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    Well I am rather new to theming, and I was looking for an Xbox theme for Pogoplank, but could not find any, so i went ahead and solved my own problem by creating one. Tell me what you all think. Although what was going to be a simple Pogoplank theme ended up being a complete springboard theme as well... I plan to submit it on the modmyi repo at least by Thursday, FREE!!!.

    This theme is also is compatible with SBRotator and Contains a wide-wallpaper.

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    Looks pretty nice. Never actually used a pogoplank theme myself but Ive always wanted to try one out. Welcome to Modmyi by the way. Its good to see that pogoplank is compatible with sbrotator.

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    needs better images

    Heres a better image that you can cut out for both the lockscreen logo and the cirlce logos

    Bing is king when looking for images, just change the size to large or wallpaper and your bound to find a high quality pic.
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    geez AJ criticism for this and the hoagie theme lol. Its okay though your just trying to help these new theme creators to start making some good themes. I little constructive criticism is a good thing. But like im curious... does pogoplank have like the same image names and stuff as winterboard or is it completely different? I like the dock Icons though. Can you hook us up with a psd?

    Personally I prefer this darker one

    this is also pretty sexy: Xbox2b360 wallpaper image by xboxgt12 on Photobucket
    OR even this. Just look for some better images theres tons out there. Good luck
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    I would recommend cutting out the Xbox icon and creating your own text on the lockscreen. And on the background, change it to the actual Xbox NXE wallpaper.
    If you like, you could ask EntombedSh4dow for his, I'm sure he'd say yes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowLeo View Post
    blah...blah...blah...ehhy =)...

    Ya know, just trying to help em out, i remember about a year ago i was new to theming, and my first theme was terrible! I have gotten tons better since then in making my own stuff, and how to find good images. As i remember not many people help newbies out, most told them how bad it was without giving help, but now adays, almost everyone is fakely saying nice comments, which doesn't help the themer at all and he would never turn into a themer like k.nitsua or the other top guys. The way i see it anyone could have amazing ideas about theming down the road, but their first theme might suck and make them want to stop. (It happened to me) the better vets made amazing themes and hogged the spotlight while I never found help due to almost no one seeing my thread. I chose to fight against it, i don't really make themes much but i do if i find time, im working on a great one right now but i dont have time.

    wow thats long, glad i shortend the quote =)

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    Dang didnt know this forum let you quote things before people even said them... Took the words right outta my mouth. Im tryin to help the guy out too. Maybe if you wouldve taken the time to read my quote... Lol its cool.
    But really could someone tell me about pogoplank? Hows it work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowLeo View Post
    BlahBlahBlah..Kesha..BlahBlahBlah ehy..?nooo...
    Yea, im just explaining the borderline rude criticism on my part.

    also, i use opera and have my email into it, its awesome, but for some reason it keeps sending me two copies of the email everytime i reply

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    ^Yeah im pretty sure its something with the MMi servers because on my aol account I once got like 5 emails for one post. Crazy

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    Gah...I had a whole review typed out and I accidentally click the backbutton on my mouse haha..

    Well here it is in a nutshell..

    Don't use a cutout on the lockscreen. Find a Xbox text or find one close enough and rasterize it and edit it to make it look like the xbox text.

    Don't over use the Xbox logo on the actual theme. Too much of something can be overwhelming. Keep the logo on the background and maybe change up the icons to a set color (ie green/black/white..)

    And keep in mind that you cannot make a smaller image bigger, if you do the image will become pixelated and low quality. Instead find a bigger image and shrink it down to what you need. You can always go smaller but never ever a bit bigger.

    Overall theme is a good concept. Keep working!

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    My ideas bro please take this nicely I like the begining of this. My problems are that like everyone has said your images aren't very clean clear, and every one of the circle x things and the carrier image too has some white in it. I suggest using a huge image there are lots out there, or jsut taking what you have and zooming in really far with a small eraser and just try to clean it up as best you can. I also think you should fix the positions of the icons on the left side, the name on the bottom one is overlapped by the dock, and when turned to landscape the whole icon is at the dock. You should try moving them up those are just my thoughts for right now

    oh yeah and maybe make some lime green status bar images that would be sick man

    and yes the lock screen just make the logo from text in photoshop. It wouldn't be very hard, and would come out clean good luck man

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    i agree with santaf. use bigger images so they look better when scaled down.
    here is a good one i have found

    but i do like the theme even tho i have never used pogoplank before :P
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    Thanks for all your help guys, really. But I don't know if I mentioned this, but this is barely kind if like a beta. I barely began this yesterday by the way, but I'm working on it... And it's coming along great... At least I think

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    Its a good leyaut,and for a beginer is a good start to use that leyaut,just dont use the xbox logo for evrery icon.Round icons are a great idea,but each of them need to have something diferent to identify the name of the icon.
    And as Santaf said,use big images to scale it to down to the size is going to be.
    Keep it up,and take your time to make this,this could end in a great theme

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    So far I have UI Images, sounds, and better images. You should see it on cydia today. But not UI images or sounds

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    Was never really fond of pogoplank due to its limitations - but did find the app overall presentable.

    I agree with AjBlue, definite use cleaner images. Don't overuse images either... such as the xbox logo in this case. You can use X's, or just solid orbs, or green bubbles, or ripples, or something that is related to Xbox360.

    Other than that, it's a good start. Nice to see a new pogoplank theme in the works, might get the pogoplank devs to make some improvements to their app in the theming department.
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    I do not like you decision to put it on cydia. people who make themes like you are the reason cydia is full of junk. You must spend more than 30mins on a theme and atleast polish it up first.

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