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Thread: [Release] MiniLePhone

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    Default [Release] MiniLePhone
    Here is a brand new mod/theme for the original LePhone theme (Alien1974) inspired by Tylernys's iTG OS concept (featuring spirnjumps and a beatiful UI from the LePhone), all credits go to those two as they are the reason that I can give you all this! (No these are not the icons from Minimum Pro. I had to make these to look similar because BlueMetal never responded to my message asking if I could use his). Oh and the wedapanel. since I dont know who made it I cant say who (ifound it on a youtube video...) If you know who made it please comment and i will give them credit...

    Required Cydia/Rock Apps:
    Five Icon Dock
    Five Column Spring Board

    The setup for this theme is VERY simple! This theme is especially for those who are not very good at setting up themes!

    First SSH into your phone and install Wedapanel.theme into your Library/themes folder. Do the same with MiniLePhone2.theme

    Now make sure everything is unselected in winterboard! Create 3 iblanks... Move Weather and clock to the top left corner (order doesnt matter) then put the 3 iblanks directly behind them on the top. Now on the row DIRECTLY below that put these 5 apps in order

    Now we move onto the springjumps!
    Go into springjumps and enable 0-4. Go to general in the springjumps menu and enable dock jumps. Now go back to the page where you enabled 0-4. Click on each one and make sure they are named EXACTLY
    Page 0
    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3
    Page 4
    Respring and place those springjumps in order along the dock.
    Go ahead and apply MiniLePhone2 and wedapanel in winterboard. the order doesnt matter whatsoever.
    Congrats you now have MiniLePhone installed! The names of the springjumps are in this order (so you know where to put your apps)

    Enjoy! If you dont like this background than you can replace it with anything by going to minilephone2.theme and putting in a 320x480 PNG image with the name Wallpaper.
    If you would like me to change anything or you need help setting up ill soon put up a setup video on youtube and link it here, there you will be able to comment for help!
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