in the neon theme thankss soo muchh

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