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Thread: AfterHours Released

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    Thanks I really appreciate the support...=)!!! It means alot too me...

    Here is the thread to that add on

    This has a detailed set up on the first page.....My suggestion is to get "gridlock" and multi icon the others I mention in the thread...=) good luck let me know how it goes and thanks agin...

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    k yea I got it set up but on the home screen the first to degits for time shows up with question marks the Fav icon doesnt show an also the phone icon doesnt show and the weather comes in sometimes an at other times it jus shows n/a. Also is this coming out in red lol I like red.
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    Version 2.75 is finally working on my phone! As it turns out, Backgrounder was sucking up so much memory, it caused Cydia to crash.

    Anyway, it's working well, but I have noticed the MMI forum browser app and Tlert icons do not auto-skin. Not sure why?

    Also, incoming texts are a bit hard to read as the background and font color are both black.

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    Question Weather
    I get a picture on the ls but inside all I get is fair with clouds, don't know how since its sunny and no clouds. I'm in Fairview NJ zip 07022 I used for the inside (12760620)any idea's?
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    One is supposed to be black and the other is supposed to be blue like this attachment...

    Iam checking on some of those other concerns! =)
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    Got it working. I wound up updating to iOS 4.1 in the process. Anyway, I haven't played with it too much, but I like the lockscreen clock widget much better than the old one. Can't wait for the green version!

    Oh, I noticed that the icon for the MMI Forum app still isn't auto-skinning. any ideas?

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    FreeApple (2010-11-07)

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    Green will be coming soon=) I dont know why the Auto skin wont work for MMI but heres a custom =)

    I really hope you all are enjoying the new updates!!! =)
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    Ok so I installed it on a 3GS running 4.0.1 how come i don't have any icon labels I checked in winter board and the "no icon labels" is not checked

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    I found a POP-UP add on the looks great with the AFTERHOURS theme - Its in CYDIA and its called- Blue Carbon Fiber Popup - Almost a Perfect Match

    Hi Free - the Blue CarbonFiber Popup is from Zro

    Blue CarbonFiber Popup

    Carbon Fiber Blue PopUp Alert For iPhone 4.

    Repo: BigBoss

    Version: 4.0
    Author: Zro
    Section: Themes (System)

    Identifier: com.hackthatifone.bluecarbonfiberpopup
    Maintainer: HackThatiFone
    File Name: debs2.0/htif_bluecarbonfiberpopup_4.0.deb
    Size: 21736 bytes
    Depends: winterboard
    Architecture: iphoneos-arm
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    submitted New Animated lockscreens should be on Cydia tomorow =)Here are the videos to show the animations BIG thanks to TCCentex for the videos! hope you all enjoy

    these are for HD but optomiized package by sat!

    YouTube - AfterHours HD Animated Lock #3.avi

    YouTube - AfterHours Animated Lock #2

    YouTube - AfterHours HD Animated Lock #1

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    Very nice Free

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    how do u set it so your clock sits at the top of the icons as my icons sit over the clock can i change it from lake george so i can get glasgow weather on it also it changed the youtube icon to news
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    Would the animated ls be able to work with nav add on or will the nav add on have its own animation.

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    you have to use grid lock or iblanks to be able to see the weather, to change your location you need to ssh using ifile or winscp or another simular program...go into var/stash/themes/AfterHoursWallWeather.theme/AfterHoursWeather/ there you will see the spot to place your location

    I have found all my animations work on all devices! =) the ones in cydia r just for HD but Iam submitting them within the next hour for All devices...theres three to choose from now and Iam doing the finishing touches on the fourth ...there all FREE if you have purchased the theme

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    Only one problem I am having when I am trying to download it keeps sendin the http/1.1 403 forbidden error anything you can do to help me with that.

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    the package has a dependency can only download if you have officially purchased AfterHours....if you have and still r having troubles let me know Ill see what I can do!

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    I have this on my touch, I will make an review. This is certainly awesome!

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    I have purchased both afterhours and afterhours nav addon with proof if you need it, I tried downloading again an still it comes up with the same error, also the afterhours nav addon I am still having problems with the degits an weather disappearing on the main screen the ls is ok its just the main screen after a while it disappears.

    Ok I was able to download the animated screens now but I am still having the problem with the disappearing degits an weather.
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    Juuuuiiiiiiiiiicccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! !!!

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    Any update progress on the disappearing digit on weather widget also will this theme be compartible with the new ios 4.2.1
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