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Thread: [Release] Seven OS by K.Nitsua/Zausser

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    heres a quick mockup of me touching it up=)

    yours first on left mine on right:

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    official Laker colors

    change all the maroon to purple and teal to gold, will get ya something for that wifi sync
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    off to bed

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    with the exact colors u have there? orrrrr my way like i posted?

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    here's the status bar stuff finished...or so im thinking...what do u guys say?

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    its all good rook. i just posted those as a reference, yours works too, but made the 5-day, clok and appts fuzzy

    go to sleep, your muscles need to rest
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    lol im never gonna live this muscle thing down am i? lol

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    It"s good rook but why no one use status bar icon from twilight ......its same color and looking nice with this theme....

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    cuz i like something different on every theme. i hate mixing and matching takes away from the other theme then IMO. but thats just me.

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    hehe that"ok but i am not theme moder and cannot make something new , but you can

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    Quote Originally Posted by sargd66 View Post
    Anybody have any luck changing there badge.png in Backgrounder. I have changed that badge in every theme I have used without a problem. I can't get the badge to change now. I have completely removed the standard black badge.png but it still shows when I background. But when I open the Backgrounder app it shows the moded one on the front sheet. Very confused. Any ideas?
    The info is in this thread, the badge should be named Backgrounder_Badge.png and placed in /Bundles/
    I made one already.

    Quote Originally Posted by wim66 View Post
    Made a Backgrounder badge to match the theme, attached it as a theme.

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    7-OS Bg

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Bought this theme on Cydia, and love it. Great work!

    Could I ask a favor though... is it possible to get a hold of a *.psd version (to clarify, layered so I can adjust the background image etc) of the 1 page theme wallpaper? (can't find it in the theme package)

    I'm modding the theme layout a little to suit my own personal tastes and it would make life a lot easier. :-)

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    Is their any way I can make the status bar clear on the springboard?

    My Wallpapers are all B&W, they don't suit the Red Bar from V4. Also this is a damn nice theme.

    I may not be close, but Hawks can fly

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    Sure, it needs a ton of work on colors and stuff, but after the last couple of pages I felt this requirement to post this.....

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    Can someone tell me how to remove the black 15 down in my calendar now. My date I have the white 15 in the middle and now a black 15 in the right corner. Im sure Im missing something easy here. Thank You!!

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    Default i need help please.
    Someone can help me to change the word on the weather Partly /Cloudy/ Italian language Nuvoloso/ Soleggiato/etc?
    if it's can hide the word???
    Thanks a lot in advance!!!
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    Yeah rook the 3g and edge symbols look a lot better teal. Nice work!
    On and btw I forgot who asked but using the folders with my default.pngs does actually work for appstore apps but the notes + stocks go in the bundles. Btw Z why didnt you include any of my lovely splashscreens? You couldve at least used the notes one because it looked really good... I was kinda disappointed you guys didnt include mine in the update cause I spent a long time doing them. All of them turned out reallly good (except stocks)
    @messia I guess my suggestions didnt work for you? Try emailing Z or K at [email protected] or [email protected]

    Hey messia you said you wanted italian? Well check in the bundles of the theme in and see if theres an it.inproj because that should have the italian stuff for it not sure though
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    Quote Originally Posted by Messia74 View Post
    Someone can help me to change the word on the weather Partly /Cloudy/ Italian language Nuvoloso/ Soleggiato/etc?
    if it's can hide the word???
    Thanks a lot in advance!!!
    Ciao messia, ti rispondo in italiano perché il mio inglese è terribile! Anzi se poi traduci il mio post mi fai un piacere
    Cmq le scritte in italiano non credo si possano inserire perché vengono prese direttamente dal sito e quindi non si possono modificare...però non ci posso mettere la mano sul fuoco
    Se invece vuoi nasconderle ti devi recare nella cartella "Private > Stylesheet" e aprire il file "topright.css". Una volta all'interno del file cerca la voce "desc"...sotto questa voce ci sono una serie di settaggi, per il tuo scopo ti basta modificare "color" che è impostato su "ffffff"...tu cancelli le "f" e le sostituisci con la scritta "trasparent". Ecco tutto, fai un respring e non apparirà più la descrizione meteo
    Spero di essere stato chiaro, nel caso non lo fossi stato chiedi pure.


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    Messia74 (2010-05-15)

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    Oh rook slight suggestion if its not too late... could you make the 3g icon like it is in iNZ except teal (up and down)

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    Success!!! I just successfully combined the awesome iNZ icon with the transparentness of the icons in this theme and made the autocreate to go with it and it worked!!! its looks so amazing!
    Heres the psd: Download iNZ 7 icon.psd from - send big files the easy way
    (appiconmask was actually from iNZ but I made the AppIconShadow from the psd)
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