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Thread: [Release] Seven OS by K.Nitsua/Zausser

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    I made an add-on theme for iOS4.
    Just put it on top of Winterboard to make 7OS work with iOS4 again.

    7OS iOS4

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    ok can ANYONE get me the PSD's for the overlays? that would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hey Wim,

    Can you tell me how you did the dutch in the calendar?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevaani View Post
    Hey Wim,

    Can you tell me how you did the dutch in the calendar?

    I translated Wallpaper.html of the one page theme, attached the file.
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    Not sure if its worth the $2 but you can get the splash screens to show up on all your default and cydia apps with an app called splash

    livefootball88- did you put the depth image directly ontop of the existing appiconmask or separate?

    I'll work on the orb and the depth stuff when i get a chance when Im not working on working on my theme with viiolent
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    Could someone make some silvery icons for the music and video icons?

    Icons are attached in links.
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    -Freedom- RQ
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    I meant the Glyph(?) icons Darkness777.

    Thanks anyways

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    I managed to create these. like it? Just what I could do .. maybe not good enough
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    -Freedom- (2010-07-15), zausser (2010-07-15)

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    @darkness: I like them I would have to make them darker to match my other gylph icons but Im still gonna use them

    @freedom: I just use transformipod (something like that) from cydia it's a theme that combines music and video together and then you can use the theme icon for the iPod app

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    @ Darkness777 The look really good. I agree with enuru999 just a tad darker would be perfect. But nonetheless I'll use it.

    EDIT: The Video icon is pretty good. The music icon certainly needs a bit of darkening up.

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    if you want to make them darker open up the image in an image editor (Photoshop, gimp etc etc) go to layer > duplicate layer > merge layer down then save and SSH into the theme

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    I would but I don't have Photoshop or gimp. Paint isn't the best too.

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    can someone make me a mywi icon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 143voltron View Post
    can someone make me a mywi icon?
    mywi icon RQ
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    143voltron (2010-07-16)

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    Thanks for the icon.
    I feel stuck with this theme. I like the theme alot but I feel that it can do more. I want my lock screen to do the same as neostyle, I need ideas pls?

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    ^K. Nitsua planned to do exactly that and showed off a whole bunch of awesome ideas with HTML5 rotating images.... but then he left for a long time and when he came back he only visited the neostyle and inspired os thread... abandoning this one.

    You can send him a friendly email at [email protected] and remind him that this theme still exists and that itd be better to go with his promise to go to this theme before inspired OS

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    i thought K. switched to a droid? did he? !

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    ^say what?? he has 2 iphone 4s and then switched to droid? Im having a tough time believing that.

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    im not sure...but thats the rumor i heard:-/

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