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Thread: [ Release ] Lucid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Truckinlow View Post
    i just ordered it with the standard ram. i do plan on upgrading it within the next few months to the full 16. i also just got the standard drive as i didnt have the money to shell out.


    you got to get a Magic Track Pad
    i got mine today its a mouse on Nitro twin tanks its faster than a F1 Car or even your TRUCK ah

    that migic mouse you are getting with your iMac dont bother taking it the box trust me bro waist of time


    Quote Originally Posted by ziggy7 View Post
    Why dude?
    I did it and it's fine
    Ziggy my old fruit Bat WWWWWWaaaZZZZZZZup
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    i get this beast on Thursday!

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    Nice Jay im glad one more day to go

    iv have a software upgrade from apple for the graph card graphics are faster now

    Quote Originally Posted by truckinlow View Post
    i get this beast on thursday!

    when you get a spare min
    swing buy my ipad reactor see what you think

    magic track pad off the chain
    tomorrows the big day for the beast
    you banging win 7 in ?
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    well i got my imac in and all i can say is this machine is a Beast on redbull! just got photoshop installed i still have alot of things to transfer over from the other computer but at least now i can start to tinker with themes again.

    not yet with windows 7 Jack. but in the near future im sure
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    Here's more good news Welcome back brother

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    Failing means yer playin! ziggy7's Avatar
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    Nice one Truck

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    I'm so jealous Jay, dang dude.

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    ok i finally got my 3gs upgraded to 4.0!! so iv started modding lucid to fit! just a couple of teasers for now. still have a lot to learn themeing ios4.

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    Good work for 4.0

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    Love the theme bro,very crisp and clean,I'd like to download it for myself.where do I download it?

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    i might actually post a new thread when this is done seeing that a lot has changed between 3.0 and 4.0

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    Will the version 3X be release through the Cydia store?

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    Yes I will more than likely submit them at the same time

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    Sweet looking theme. Just a question.....isn't aliens new
    Theme called

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damada View Post
    Sweet looking theme. Just a question.....isn't aliens new
    Theme called
    not that im aware of

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    mad bad; the one I was thinking of is a wip by alien1974 called "lucid dream"

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    i think coming up with a name for a theme is just as hard as making it. lol

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    almost done with Lucid 4.0 mod changed up the UI and a few other things. when done im going to look into putting both 3.0 and 4.0 in the cydia store. screens below! hope you guys like the changes!

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    ziggy7 (2010-10-06)

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    This theme is bloody nice mate.
    Real nice detail throughout with the clocks especially.
    can I ask why the load screens?
    I've had a few before that had load screens and they seem as if apps take longer to open - do peoples themes cause the apps to load longer than those without and that's why they create the nice load screens?
    I'd rather no load screen and straight opening of app

    I'll have this though and incorporate springjumps, I'm going to get my search on and check whiteout now too

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    some default load screens so the stock background of the app which is not the same after the theme changed it. so if you dont have some load screens it just doesnt look right.

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