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Thread: [Project] WhiteOut

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    this has defiantly gotten a bigger reaction than i thought it would just hope it can live up to the hype lol

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    Set your goals high Jay, I always do for you. Your awesome.
    I will be down for a few days or more, but checking in on my phone if I can. Having surgery and not looking forward to it.

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    well im sure everything will go perfect! you have the support from the entire forum behind you.

    oh and Bo dont take to much down time icon making could get backed up lolz

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    Community Manager Bo Troxell's Avatar
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    Not looking for a pity party, kinda major thing going on. This forum is what I am going to miss the most.

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    man and i was going to bring the beer!

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    Prayers for you Bo, for real. Get well soon and back to doing what you do. Godspeed!

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    Yes yes good luck Bo. Trucks theme threads need you to make icons hahah. Truck lookin' good keep working on this!

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    just a small update to keep everyone's interests

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    This is looking really classy Jay! I've kept my eye on this thread, not missing this.

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    This totally slipped my radar! I LOVE WHITE THEMES. Probably couldn't tell with all my dark themes, but I've always had a soft spot for white themes. It's just so hard though to make it not looked washed out... but you've managed to do well with this one.

    The original iNitsua was pretty light in color and so was iNitsua NeoStyle Albescent Edition (Albescent meaning to color white).

    As a matter of fact, the color scheme you chose were the EXACT same colors I asked Steve to do for Twilight (which was unnamed at the time). We ended up going for a darker tone though, obviously. But the two colors you chose, white and cyan, is by far my FAVORITE color combination.

    Great stuff... and I see you got some cool people emailing ya, lol.
    #eli7e revived me

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    lol i had to show off the emails thanks for the kind words K! i have no choice but to take my time as im working a ton of hours so im hoping that it will turn out unrushed.

    p.s. i still havent had time to install your theme yet guess i need another phone lol one for themeing and one for use.

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    Looks great! It's definitely keeping my interest, keep up the good work.

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    Hay Jay do you want icons made
    if yes i need the ico file

    keep ripping it UP

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    Thanks for the donation Jack! As fir icons I'm going to try and auto create

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    That s what i was thinking
    not only that , that's what iv been doing the last week
    iv only just noticed the white pro prototype 2 min s before i put some cash in your pocket
    that s how confident i am you will pull it off
    as i no what draw back s you might run in to like white fonts

    im working at my end to see what s what

    all you need is the 3 overlays put inot ui folder
    that will help you
    then go on to the app store
    in your phone take the snap shots
    cut then out and then you should be good to go buddie

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    Nice!!!! I was always lookin for a nice white.......

    This is off the charts!

    keep it up!
    Viva South Africa!!! Host of the 2010 World Cup!

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    Cant wait to get my hands on a white 4G iphone and slap this bad boy on it! Scwiiing!

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    Looks really good buddy. I especially like the bottom buttons in the Alarm and Video screenshots ( yes, I know its a small detail but I always noticed the fine details first before the big picture.) And yes, a little bit of chrome would make everything pop (I know has been used a lot in other themes such as iElegance but with the white background, the chrome would make the icons stand out against the white wallpaper, Just my 2 cents :-D ).... Keep up the good work Truckin
    You see that "Thanks!" button? It likes it when you click it!

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    I thought you might Like it Mr Wilbourn

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