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Thread: AfterHours Released

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    This Months PodZombie Exclusive Award Goes To… AfterHours <<<< Well done matey..fully deserved!!

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    Well Deserved indeed! Its insane that THIS

    Turned into this!

    Come a hell of a long way huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreeApple View Post
    Thanks Viiolent for that information bro!!! To be honst I never een knew about that website it looks legitt! It is an Honor to be on the wall with some of the greatest themes and theme creators! =)If anybody want to check it out heres the link | Providing you with the latest news on the iPod Touch/iPhone, jailbreaking and more!


    Sometimes Winterboard themes are so unique, and so well done that you become lost for words when you look at them. AfterHours by FreeApple is one great example of such a theme, and when you look at its unique futuristic style; it is clear why it won this months PodZombie Exclusive Award. Whether its AfterHours complete UI overhaul, or sleek looking clock widget. This is one theme to show off to your friends. unquote"

    Saintzzz there is a PSD in the folder to make icons if you dont know how to use photoshop or dont have photoshop I can gladyley make any icons you want =) all I ask is to just upload a screen shot or even the original icon so I get it right becuase I dont have alot of apps I just use the device for music and themeing! Thanks

    Thanks apple, just sent u a pm

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    What's goin on free. Haven't posted on here in a couple weeks. Anymore updates for the red version comin? Sucks Rick is goin now it's goin to take weeks for updates.

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    yeah I never got to submitt the update yet becuase I havent finished the small loaders...everything else is fixed as I know of and looks WAY better! I have some other features that I think you will all appreciate ....expect soon

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    can't wait until the next update. Are you going to be adding any icons for appstore/cydia/rock apps?

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    I have added about 50 more icons into the update which has not yet been submitted becuase I am waiting to reveal an all new part of AfterHours and also doing a couple other themes that are getting a little more attention becuase the severityu of the cause also I am working on some other things that i think all of you are going to be real happy with just give me a few eeks and all should be back to normal!

    I should submitt the update by this weekend I give my word to that! =)

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    Bill1975 (2010-09-21)

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    apple , have my icon been done yet?
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    Hey got a question for anyone that can answer. When using my3g a little logo slides out from bottom corner if you open a app it is active on. Can that be themed with winterboard? If so anyone know the location of the stock pic. If so that would be a awesome touch for updates and new themes free.

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    Hey Free, great theme so thanks. I just had to restore by 3GS and I installed the AH themm again, but I can't see the graphic for the wall clock on by spring board. I can see the time but the png image is not shown. I switched to the red theme and wall clock is there on that theme. And the blue clock graphic is on my lockscreen but not on the spring board pages.

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    Hi Free Apple,

    I just bought the Afterhours theme and I love it!! Thank you so much for creating such an awesome theme! I do have a few questions and want to thank you in advance for the time you take to answer everyones ques on here
    From what I've read here, it seems like u have updated the theme a few times already? I can only find version 1.0 on cydia and that's the one I got today. I dont see any extras like shelves and wallpapers?

    I was also wondering if you can possibly do a set of Afterhours categories sb folder icons?? That would be so cool and just tie it all together! I know u are super busy but please think about it??

    Thanks again!!

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    Sorry ppl I hab not been around as much to support the theme but I have been working HARD to get some crap to happen in Cydia for us theme creators and also I am moving from NY to TX in a week! The icons I have had requested are almost done! =) I will be submiting version 2.25 this weekend and have already submitted AH-HD and the AH-NAV theme

    Moni the package you have says 1.0 but in reality its 2.0 becuase Cydia took about a month to accept but by the time they did I had a new package submitted...I will be updating agin this weekend to 2.25

    Iam not sure I know what you asking. I have never had catagories SB so Iam not sure what your looking for ...if you could post a screenshot of your request I will galdly make that for you! =) Noproblem and thanks for the purchase!

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    hi apple, can i request these icons to be done?
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Thanks for answering so quickly, Free..Categories Sb is an app in Cydia that allows u to have folders on ur springboard that show up as regular app icons but when u click on it, it opens to show u all the apps u have put into that folder in order to "clean up" ur sb. Basically what 4.0 users have but this is for those of us not running iOS4 or higher.

    There are a couple of themes available in cydia right now that comes with a seperate categories sb icon package which allows the user to use these icons as their folder icons and it blends right into the rest of the theme. The ss below are examples of some of the folders that came with the categories app and what the vivid theme and categories sb icons look like...also sending u a ss of what my sb looks like now with the vivid categories icons.. imagine there was a set of AH icons!!! LOL.. it would look fantastic

    Thanks again for doing such a great job!!!!!!!!
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    Default No clock image on springboard.
    Quote Originally Posted by AqrsKnight* View Post
    Hey Free, great theme so thanks. I just had to restore by 3GS and I installed the AH themm again, but I can't see the graphic for the wall clock on by spring board. I can see the time but the png image is not shown. I switched to the red theme and wall clock is there on that theme. And the blue clock graphic is on my lockscreen but not on the spring board pages.
    Free, just wondering if you can help with the above issue. I can see the time on my springboard background but not clock image.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -14vn0jr_edit.png  

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    ^^ Hey man sorry if I never responded to that I honestly dont remember seeing that post at all!

    Try to set up in winterboard like this


    this should fix the problem if not let me know and I will get this working for you!

    OK I dont want to give some sob story on how busy I have been becuase I took this project on and know its ALL on me and I do not make excuses for things, but

    I need everybody to know that I have been working real hard behind the scenecs to make some changes within our community and get more of a logical set up in Cydia for themes...

    Also I have alot going on in my personal life....
    I have been working from 8-7pm everyday for he past two weeks to make extra money for me and my family because my wife lost her job and we are also making a BIG move from NY to TX on friday of this week! Iam also in college and am on the verge of graduating and have been spending more timey tryting to focus on that since it is very very important to me.

    With that said I will be away for a couple days or so and definitly wont be around this upcoming weekend.

    Just know I WILL be back ASAP and believe me when I say Photoshop hasnt closed on my computer in weeks...Its open right now and I do as much as I can when I can.

    I just figured I should let you all know you have the right to know why I have not been here as much..

    I am working on ALL request and some nessicary changes for the next update which I wanted to submitt last night but was just exauhsted and fell asleep on the couch. I will tryo to make that happen this week before I move but I cant guarentee anything but I will promise it will be done and I will continue to make this theme better and better until people are absolutly satisfied with everything. =)

    Thanks to everybody for their support and I appreciate everybody in here for being cool and understanding with me! =)

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    @freeapple. Dont sweat it. Its only theming the iphone & in the scheme of things it doesnt mean anything. Do it when your good & ready
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    thanks apple, i will wait

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    Yes.. Take ur time thanks for everything u are doing.. Priorities are important and themes shouldn't be at the top of the list, lol.. Good luck on ur move, Apple, I made that same move 10 yrs ago.. Moved bk to NYC 3 years later.. Thx again !

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    I just noticed that I cant see the lyrics to any of my songs when I'm listening to my ipod on my phone when I'm using the AH theme

    Any suggestions besides not using the theme?? LOL.. thanks

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