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Thread: AfterHours Released

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    Just wanted to let everybody know that I just arrived in TX...please give me until this weekend to figure out some of your questions release the update and talk with kyle to see why things are still yet to be on cydia!

    Thanks I appreciate the patience...I will be back 2morrow to get things rolling agin! =)

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    glad you're back I missed ya

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    I dont even want to comment your themes anymore, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH YOU WRITE!? Your an totally master.

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    Thanks mindgem ...i

    i love your sig....

    Afterhours -hd is now live =)

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    What does ASAP mean?

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    As Soon As Possible...? comon your joking right? lol ....I am confused!lmao

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    ASAP as soon as possible.

    Anyways this theme has some real nice touches, I have a been trying to do something - unsuccessfuly, I hope someone who knows about this theme can help, or freeapple when he gets time - though not sure what I want to do is even possible...

    I want to use springjumps and I use a diferent Wallpaper for each page of my springboard.
    So instead of using Wallpaper.png I use Page0.png Page1.png etc..
    Trouble is when you use this style, the clock widget doesn't show - it's like my wallpapers are on layer on top.
    Wonder if there was a way to force it on top?


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    Quote Originally Posted by w00dS View Post
    No problem. Glad I could help. Hit the thanks button.

    You ask and you shall receive.
    Hi Woods,

    I love how you have your name on your screen. Will you please make me one too?? or maybe 2 if it's not that much trouble?

    can the first say monica in blue for the blue theme and the second say
    d3moniC in red for the red theme? I'd be forever grateful!! Thanks in advance!!
    p.s Please tell me where to put it if u make it? lol, thx
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    Quote Originally Posted by FreeApple View Post
    As Soon As Possible...? comon your joking right? lol ....I am confused!lmao

    Yep, Im just trying to boost my posts.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    i bought this theme a few minutes ago.

    Unfortuntely I have a problem, if I use as language my mother tongue "German" only a few symbols have the new design. Pictures, Contacts, Camera, Weather... have all the apple design. If I select "English" as language all symbols are in the new design.

    Also I have the problem, that it is not possible to change the weather region too my Germany City.
    I tried everything in the Winterboard, but I have no more ideas. I hope anyone can help me.

    Thank you

    So long
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    Markus I'm not sure of this is why, but maybe when you change language to German the apps are all renamed - the app icons need to be the same name as app.
    Maybe try using your Spotlight Search to find an app, take note of the name as used in the Search, and then check your respective app icon is named exactly the same.

    I don't mess with my language, but for example:

    if you Spotlight when in English settings for "camera"...
    Then when you in German settings do you need to search for "kamera" instead?
    If so, you probably just need to rename your icons as per the German naming convention.

    The weather you set in ConfigureMe.js file:

    I don't actually know where the valid towns/states list comes from so not sure which values are accepted, maybe try some other major town/city near where you live and see if that works, it might not recognise 'every' town.
    Good luck

    I got some of this theme used in my mash-up theme [Frankenstein for real!] and it looks sick

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    FNAH thank you for your help.

    You were right. It was only necessary to rename the english theme names into the german names.

    Unfortunately, the weather settings didn't work. I have always see the message N/A on my display.

    I hope you can help me by two other questions again.

    1. I use the AfterHoursLSAnimated Screen, my problem is that I have the Apple clock at the top of the picture. How can I change that?

    2. When I use the Apple theme I have the file (program) names under all files (programs), but on this theme I have no names? Is it possible to add them somehow?

    Thank you

    So long
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    No problem mate

    for your issue 1.
    In cydia d/l a mod called "Lockscreen clock hide"
    that will remove the clock from lockscreen so not ruin your theme.

    I'm not sure about your weather app... Perhaps try entering one place you know will work, for example
    London, uk

    ...and see if that works, if so you probably just not entering a valid location, I'm not sure where the mod gets this list from myself I'm afraid, but could probably find one.

    As for your app icons text not showing, it might be just where it's black text on black background, I will test on mine as I hide my text anyway as prefer just icons.. There is a setting in Winterboard to hide undocked icon text, you may have that active, but then i'd expect it to remain hidden even when you back on default apple theme, I'll check..

    [edit] ok I just enabled my icon text in winterboard again but I also have no text showing, so I guess that is controlled by the theme, if I find where I'll let you know - though personally I think the icons are well designed to not need text as well, and think it looks cleaner without the text

    Ok you can set the text colour in the info.plist file, it's set to "transparent" aS default, this example will make it red text:


    also markus I just read a post on the afterhoursHD thread saying if you have issues with the live weather app to install libWeather from cydia, it's free.
    That might be the same issue so might want to try d/l that and see
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    If you want app names to show under each app, go into Winterboard and check "White Icon Labels" and move it to the top of the list.

    And it should look like this:

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    How did your move go free?

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    The move hectic! We are still trying to get everything back and order and I am trying to find work and get us in a place cuase right now were staying with Family....Thanks for asking!!!

    I am trying my hardest to find time to get on and awnser questions and continue to support and release themes but its been hard with everything going on, but I will it should all be back to normal soon ! =) I have faith....


    I will be back on periodicly whenever I get a chance within the next few days you should all see a NEW Update for AfterHours and also The release of AmberAlert!

    Thanks everybody for staying with me through these difficult times!!

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    No probs free, i'm happy to help out where I can mate.

    I'm looking forward to the new AH update too....... I wonder if this will be the mighty green glow version?
    green is my colour


    Moni I don't know if you still want category icons but you can use the psd included to make some, like these for example, nothing great but they suit the theme better than the default categoriesSb icons you can pick from eh.
    You just need to make sure you name your .png icons the same as you named your categories folders ... Apps.png / Games.png / Tools.png etc...

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    I will be submitting the update version 2.5 to Cydia this weekend =)
    Iam working on the color green right now and should be ready for version 3.0! Iam sorry for any delays and will make up for it with some really new nice features!=)

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    I having a slight problem with the wall clock after unlocked. I can get the time to show up but there's n/a in the background with max/min. Is it suppost to be like that? Or is there a certain way to set things up? Im new to messing with themes and everything. Sorry if its a noob question....

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    If your running ios4 & above, I found the weather widget is very intermittent, whereas when I downgraded to 3.1.3, the weather shows up every time

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