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Thread: Preview/ working on my first theme.

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    Default Preview/ working on my first theme.
    Update: I've started working on the theme for real. I've made some of the homescreen icons. I won't have much time this weekend to work on anything. I'll try to finish the homescreen tonight.I'll start figuring out the other things later. Please comment and remember this is the first time I've done something like this.

    Alright guys, this is my first post on here. I have been wanting to make my first theme and I decided to go ahead and start. This is the layout that I want. The icons will look nothing like this. This is a basic skeleton of the theme. The things on the dock will be shortcuts for Categories folders. The middle will be used for the ipod app or the phone. I reccomend that to use this, you would use the flip mobile player, I don't want to make a seperate video thing. I want that button to be animated. I want it to somehow show artwork from the ipod, is that in anyway possible. Like what the ipod classic does, except it would be in this button rather than on some side bar. The social buttons are for apps like facbook, twitter, email, etc. I would also like to work youtube into the homescreen, but I don't know how yet. It looks really ugly right now, but none of this will be in the release, I just wanted to get it down and get your opinions. Should I make it a one page theme and have everything else in categories, or would that be to annoying? Also, is it in any way possible to make it so that the whole area that the icon covers can be sensitive? What I mean by this is, I will use iblanks to get the spacing right and have one icon be big, but is there anyway to make those iblanks link to the app that the icon does? this way you wouldn't have to tap one specific spot on the icon, you could tap the whole icon.
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    So congratulations to your first theme. But i would no start a thread in such a very early state of development. I canīt imagine what this will look like ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluemetal View Post
    So congratulations to your first theme. But i would no start a thread in such a very early state of development. I canīt imagine what this will look like ?
    I'll work on the icons tonight so you can get a better idea.

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    thats lookin pretty good there i like it. kinda a lil bland, add a time and date widget, maybe a weather wwidget. liek time on left date on right or something.


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    I will try to do that tonight. Is there a tutorial on how to do that?
    I'm working on the homescreen icons right now. I have to get everything to fit and look good. I think I will do a gaussian blur on all of the red to rid of the sharp box on the sides. I'm working on getting the text and sizes correct right now. I have to make the Dock category icons. Tools, Apps, Games and I will make a settings icon. How do I get rid of the application text?
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