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Thread: [PREVIEW] The M-Phone

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    Here we go! I have started the process others are welcome to join but we can not let this one go it is very sleek and just unique there is no other like it...

    This is what I have got so far....

    My icon frame but I just put that icon in there to see what it looks like....but I like nukinfuts Icon frame but yall can decide and let me know! The lockscreen is just experimental as well and the clock widget looks better on any number but 1 if you know what Iam

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Shady;
    I'd love to see what snow and nuckin can do with this theme
    Dont forget about freeapple hes probably gonna be doing more than me

    looking awesome freeapple

    so freeapple your just setting up the widgets then your gonna send it to viiolent nuckin and I to make the spinning and color changing and stuff?
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    Yeah I can ...I was trying for learning purposes but have never attempted that before or even had BossPaper until you said somthing so I installed it and I am actually in the process as I write just was coming back here to check out if NuckinFuts wrote maybee with thoses sexy *** icons of his he made! Which I tried to mock but was not succesful!lol hope to hear more out of this one

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    i'll post the icon frame psd for you, I do not have enough time to work on this right now, and I'm not that into using other peoples graphics, at least 1 for 1, maybe if the graphic was changed in shape and what not, i'd participate, lets see what i can come up with.

    Also if I am to participate, I want a new thread started, new name, with no association to this original thread.
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    I was thinking the same thing we should definitly start a new thread and new name and just take over! The graphics are not being stolen just the idea is being used or I would have nothing to do with it also. There is a tutorial allover the web so anybody could attemt this!

    Just like sombody said before how is this even remotly close to being stolen work "besides viiolent using the original" because look at all the HTC themes out there being SOLD and Theme of the week such as Dusk which is excatally like the boot rom for an HTC touch pro2!

    I will start a new thread tonight somtime with all new artwork and I have not erased the PSD I have it right now that I have conducted myself with completly seperate LED lights, background and button so we can go anywheres with this!

    I guess I will create a TEMP name and we can all decide togather.....I have iLLuminated as of right now and up for any sugestions!

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    The dusk theme was ported over, and original artwork was done. The hack, viiolent (puke) copied someones artwork which is a power button, and tried to pass it off as his own, now with that being said, the main graphic needs to change as it already has a bad name. Yes, there is a tut out there for making the graphic ( btw I followed the tut and made my own as that is where I got my bg from) hince the reason why I suggested to change it up a bit, as far as the shape goes.

    I see now that violent somehow was able to get the title of theme creator, with no originality, no concept of how to theme nor any respect for others work. I'm almost appalled by his title and now feel that my title is worthless now that he has it.

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    Wow I was woundering the same shiot! Why does he have that? I have been trying real hard and been on here everyday for hours for the since I signed up! I only got some bull and I know I am better then most! I have been using photoshop for about 3 years very frequently and also have illistrator and some knowledge with it! "mainly for 3d bevel"

    I know Alien has went in and used his own artwork I have never doughted that at all!!! I just was simply saying it is not harmful to use an idea and run with it as you stated to change the shape a bit! I really really like the look of this , but if you or I can do somthing even better just make it origial then so be it!

    I will just wait for you to respond before I go ahead and open another thread! You have the THEME CREATOR TITLE and DESERVE IT!!! Do not be discouraged by his lazyness!!! IDK how he ended up with it but he seems like an alright dude but cm on it was butchered now that I have seen the original!LMAO oh well everything happens for a reason I am trying to make my mark check so I will just wait for you to tell me what I should do!

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    Create the new thread, name it whatever sounds right. I can only help with the graphics as I have the new iPhone and cannot test anything. Make this yours and do it right.

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    Will do .... I am actually working on a theme right now called Black0ut OS it is here posted in the forums probally at page two or so! I have a few people looking foward to its release and I have been working on that for about month now so I will be back and forth between the two until I finish that I can not give this my undivided attention but will post the new thread either tonight or tommorow..."ASAP" I was just going to help with the widget becuase he did not know HTML "How do you get a theme creator title and not know basic HTML"

    Anyway I will do just as you ask and will rename and revieve this idea into original work and we can go from there!

