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Thread: [Release] Seven OS by K.Nitsua/Zausser

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    I have a question regarding clockhide.theme, do I must use lockscreen clock hide from cydia in order to hide lockscreen clock? will it be possible to hide the clock by just activating the theme? (it's been bothering me for so long I do not want to install too many theme customizing apps, I feel they make the iphone bulky...)

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    You need clockhide when using that lockscreen or you'll have two clocks and date. Up to you.

    I'll post the respring tonight. I had to remove the sbsettings theme from the main theme package due to package complications. You can still downlaod the seven sbsettings theme on cydia and rock for free. I'll let this thread now when I put it as a attachment on the first post.

    If anyone wants to post it up sooner in the thread please do.


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    Here is the respring.png.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -respring.png  

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    png respring

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    ^can you please tell me how you actually get images to show up on the page instead of attached?

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    ^^^^ lol. You can host the image to image shack or the like and put the image link in the thread or attach a Image like you do a icon. Then preview post. Right click image copy link and past link in thread reply using the image link button

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowLeo View Post
    ^can you please tell me how you actually get images to show up on the page instead of attached?
    If you upload the image to a website like it will give you a URL to the image and then in your post you just copy and paste the URL in between these: [IMG]URL GOES HERE[/IMG] and then it'll show up like that...

    EDIT: wow...Z beat my by 5 minutes...hahaha, that's what happens when you don't refresh the page before posting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowLeo View Post
    Awesome concept K really likin it. Wheres the weather widget goin in that? Or maybe you can ditch the weather widget and have wallapapers that change based on weather and time with the temp in the bottom left. Where are the animations coming in? Are the girls at the bottom like images that will cycle through? Thatd be pretty awesome.
    Im not crazy about the day being huge at the top with the date small above the time at the bottom. You can keep the day huge but please put the day with the date for the sake of sanity

    But what exactlys going in the middle box? Another image?
    I think the best idea is to put weather widget where is ladies....for me ladies on this theme is not good ,and not need.. ....beter will be a weather widget
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    wow I've been using photobucket this whole time and didnt even realize the img link..... this is a test btw

    YES! just figured out how to make the LS overlay look better.. just turn up the dither to 100%

    its actually almost the full quality of the png.
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    ^^Nice. I like it. Are you running this with you theme right now?

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    Yeah im using wedapanel with weather element v3 backgrounds overlayed with 7OS overlay and aliens animated weather images. Only thing that sucks though is that I cant get the time and date to show up at thr bottom so I have to settle for the the normal one at the top but I talked to stroyr to make code to include it in wedapanel

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    WOOOW Leo this looks niiicceee you release that animated weather or this is only for test?

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    I'll try to release it but its really annoying because I have to like take all the like 35 images for each of the 20 gifs and paste it into photoshop then paste the right background and panel and then (the most annoying part!) I have to realign each image so it perfectly is in the axact location in the panel to show up right and I delete some unnesisary images and fix it up then turn it into a gif. Then I have to rename them all and fix the code but that doesnt take tooo long. Its quite a process actually and although I have tons of schoolwork I'll try to finish it this weekend. Gotta make sure alien will let me actually release this using his weather images because on his thread he says that he really doesnt want anyone to use his animated weather in another theme but I talked to him some and I'll make sure I get the permissions from him and storyr

    By just for test I was referring to testing out posting an image actually on the page which I just learned how to do
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    some wallpapers I would be using if I were still a jailbreaker, choose what you like

    ************************************************** **************
    more here
    ************************************************** **************

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    Sweet work Joe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by floppy_joe View Post
    some wallpapers I would be using if I were still a jailbreaker, choose what you like

    ************************************************** **************
    more here
    ************************************************** **************
    not a jailbreaker? what happened? and thanks for naming two of my themes haha :P Those wallpapers look kickarse

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    How's the stock setup joe? 4.0?

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    I was planning on using the wallpapers and weather images as the skyimage background image that changes based on time of day and weather. However there is a set of sunset images and storyr made it so that the sunset shows up the whole hour that its in + an addtional hour so it like shows up during the night. Also there arent exactly set weather element backgrounds specifically for sunset so do you think itd be a good idea to just take out the sunset code and just have day and night?

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    Head's up on the concept images:

    The female images are meant as placeholders. The user will be able to define what images are shown and the default theme will include landscape images and stuff (royalty-free).

    Reasons why I use those female images:

    1) I'm a dude.
    2) I have to work hours and hours on these things... if I'm going to do that I'm gonna use images I'll enjoy looking at (maybe "enjoy" wasn't the best word choice, but you guys get my point).
    3) Sex sells. If promo images include hot females, it'll grab your guys' attention, and let's be honest - a majority of me and Z's userbase is dudes.

    Does this make me a misogynist? No. My ex-gf used to rag on me all the time for having these images on my phone - I just tell her its to help promote my new themes in the screenshots ^_^.

    But yeah, official releases won't use those images, it'll use more "appropriate" images.

    Again, just a head's up.
    #eli7e revived me

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    ^any idea why its showing up so grainy when I used the exact same gif format as before?

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