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Thread: {REL} Incredible (With Rotating Widget)

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    Default {REL} Incredible (With Rotating Widget)
    Yes you read right, with this theme thats based on the droid incredible you get a real rotating flip clock for landscape use right on your iphone!!
    Now credit does go to the following for their free themes that I used images for this theme,
    they are mrpunk2u, Li-ion, obsessionXYZ, eblwii

    This theme is a full ui to mimic the droid incredible and its looks sweet on our phone so here ya go check it out, please hit thanks if you like it!!

    Download Here


    This the requires certain add-ons , their the whole point of this theme because of the rotating clock widget, otherwise if you dont have all the needed stuff, this is just basically the same as other themes with a droid incredible wallpaper!!
    sorry if that was confusing
    so here goes, this theme REQUIRES****
    -Lockscreen Clock Hide
    -Five icon dock
    -iBlank for homescreen
    -Weather icon
    That should be all that is required now ill try explain the setting i used and a quick step by step. This theme is extremely easy to setup
    1. Get all required programs installed
    2. Setup homescreen with iblanks over the clock and try to keep minimal icons on the first page.
    3.Place the phone in the dock, for the icons to the left and right of the dock you can put whatever you like, i personally use proswitcher and a categories folder, just rename the icons to whatever.
    4.ssh to /stash/themes
    5. go to settings and choose these setting for lockinfo
    General- scrolling to off
    Homescreen-enabled, and Exsisting first page to ON
    6. Sbrotator
    Enabled on**duh**
    Background rotation- off
    7. Go to winterboard and turn it on and that should be all.
    also one more thing the to change to your CITY
    the configureMe.js is in the following
    Incredible.theme\Bundles\com.ashman.LockInfo\Weath er\Scripts
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -droid.png  

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    Nice. First lol

    Trying out right now
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    Wow, rotating widget!

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    yeah... how did you get the widget to rotate?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Entombed Sh4dw View Post
    Wow, rotating widget!
    Quote Originally Posted by rpgpromaster View Post
    yeah... how did you get the widget to rotate?
    And the widget's name is lockinfo.html instead of Wallpaper.html
    Of course the lockinfo.html has to be put in lockinfo's folder.

    download. install. enjoy.
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    Very nice indeed!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eZie View Post
    And the widget's name is lockinfo.html instead of Wallpaper.html
    Of course the lockinfo.html has to be put in lockinfo's folder.
    Thanks eZie, Ill have to get Nick onto that for Eight OS.

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    this looks awesome bro, can't wait to try it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Entombed Sh4dw View Post
    Wow, rotating widget!
    Ezie is spot on correct, this method should work for all your widgets as well, with correct placement of coure!

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    It doesn't work very well, safe mode when I try to get into landscape.
    I just verified that it isn't for my mobile substrate addons...


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    Same here - goes into safe mode.

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    Looks great! How do you show the other plugins for lockinfo? (email, notifications, calendar, etc) The HTC clock only shows up for me.

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    I dont get safe mode when turning to landscape, however it does continuously respring when going to landscape. This doesn't work very well for me either. Also, how can I remove the City from the weather. I have tried commenting out that line in the lockscreen.html, but it just shows a question mark where the weather info should be, and where it shows the Hi and Lo, they are messed up too. The temp for Lo is underneath "Lo". Any suggestions?



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    How do I change the city to be UK?

    I've tried 'UKXX0085' and 'London, UK' but this doesn't work.

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    Anyone on the 'safe mode' issue?? It'll rotate inti landscape, but not back to portrait... ??

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    SBRotator and LockInfo are not yet fully compatible! I am a theme creator and have been working on the same things! You can check it out on twitter I have been in close contact with the devolper of SBRotator and this should be possible on the next update hopefully this week, he has been out due to personal reasons!

    It is not the theme that makes this respring or go into safe mode it is simpy the commpatibilty issues with Lock info and SBRotator so hopfully in about a week you can get the updates of the two and this theme and my themes "comin soon" will have rotating widets THAT WORK!!! I think just google limneos on twitter and you will get all the info needed on this subject!

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    thats whats up!
    excellent job
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