    Thanks for ure help man and agin YOU DO DESERVE THAT TITLE!!!
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    I wondered the samething. Many here are original and true designers and this guy comes here and gets the title right away with a STOLEN idea AND design? Don't understand it but ok!

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    another new thread. You guys are killing me. I kinda wanted to stick with viiolent and i would be ashamed if you guys left viiolent. You guys do deserve theme creator status as you proved you guys have amazing photoshop skills that far surpass anything I could ever produce. Although you may get the themer status by starting a new thread i think your really underestimating viiloents abilities and I liked his idea for that lightweight mp4 file for the rotation. And you guys really brought some great ideas on how to implement viiloents concept that he found and thought would be a good theme idea. Theres no use making to threads based off of the same original concept. Ive been here @ MMi for a long time and developed some
    photoshop skills and made my keyboard and mods and im perfectly happy helping out somone els with ideas for how to make their themes better and making mods for other people and keeping my status. Eventually I will create my own theme with my own idea for a concept to base it off of but I think its great you guys wanted to help viiolent with his concept but I dont think you should go off and start a new thread with the same concept as a base. I think the best idea would be persuing Viiolent to make it like a 3 man team for the theme and get all of you the credit and title for the theme much the same as how K. Nitsua and Zausser worked together on their awesome themes to both earn the master theme creator title (which alien also deserves)

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    Wow ......I did not realize helping a fellow member would create so much contraversy! I was simply trying to HELP and I definitly do not want to make any ENIMIES over this! I did not come up with the idea and yes I did state I think he was an alright dude, but IDK how to go abouts this issue!! Some PPL feel very strongly about taking others work becuase they know as well as I do the hard work that goes into graphics and theme creating. I have my wife constantly on my *** about this and I just keep telling her this is what I like to do!

    Anyway I hope not to gain any enimmies on this but friends and would completly ablige to working with others on this!! I have not been here long at MMI but have been trying to make my mark and feel I have been doing a good job at it and do not want to ruin that by this....SO IF ANY ADMINS ARE READING THIS I WISH THEY WOULD STEP IN AND GIVE US SOME INPUT!!!

    Sorry to anybosy who is offended Thats why I have 100 post on this thread cause I like this concept ALOT and want to contribute but do not want to get a BAD REP!


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    no no freeapple i didnt mean it like that. I really appreciate all of your hard work and effort to help with this theme and im not offended at all. Its just when you guys say you want to start a new thread it just seems to me like your sort of abandoning viiolent who really appreciated all your help in this theme just so you guys can get that theme creator title. I really think though that you can all earn you deserved theme creator title by sticking with this thread and working with viiolent

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    Thanks man ure very helpful SnowLeo!!! I appreciate the hell out of your honesty! I am confused on how to go abouts continuing this theme!

    Also Viiolent has not been on since sombody put him on Front Street and also after that he said he does not have time nor the desire to open photoshop it is not even fun is how he stated I believe!

    NuckinFuts said he does not have time either and I was jut going to do the widget I am currently working on my theme Black0ut OS which you can clearly see it is original and what is not I have clearly stated and have been helped by theme creators here at MMI by TC, Santaf and I modded Aliens Widget and am providing that for free to anybody!!

    So I hope things can continue but I will just watch until I feel it is safe and I will not recieve enimies nor a bad rep for doing this theme!

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    Are you sure viiolent is stopping working on this theme? I thought he just said that he doesnt like photoshop because he prefers like adobe primier or whatever the video one was because he planned to use that to make that lightweight mp4 file for this theme? tell me if im wrong though. Bummer nuckin doesnt have time as I would have loved to see what you two could have made together for this.
    By the way I do love your black0ut theme and still think you deserve the theme creator title whether or not other MMi members helped out. You deserve the title for that a hell
    of a lot more than viiolent deserves it for just this (so far at least). Not to say that viiolent wasnt trying to make a nice theme but your black0ut is a full theme that looks amazing with widgets and everything and is completely original.

