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Thread: (Project) iTG OS

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronaldinho10 View Post
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure those are the same icons I used in my theme as well and they are completely free. I got them from Did, whoever made the theme that uses the same icons, also created these icons and posted on or did he also get it from there? So did he really needed to ask for permission on using those icons if they aren't made by the theme's owner? Again, I don't know if he created these icons.

    The icons are indeed from a free open source. It's hard to know who created what and who has legit claims to the content. For all I know Blue Metal created those from scratch or at least I have nothing to prove otherwise. I don't think it was the icons that were and issue though, my current project is damn near a replica of his "Minimum" theme.

    Quote Originally Posted by ALIEN1974 View Post
    About the widget,is ok to use it,is just you have to ask before posting,eaven if it is a WIP,or at least mention or give credits.
    I think BlueMetal would say yes to,you mention that the icons are from another theme,and this is your first theme,dont stop this project,it looking great,just ask Blue if it is ok to use the icons.
    Dont worry,we all have to start with something,and then make changes to make't perfect.
    For me,is ok to use the widget,and I will love to see how this theme will evolve,because is looking great.
    So,saying this....keep the good work,dont stop this theme,just continue and im shure we will see a great theme in the future.

    I'm currently scripting my own weather widget but it looks like hell at the moment (great with graphics, not so much with code). I'm sorry for using your widget in my concept images.... didn't even think about sourcing you as I have no intentions of using your work in the completed theme. But once again I'm sorry for not putting any credit there and thank you for giving your consent on further use of the widget if I choose.

    I won't be quitting on theme designs but after comparing iTG to Blue Metal's minimum.... well, it's basically the same theme with a small twist on the UI. It's hard to come up with anything 100% original with all the themers out there but I certainly don't want to release something that mirrors another theme so heavily.

    My bad Blue Metal apparently we think alike.

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    Is true,is getting harder to make something original with all the themes out there.I can almost say is nearly impossible to make something that doesnt reflect another theme.But with good imagination,it can be done.

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    WOW...thats HOT

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    Have to give kudos to all, especially to Alien. Handling this potential issue will calm and courtesy. Have been watching this thread all day. If the OP wants it deleted, I will do it, but I think the OP should get permissions and give credit and continue this project IMHO.

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    I appreciate the support to continue the theme, but I would like you to take this thread down. I'll continue to work on my project but for the time being I think it best to not have the current thread up. I'll repost it after I have revised a few things and, if need be, use the permission of Alien to use his weather widget.

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    boy you guys "really now how to put off the guy for releasing a good mod dont for get its a free world out there cheers

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    /thread on OP's request

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