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Thread: [LEAKING] To those who find it acceptable...

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    by being here for along time and having 30948203482309482038402384 posts hahah

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    ... enough said really. but is there really any way to, not stop this totally as it's totally impossible but to kerb this.. to like reduce this. we got to start thinking of ways. suggestions would be good.

    it's gonna be tough.. but I'm sure worth if we actually come up with solutions that would kerb this whole friggink piracy jazz.. (no offence jazzman) I would say it would be tougher on the themers as any solution that is gg to be taken into effect will put more strain and work onto them but I hope they would agree that it's a small price to pay so that your masterpieces get out only from one source.

    time to crack our heads then boys..! and girls! and together, we can bring z out of retirement!! Santa can give out presents again!! bars will no longer be under the beats! marteen can have his STROKE of luck back! desalles will have a huge team! tccentex (sorry mate but can't find anything relevant 'cept that you would give even more detail in ur next theme!! lol)

    we must not give in nor ignore. we got to kerb this genltemen! if we are gg to go down we drag them b*lls with us!

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    ^^^Haha that's awesome!!

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    I'm tired of some jailbreakers assosiating jailbreaking with free stuff. Even though it's a jailbroken app or theme does not mean it should be free. Alot of time and hard work went into these things. I had no problem donating to twilight and twilight neostyle, or any themes because so much work went into them and you don't use anything more but themes. I appreciate all the hard work.

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    i think the best thing we could do is to some how stop pirated themes on cydia and rock. there are a large amount of people that are jailbroken but dont know how to ssh a theme to the phone. so those jailbreakers wont have a choice but to pay for the theme the right way. if that makes any sense. and as for Z hahaha i think i might give him a project to work on for my WhiteOut theme

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    Quote Originally Posted by cerote View Post
    Sometimes the custom title can be bait though. Users pick fights with a mod without them knowing it is a mod or not relizing that the red is Mod. I don't mind plain title. Battle got his title before he became mod.
    Yes they do....its soooo much fun

    PS- Cody (Cash) gave me my title a while back as a joke

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    what about adding some sort of watermark on the beta releases..? I dunno but u guys reckon?

    I'm tryna put myself in a themers shoe (I'm size 10 and I bet Santa is like size 72 or something but I try) I, again, would put close tabs and give some sort of exclusivity to ppl who paid and/or donated..? again, difficult but u think it would help to kurb?

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    ^Wouldnt matter. The final release will still be pirated.

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    Is there any way to link an sshed theme to an ecid? How about if someone like made a site or something for hosting themes that links the theme to an ecid and have a mechanism built into the theme so that if it isnt using a registered ecid then the theme wont work. I believe this is possible through cydia and rock?

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    ^Not on a set of images, it could still be easily duplicated/cracked and passed around.

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    I guess thats true but if there was some way to make it so you cannot access the files in the theme either without the ecid.

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    There really isnt....its impossible.

    Hell, developers cant even create apps that cant be cracked

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    I like beejive though. They block your device if you pirated it and then even when you buy it you can't use it without contacting them.

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    whatchu running these days cpjr?

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    Its just really sad in todays society that companies and really any form of developer has to account for a signifigent portion of loss due to piracy just like what all video music and software companies have to deal with. But would these people actually pay for the stuff if it wasnt free... There are some that wouldnt but many others probably would. Just makes me sad ):

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    but I think it would KERB. like slow down the process or like make it much tougher to get.

    but then again there'll be a bloody utube friggink video on how to get it like our dear friend TV found out much to his utter bewilderedment. a video fer crying out loud!!! but keep em coming the suggestions.. I think we can all agree that it's inevitable but let's not make things any easier fer them man.. it's really sad.

    quote Elton John. it's a sad sad situation. and it's getting more and more absurd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barsoverbeats View Post
    whatchu running these days cpjr?

    I actually bought it on cydia just cause

    I switch between that and the stock OS 4.0 look, dunno why...I just like it.

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    I've been falling back on the old saying that "imitation is the best form of flattery" -- it still stinks that people we trust to beta-test because we value their opinions would essentially claim the work as their own and take the liberty to post it for all as though it was theirs to do in the first place, and I'm one of those noobs that Rob mentioned who asked how to deal with piracy when I first got started... I'd have to suggest though, for all the Devs out there that are amazing at the programming/apps side of things, I long for the day when there's a "Themer's Store" on Cydia that will have a few anti-piracy apps (that I would obvously be happy to pay for) that would allow the theme to only work if a valid license of some kind is present -- I couldn't load my daughter's Clifford the Big Red Dog interactive CD for her little computer without entering a 40-digit passcode -- there has to be a multitude of uber-programmers out there who can come up with some sort of in-theme programming to limit piracy.

    And again -- EXTRA special thanks to K.Nitsua, Zausser, Bars, Santaf, Truckinlow, Toyvan, Maarten and Blue just to name a few -- your work is amazing and inspiring, and I have yet to find a better, more gracious group of people online or in the "real" world. Let's not let a few bad apples get in the way of churning out more great works of art. Good night all -- and thanks again from a noob that still has no idea what he's doing. Most of the time I close my eyes, press some buttons and hope what comes out looks good
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    Quote Originally Posted by cpjr View Post

    I actually bought it on cydia just cause

    I switch between that and the stock OS 4.0 look, dunno why...I just like it.
    Ill have you on something BRAND NEW real soon.... As long as you promise not to distribute it to everyone!!

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    Where I can appreciate the distribution of betas to testers maybe there should be a beta team. People you know and people you trust. There are quite a few Themers here that could test each others themes. Once they are dropped though there is no way around piracy. Unfortunately. I think it is time to be picky as far as who is allowed to test.

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