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Thread: [WIP] Windows 7 OS (iOS4 Compatible

  1. #161
    thanks, u have some weird icon names haha.... icon.png.png??? maybe my script is still buggy

    i am currently working on making a bunch of appstore icons and such with the overlay, next step would be adding some UI or writing some iSetup scripts, i was playing around with the layout plist the other day

    release date all depends if i make into the new themeit app. either way i might release a free version on the forums idk... either way you will get a copy since uve been helpful

  2. The Following User Says Thank You to PhanaticD For This Useful Post:

    Skater_2409 (2011-01-14)

  3. #162
    have you planned to change the safari bundle, like ebl?

    and i would like to be a beta tester for you i have an itouch 3g on iOS 4.1
    could you send it to me?
    i know im not an donator but i have helped and would like to help in future

    the screenshots (on 1st page) look nice which ipod and which OS do you have?
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  4. #163
    uhh yea honeslty thats going to come last though, i have a 3g ipod 32g on ios4.0 haha thats why somethings might be different.

  5. #164
    here it is phanaticD
    Attached Files Attached Files

  6. #165
    just in case u guise havent figured it, if you do the icons thing i send u the beta majig

  7. #166
    Quote Originally Posted by PhanaticD View Post
    i have a 3g ipod 32g on ios4.0 haha thats why somethings might be different.
    uuh such a great difference from ios 4.0 to 4.1
    (we have the same ipod)

    and thank you very much for the beta

  8. #167
    Well the game center is new right i dont have that

  9. #168
    PhanaticD u recieve my messege in msn

    i got some ideas nd found some bugs
    if u dont recieved the messege write me in msn im online 4 some hours


  10. #169
    i responded, they werent bugs it was just things you didnt do

  11. #170
    yea i fixxed the music icon i downloaded the tweak but
    weather calender nd clock icons are visible
    i installed evrything how u explained

    btw great i have grea ideas

  12. #171
    u have to enable the widgets in winterboard, the icons wont be invisible unless u enable the widgets for now

  13. #172
    i did already from the beginning
    but they visible
    i can send u screeens if u want

    hmmm I found i solution
    if i translate the names of the pngs into german then winterboard load them correctly
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  14. #173
    thats weird why doesnt it do it for the entire theme then

  15. #174
    idk but now it works korrekt evrything is working

    i was konfused by the shadows behind the icons but i deleted them from coreservices

    maybe u sould pack a blank icon into the theme 4those who dont know how to disable it

    nd one idea can u make it possible that u cant slide without using the springjumps
    that would make the theme more realistic

  16. #175
    yea i already have the disabler for shadows. and i try wynds mod for that, it didnt work for me.

  17. #176
    what mod?
    u mean that u cant slide to another springpage?
    that would be great cut its obvious that it S°cks
    that u can switch to other pages and see how the icons are placed

  18. #177
    yea look up Wyndwarriors threads, and all u have to do is just not slide your finger its not that hard otherwise

  19. #178
    Quote Originally Posted by ffxmastersxd View Post
    one idea can u make it possible that u cant slide without using the springjumps
    that would make the theme more realistic
    just search for pagelock in modmyi forums.. i think its from wyndwarrior

    ive tried out it works perfectly
    only some things:
    one of the "folders" is empty
    AND whats about this amazing lockscreen from ebl??

    and i have an other idea: whats about placing an -1 springjump where it says "search programs and files" to get to the apple search page
    it would be perfect for "pagelock" from wyndwarrior
    Last edited by Skater_2409; 2011-01-16 at 02:11 AM. Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    pagelock didnt work for me but i guess its cuz im on 4.0 and the -1 crashes springboard for em i guess cuz im on 4.0 idk everything just hates me

  21. #180
    ok and can u fixx da icon when u select something that it becomes darker i think u should disable it that it shows much better
    cuz the forms doesnt fit u know

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