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Thread: iMatte Official Announcement (Upcoming next week release)

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    Default iMatte Official Announcement (Upcoming next week release)
    Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum, well I was reading it since a months, but never registered.

    I'm now proudly announcing my upcoming theme, which should be released on monday, or early next week.

    As soon as it's released, I'll make a new thread with more infos, demo videos, installation videos, etc... together with a donate button link

    They say an image is worth 1000 words, I think this one speaks for itself!

    The theme was first announced on xSellize a week ago and I got pretty good response. Decided to announce it to more iPhone sites as I believe it may be the cup of tea of many. You will probably see it in the featured theme section of cydia soon.

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    wow thats nice

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    Looks great dude...nice work

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    This is very sleek is it ios4 compatible?

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    If it looks good on the iphone 4, I'll buy it.

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    It is not yet compatible with ios4. I have tried it yesterday (I have a newboot 3gs) and most of my paid Curia apps aren't working on ios4. And honestly, I think I'd rather run 3.1.3 until ios4 has changed it's category and multitasking panel. Music controls was much better on 3.1.3 too, as is iconoclasm.

    Regarding the iphone4, you would have to try it out, but my guess is it will look pretty nice, because of the simple nature of the gfx. They should scale pretty well.

    The theme will be avail free and you donate if you think I deserve it, it's as simple as that.

    New update: centered snowcover HUD, spiffy backgrounder's badges (both method), redid every status icon so they matches glyph's icons colors. (also did intelliscreen's icons, bitesms, iblacklist and all extensions I had installed). Also did custom music controls statusbar controls. Been a busy day again!

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    awsome!!!! i cant wait

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    This is the one theme i would actually pay for Do you have any guess when the exact release date is?

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    The images will look stretched on the iPhone 4 so don't think it will be compatible.

    And I wouldn't count on apple chaining anything on folders or multitasking panel. Not sure what your issue is with the folders and multitasking panel. But chpwn recently released infonifolders that allows unlimited apps in a folder scrolling vertical.

    As a developer my suggestion is to keep ontop of the way your technology is moving. Ios3 is a thing of the past ios4 is now.

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    The wait is over, v1.0 of the theme is finished.

    I don't know where to post it presently on Modmyi, so I wrote to admins and asked. The thread should be available tomorrow. The installation video, starting from a restore is also done. Should be pretty easy to follow.

    I didn't said I would never upgrade Just not now, as most of my paid apps aren't working atm. As for the folders, infinifolders will surely fix the issue I had with only having 9 icons inside.

    As for the streched gfx, one would have to first try and see. You may be right, I dunno. But it should still be a bit less apparent than with some other themes.

    If I receive enough donations, I will upgrade my 3gs to an iPhone4 and do a full retina gfx version of the theme, so that all iPhone users can use this theme.

    I will update the thread here poiting to the new one tomorrow.

    Thanks for your support everyone! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

    Those of you that can't wait for the official thread here, I just put up an article on my website. I will have to finish it up tomorrow, but you can download, donate and see the install video. The screenshots and demo vids will be there tomorrow (or later today I should say)

    Here is the article's address: iMatte v1.0 - A Sleek Matte Gray Theme for iPhone. | Icons, Music, August, Using, Theme
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