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Thread: [Release] Seven OS by K.Nitsua/Zausser

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    Im not sure rook but I think this is the case with sbrotator because 1.4 was made for sbroator support (i forgot this and manually installed 1.3 w/ sbrotator and had to restore) so in the catsb update it might have some incompatible code like sbrotator had so id advice you to stay way from doing that. If you dont want to update iconoclasm then dont update catsb either

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wim66 View Post
    The pages go into the 1 page theme.

    Or download attached theme folder and put it on top of Winterboard.
    It has 12 pages, so the text labels will be visible on all pages.
    If you are using your own Page0, just delete the default Page0 from this theme.

    I updated the download, replaced Page0 which was of poor quality.


    More 7-OS stuff:

    Thanks its working perfect but when i want to use the Boss paper it wont show that any idea how do i make them to show if there is anyway to make the wallpaper transparent with weather/Clock/Calendar can u make one if possible thanks

    never mind i found the way i just use the 1 page to rename wallpaper its working perfect thanks alot Wim66 u rock
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    Quote Originally Posted by iphonerookie View Post
    A little off topic. I'm currently using the v1.3 of iconoclasm instead of the newer version as it's messed up my and many other peoples devices. I paid for it but won't update. Now today I see my categoriesSB has an update but it says it'll remove iconoclasm of I update. Is this cuz I have the v1.3 installed of iconoclasm and it requires the newer 1.4.1 version? Or can I update it and then manually reinstall my 1.3 version after updating catsb and letting it remove my older version?

    EDIT: Does anyone use iconoclasm v1.4.1 with a 3G iPhone with no problems with icons disappearing or acting funky or having apps install on random pages instead of on the last page? thats why i wont update cuz version 1.4 did that and im afraid to try v1.4.1. let me know, thanks!
    I upgraded CategoriesSB this morning and now I am restoring the phone. So don't upgrade categories SB yet. I was using iconoclasm 1.3x w/o any issues. After CatSB upgrade, phone tried to reboot and never came out of the loop. I have 3GS.
    I don't understand why developers screw up such a nice working software? First iconoclasm, now CatSb, both of them I used for SevenOS theme

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    I updated catsb without a issue. But I didn't have iconoclasm installed at the time.

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    here's what i did, i removed v1.3 iconoclasm, updated catsb, tried reinstalling my 1.3 deb of iconclasm...and it wouldnt let me, it gave me i deleted everything and uninstalled catSB from cydia, rebooted the phone...then manually installed the v1.6.3 deb of catSB, rebooted, had that back finally w/the update ill live w/in cydia...then i manually reinstalled v1.3 of iconoclasm deb and rebooted, all's normal i have to live with TWO update badges on my cydia icon...GAYYY!!!

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    I never had any issues with the Cat SB upgrade. Then again, like Zausser, I don't have Iconoclasm installed. I had an issue with Iconoclasm when it went 1.4.1. It almost didn't make it out of the endless reboot loop. After going back and forth with the creator, it seems like he doesn't have a lot of extensions to work with. I paid for it before it went 1.3 and the issue with the 1.4.1 still hasn't been resolved or it would've said 1.4.2. Cat SB doesn't seem to be conflicting with anything else. I think Iconoclasm is the culprit. I bet Lance did work the Cat SB upgrade with 1.4.1 and not 1.3. Just a thought...

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    Hay Rook you might have to break down at some and give in to iblanks again, lol. I did

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    i had no problem with categories sb and iconoclasm 1.4.1 they both worked fine together... but then again i only have 2 tweeks,categories sb,snow cover pro and winterboard installed
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    Quote Originally Posted by rpgpromaster View Post
    i had no problem with categories sb and iconoclasm 1.4.1 they both worked fine together... but then again i only have 2 tweeks,categories sb,snow cover pro and winterboard installed
    yeah but u also have a 3GS....i havent heard anyone w/a problem w/one of those and the new iconoclasm...its only 3G iphone users who have the iconoclasm problems w/anything above v1.3.

    @sarge...ill NEVER go back to iblanks ROFL HATEEEE them!

    btw...figured i'd post and share all the dock/springjump icons i made for myself:
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    I upgraded cat sb and got stuck in respring loop rebooted and got stuck had to remove it to get it to work I'm stuck with crappy normal categories lol

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    I have the 1.6.3 version of cat sb in deb format if anyone needs it

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    when you get a chance could you make up a google voice app in the glyph please. Thank you!!

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    ^I already made a google vioce one a little while back and it turned out nice ( i thought you asked for it then or maybe it was someone els?)
    heres it again because im too lazy to search for when i posted it
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    maybe rook or someone could darken mine though

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    Yes it was me. I thank you for it. It is just alot smaller than the other apps on the 1pagee. Just wanted another one to compare with.

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    Hello all

    Can some kindhearted soul assist in making a dock icon for Whatsapp? I am using this a lot and i want to place this on the dock of the 1 page theme instead of the mail.

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    and it's alot lighter than the others.

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    oh really I will try to fix that
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    Hows are these??

    Heres the original image I used too in case your not satisfied and rook or someone else want to do it
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    YES!!! successfully fixed the alignment of my icons
    Before (left) After (right). Dang and that alignment thing has been severly bugging me and my OCDness... took a screenshot counted the 4 pixels it was off and corrected it
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