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Thread: [Project] WhiteOut

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    Default [Project] WhiteOut
    Ok guys this is the release of WhiteOut!

    After working on this theme untill iv gone blind and still not happy with it iv decided to release this theme for FREE! however i did spend a great deal of time on it so any donations would be greatly appreciated. this theme is is just about complete as it can be with the exception of loading screens and an SBsettings theme. i do plan on making an SBsettings theme at some point in the next week or so.

    For the loading screens i would actually love to see what you could can create and share with one another. this theme includes the PSD for icons as well as the LockBackground for customization.

    I would like to say thanks to Z., Bars, K., BO, and Van for all there help with every theme i make. i just wish i had more time to make my skills as great as the masters

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    YES, YES, YES!!! Killer theme!!!

    On the SB, the carrier logo will be that off white or dark like in the other screenshots. Already sweet Jay!
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    Very nice!
    But you can barely read the mailboxes and inbox in the mail app.

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    Now this could be killer! Stay at it bro!!!

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    Dude this theme would rape.


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    Good stuff TL !!!

    Just a matter of getting fonts to stand out , looking forward to more progress screen shots
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    oh wow!!

    my iphone is celebrating already.....when can we expect this baby to be out?

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    Looks good. A little chrome would look good with it to make certain things stand out a little more.
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    very nice -- you may consider doing some dark stroke/borders, using variations of gray with shadowing for text, etc. And for chrome, I have a white mod for my theme that has a TON of chrome, and I found that slightly dark use of stroke, like 1 or 2px max, then even beveling the stroke after applying it to the object, and tastful use of shading will go a long way.... Chrome tends to have quite a bit of white in it already so you can't overdo it... But seriously - what a great idea! I've seen a few attempts to compliment the white iphone, but this is the first Whiteout -- I can't wait to see what you come up with - you're work is always top-notch

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    this owns. keep it tastey
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    I agree on the lack of white themes being created so I'll be watching how this one develops.

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    Thanked 5,450 Times in 2,191 Posts is a very impressive theme..will stay tune for it..

    Can't press "thank you" key because the AD is in the way..

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    Thanks for all the comments guys wasnt expecting this big of a response

    this theme is still a long long way off. i really just started this thread to see if it was going to be worth going forward with. now that it looks like its got a demand ill be working on it when i can. been putting in alot of hours at work do to staffing.

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    This theme would really be awesome with either silver or chrome highlights. Can't wait to see the final release!!

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    looks good dude keep at it. I totally agree there is no more white themes, but I think that's more because as someone has said the white fonts do not show up very well, so If there is a way to go around that, such as on the list UI bar things where they list things in order like in the ipod or contacts where it has A, B, C, D and all that maybe put like a gray or black small box that will fit perfectly around the letter? That way you can actually read the letter.

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    What can I say, nice stuff Jay. Liking it so far.

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    Ouch, my eyes! the pain of looking at the bad use of white on white text. Couple suggestions, change the text to dark grey or black, and add in some grey flare, just enough to make say a gradient style effect between a lightgrey and white. pure white is just so plain vanilla. grey is actually a shade of white. a pure white theme is almost pointless if you don't use some grey. if you were to make a blue theme you would have many shades to use like dark blue, royal, light, greenish blue. etc. pretty ure thats the reason you dont see many white themes. also, dark themes are awesome because they are cool like stealth, and since darker is less stress on the eyes it is pleasing to look at. ive found a slightly lighter than pure black and colors between that and a darker grey works well together. especially when used as a gradient

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    i agree with the darker fonts....but i think it would be cool to have 2 versions of the with chrome on it and one least for us girls the chrome seems to manly....and without it i mean it looks HOT!

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    i dont think you can change the color of the text thats why i call it trying to do the impossible and the theme may not work out. but you never know untill you try right?

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    YESSSSSSS at least some of the professional artist is trying to do a white theme!

    Please keep it up

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