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Thread: Evolution OS3

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    Default Evolution OS3

    THIS THEME IS NOT MADE FOR iOS4 and NOT for the iPHONE 4 AND CANīT BE PORTED. REASON: although most things are running in the meantime the large icons are not compatible with the new taskswitcherbar of iOS4.

    NEW: 24hours clock (attachment) and a complete german mod:

    A FREE full functional basic Version CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE! (All icons, all pages including the widget) >>>>>

    If you want more, pay me a coffee and dowload the FULL version at RockApp or Cydia Store

    ALL ICONS (572 !!!) ARE HERE:

    For icon requests:
    1. Please request icons exactly like they are named on your screen.
    2. Make sure it isnīt allready made
    3. Please tell me if a icon isnīt named right so i can change that for the theme and the users

    FULL version only (click to enlarge please):

    - Lockscreen complete
    - Battery
    - Lockinfo complete
    - All Popup Windows and Hud window
    - Categories background (autocreated)
    - LoadingScreens
    - SBSettings
    - respring wallpaper
    - theme template


    Installation Guide:
    (! The setup is easier if you first disable my theme in winterboard)

    1. Install "infiniboard", "iBlank" (or use "iconoclasm"), this theme and if you want "Categories". Look at the attachment picture how to setup Infiniboard !!!

    2. Create a lot of blank icons and place three of your favorite apps to the first page, place safari into the dock. The Safari Icon is different, it MUST be placed in the dock (You can find a phone icon for the dock at the "Special Icons" folder). All app icons are allways the third icon in a row. Fill the space with blank icons.

    3. Do the same on the following four pages called Favorites, Media, Tools and Setup

    4. I recommend to use categories too if you have a lot of apps.You will find various Categories Icons inside the "icons" folder of the theme.

    5. Weather setup:
    a) Search your location code here: Weather Location Codes/IDs
    b) Now on iPhone open "/Library/themes/" and then the specific widget folder that you use. For example "EOS2 AnalogClock+Weather". Now open "/Private/WeatherWidget/private/configureMe.js" file with a text Editor ("Editor" for Windows) or freeware "Komodo Edit" for Mac. Override this code "GMX0122" to your location code, save it and copy the file back in itīs folder. You can also directly change the location on your device with "iFile" (Cydia-app).
    c) Update interval: It is set to 30 minutes. Change it in the last line of the "configureme.js"-textfile if you want.
    d) If you want "Celsius" instead of Fahrenheit look at the picture and write in "true" instead of "false"

    6. If you want the 24hours clock or the german mod, simply download, unzip and copy the folders to your theme folder on your device and enable it at Winterboard. Make sure this mods are placed on top of the Evolution OS3 theme.

    HELP and FAQ:

    How do i get access to my iphone ?
    - i donīt recommend ssh for beginners as its complicated and slower. The easiest way for beginners: Use the freeware "iphone-folders" for PC: iPhone Folders or "iPhone Explorer" for PC and Mac: iPhone Explorer - A USB iPhone browser for Mac and PC

    Why are my icons or graphics missaligned or donīt work correctly?
    - Uninstall "shrink" (Even if shrink is set to the original 100 % icons size it does not do that correctly)
    - Use only a special dock icon for the dock (=my Safari icon), not the other ones as they are larger and different
    - Use this theme only with the stock 4x4 icon layout, uninstall for example FCSB or FiveIRows or anything else that changes the stock layout
    - uninstall ReflectiveDock
    - If none of the icons work, open the settings of Winterboard and enable summerboard mode.

    Why are some icons not showing up ?
    - Unfortunatly there is now way to find out how a app is named on the iphone, except installing it. So there could be icons inside the "icons" folder that are named wrong. So please rename them like they are named on your screen and report it to me that i can correct this for all other users.

    Can i make and post icons here ?
    - yes, please Use my template. A tutorial is here:
    A Video tutorial can be found here (middle of the page):
    For the Text: Use on capitalized letters for the title, except a small "i" or "e" at the beginning (like "iPOD") and not more than two rows.

    This theme brings my device to its knees ?
    - This theme may lagg about 10-20 seconds after a respring due to the large icons. Reduce the lenght of your icon-list, use more categories folders instead.

    Why do this icons not work within categories-folders ?
    - because categories canīt handle blank icons, so simply delete all that icons you have moved to Categories-folders from the "icons" theme-folder.

    Can i use a different dock icon ?
    - yes, youīll find some here in the folder "Special Icons" or inside the FOlder Extras inside your theme

    Why does my weather not update ?
    - the weather did not change
    - your local weather station has no new data for yahoo weather
    - at the moment of the update you had a unstable or no internet connection
    -> make a respring, there are so many reasons that can have an impact on the widget.

    RULES: You are wellcome to make and post own icons here.
    It is not allowed to use my templates, widgets, graphics or parts of it for releasing own themes or mods. Private use only please.
    It is not allowed to post here anything else than icons at the moment. But if you have a nice idea or mod please post a screenshot and iīll contact you.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -pepep.png   -img_0386.png   -img_0387.png   -img_0388.png  
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    I've been refusing to change my layout for a long time. Between Z, Nitsua and NIc/Shadow I changed to inav style and now you want to go throw in Infiniboard. Damn! Looking really nice Blu, take your time but bring it.

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    OMG...absolutly love them icons..

    you gotta do it

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    nice and yes this theme should be done i like the round start in the middle

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    Hek yes you should! Looks beautiful!

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    Dude this looks amazing! You just upped the bar from you last theme. Do it ASAP!

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    Beautiful work Blue, you never cease to amaze me. Please move forward with this.

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    I love the start as well. Would stop stupid people pressing the wrong place. Definately do it, and make it a matte ui. Id be very happy to video this for ya !!

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    Blue you definately have to do this one bro am liking it sooner the better

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    Fabulous. Looking forward to this one. Love the shape of the picture within the iconbar and the start button. Niiiice.

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    okay, sounds good, thank you
    I should continue

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    i think it is really nice looking...

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    of course

    looks clean.

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    Blue. Thishas gotta be the best one yet.

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    Blue you must live behind your computer lol looks good im digging the style

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    Another?? Amazing!! I thought it was impossible to make it look better than the 2nd but you proved me wrong. Awesome job blue!

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    Hmmm Where to start.........

    There are so many things wrong about this theme.

    First, I only see 2 icons
    Second, It is not released yet (I hate being teased)

    As if you cant tell from my reasons above, I was totally joking about this theme being wrong. I think that you are an AMAZING theme designer. I cant wait for this to be released so I can modmyi (Yeah, I just did that) lol

    Keep up the great work.

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    Between Glasklart and a theme I have yet to finish I have not considered switching to another theme in what seems like forever. This theme however, would change that. i love the icons.

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    This is the part that I hate to be a theme creator.I CANT HAVE YOUR OUTSTANDING THEMES,cus I have to promote mines.
    Maybe I will buy another iPhone just to have this baby when you finish it.
    Go on bro...Im looking foward to this!!!

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