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Thread: Ubuntu Ultimate - Final Release

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    ? i cant until springjumps is updated... anyway good news people! this theme is now 100%

    updating from lite to full free version

    1. uninstall ubuntu lite in cydia
    2. install the only one in my repo now

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    Dude! Many thanks!

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    I love your theme! But I would like it with the icons and folders on the desktop for iOS4. That would be awesome!

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    Haha if u can make a good mock-up of how that would even work I'll make it

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    Your whole theme is pretty awesome no doubt, but I really like your widget sidebar especially... I like to mix and match themes haha. How would I go about positioning the widgets on the left side of the homescreen in portrait mode? (if you don't mind me asking)

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    Well it might be hard, at the time I didn't know much HTML so all three were pretty much done differently. Just edit the code and remake the images by trial and error, gl

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    SpringJumps is updated for iOS 4!!!!

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    YOUR RIGHT IT IS!!! this is epic! now all we need is per-page wallpapers and per-page iconoclasm layouts lol
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    Hopefully soon, I never got to try this theme since I didn't know about this site on 3.x

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    Ok so i could completely remake this theme using really backward methods but i have decided against doing that. So this theme will remain dead unless those two requirements happen. However i may revive my windows one idk

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    IŽll make my own version of "Tabbed" without per-page layout.

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    Hey, I just tried the tweak (it's free) called Simple Background. It's a panoramic app and I have yet to have any issues. Have you thought about using this?

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    Got the backgrounds to work. Working on the layout to accommodate no per page layouts.

    EDIT: Simple Backgrounds stretches it and makes the appswitcher unusable. The paid panorama works fine. I messed up a little on my backgrounds though. Will post results soon.
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    Sorry for the double post can't edit on the device. Here's a video:

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    sweet man. the only reason i havent done that already though is because of iconoclasm, i need per-page layouts :/ but maybe i can work something

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    Will this Ubuntu theme ever be compatible with the 4.0 firmware?

    Will the Ubuntu theme ever be compatible with the 4.0 firmware?
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    Depends on the developers of certain apps

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