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Thread: [Preview] Alienware AlienOS

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    New dock icons!

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    i think you should just either keep with the scheme u have for the dock icons orrr you should do like a sleek bar like connecting all the however many apps for a single sleek bar type am i makin sense?? lmao just an make it kinda like the top but like a panel with buttons sorta idk its kinda hard to explain lmao
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    I think i get you ill try it out. Thanks

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    yup yup just tryin ta help a fellow themer out lol
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    I like this.... looking foward to seeing the final product.

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    Thanks for the comments everyone
    Dock update:

    Yes? No? Cheers.

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    YES...WOW...just joined the forum and saw this...I think that this is the best alienware theme yet to come...

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    I really like the new dock, but I was thinking maybe you should make the dock springjumps or categories? You could have different icon options such as media, apps, tools, system, games, Internet. Just a thought though

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    yea i like the latest one for sure but make em sorta blend its all one solid deal but as buttons lmao but yea its lookin good... ill try and get u an image of what im thinkin

    sorry idk how to make the image larger just click on it lol its just an idea its what i was workin on for one of my projects.... so im thinkin sorta like that but you kno cut em up individually
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    First of all I'd just like to thank everyone for their support so far
    If this thread hadn't gotten any comments, i'd probably just delete the files, and sit on my couch eating corn chips watching 'How I met your mother'.

    Anyway, update.
    I finished up the dock, and changed the font of the clock to make it more legible and clean.

    I hope you guys like it

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    I think the dock with the reddish icons are better...but thats my would you watch how i met your mother when its now on wait for the release..

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    I have 4 seasons on my computer thats hooked up to my tv

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    UI is coming along nicely.
    No screenshots yet because i'm at school working on it and haven't been able to test it yet.

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    Previews of the Lockscreen, buttons, and a tiny bit of the UI
    Tell me what you think.

    Comments would be good
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    Looks cool! The lockscreen is a bit plain tho, butoverall this theme looks sick!!

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    I'll try to give some more life to the lockscreen.
    Also, i'm going to change the keypad, it just doesn't look good enough to me.

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    Ahhh youve been teasing us for too long now , any idea on the release?

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    Haha sorry
    Just trying to get it right this time.
    Shouldn't be toooooo long, few days, maybe more
    Thanks for being interested!

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    I cleaned up the lockscreen again, and new keypad!

    Good? bad? Comments?
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