    So I hope things can continue but I will just watch until I feel it is safe and I will not recieve enimies nor a bad rep for doing this theme!
    I think your still not understanding me. I (and everyone here) would love for you to work on this theme. The only issue I had was if you wanted to start a new thread and work on it without viiolent. But I think if viiolent is still working on this then you should work with him and make it in this thread instead of another. But if viiolet truely abandoned this theme like you said then go ahead and start a new thread
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    OK I made the widget rotate and later tonnight I will start a new thread! The flash is in the wallpaper.raw if you wanna check it out download and extract then just double click....this is not yet iphone functional, but it shows what it would look like if it was!

    SNOW LEO this is mainly for you to observe so let me know what u think!
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    awesome thanks. ill check it out when i get home

    K just looked at it and have a couple things to say.
    First off the rotation seems nice but is there any way to get it so its not actually moving in a circle while its rotating and just rotate along the axis? (especailly because you cant have the widget moving with it)
    Next the image seems to have lost a lot of quality in the rotation, will it be full quality when you make the final product?
    Lastly, I noticed that this is a flash file. Do you plan to turn this into an mp4 file or something when you make it?
    But I like the work your putting into this and this is a great start if you can solve all of the issues. Do you plan to have the lights changing colors as well?

    Can you pm me (or send an email to [email protected]) with the psds and files you used so I can see what I can do with it and see how you went about making this. Thanks
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    Ok first off sorry if i offended anyone by using that button in my M-Phone CONCEPT, that said I wanted to let you all know that I personally dont feel that I deserve this golden title (Not for the M-Phone Concept at least) I have no idea whether I got this title because of my two previous themes or because of the concept. But before everything blew up so large maybe I hsould have made more clear my intentions. I never planned on using that button in the final design. It started out as me wanting to see how it looked on a phone. After maybe a week or so though I could see that it wasnt going anywhere at all however. As to whether I just pulled the final Picture in to Photoshop (The Half answer is YES) I used it as a quick mockup for the tut and gave rights to Kaiser Sosa. Later I went back and did over the Illustrator section and parts of the Ps part (i didnt need it all because I was going to fill it in with black then use dodge and burn and various layer styles to get it how it ended up being.
    I would just like it if you could get rid of the Main power Button. I believe it isn't good for you guys to use something that because of me isnt exactly a good symbol on this forum or in the community. I am working seperately from FreeApple and Nuckin and everyone else and to come back to the forum for the first time in a few days and to see you guys bashing me HARD when they are going to be using my Concept is really Harsh.
    I honestly cant believe that they would do something like that after they were trying to help me, but oh well I dont care THAT much.
    And why would i need to know HTML for themeing.. Some of the most downloaded themes on Cydia are just plug n play themes with just icons ui and a wallpaper.

    I guess the end summary for this whole rant is this: Sorry for being an a** (Kind of) and not pleasing you all. Im sorry for offending people by getting a Gold title in less than a month. In all honesty im sorry for ever entering here on MMi because since i have joined, i have got nothing but grief over stuff. My LePhone OS Edition theme has 2100+ Downloads in about 3 weeks and for that im proud. My Finality OS Theme is on Rock right now completely Approved. The only thing im not proud of is this concept, not only is it subpar quality of work on my part it isn't what I wanted when I started the theme.
    So guys just dont be so harsh on me. After posting those two threads i spent more time thinking about the theme and after i while i realized I didnt want to make it, not in the current form of it. You guys should be able to expect it in a couple weeks once I am done doing what needs to be done and im happy with it, i simply dont have enough patience to sit at home on photoshop instead of going to work spending time with the family or friends.
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    ^Just saw your finality OS theme and I think you deserve the title just for that

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    Wow thanks SnowLeo! U did think it was funny when people were commenting on the concept thread about how they couldn't wait for it; when it was already done. Lol.
    But thanks for the praise on the Finality OS theme

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