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Thread: [Release] Seven OS by K.Nitsua/Zausser

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    Beautiful theme

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    hey Z I just got this theme but is it possible to just have the Lockbackground without the image in it so I can put it ontop of the other LS I use?

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    ^^^ yes it is. In the seven os theme that is downloaded from rock I have a folder called psd and png overlays. In that folder is all the goodies. I also have the files on my site to download on the seven os page.

    The seven os sbsettings theme should be on cydia and rock today as a free download.

    I had a hard time getting it to take in the package with the paid theme so I decided to have a seperate.

    Look for it today along with twilights sbsettings theme.

    I'll post in this thread when i see it as well.

    Thank you

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    SnowLeo (2010-05-13)

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    If anyone needs help with a custom lockscreen let me know or Pm me and I'll help out now that I got my fingers wet (in Photoshop, you perves! Lol) with this theme and nodding things in it

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    Quote Originally Posted by iphonerookie View Post
    z....can u email me the settings icon from carbon you used like this one:

    i had it and made that icon from it and now for the life of me cant find it again and i need the original. thanks man!


    well here's what i've been playing with all evening....made up wallpapers for the time of day....5 to be exact...credits to ibnyaffa for supplying the widget. they alternate as follows:

    sunrise image from 4am-6am

    morning image from 6am-9am

    another sunshine image from 9am-6pm

    sunset image from 6pm 8pm

    night image from 8pm - 4am

    these pictures are sunset images i chose and made to use (not the final categories background):

    next two are both images from INSIDE my apps and cydia categories folders:

    here is the revised cat. backgrounds after the time change shifted over to the night time image:

    let me know what ya'll are the other test images i'm trying out for the other time frames in the day:

    and lastly a shot of my loaders:

    oh and if anyone is wondering where i got my signal bars....I made them from scratch=)

    - Rook
    Love this rook ...can you share this wallpaper and all config to have a circle wallpaper.....

    And if you have a iconclasm layout for this your layout....

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    oh ok thanks just didnt see those files when I was sshing it to my desktop

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    Woah according to cydberduck the theme will take 15 hours to download!

    Edit: OK it went back down to like 5 mins *phew*
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    wait so where do I put the overlay to get it to work and what do I name it?

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    I really liked the iNZ icons but I wanted the transparentness of the icons in this theme. What do you think?
    Could you maybe fix it up and make an autocreate
    Heres the psd: Download iNZ 7 icon.psd from - send big files the easy way
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    got the e-mail with the newest beta for donation people, but i could not download this package because it is not available anymore

    can you please fix this?
    thanks for the quick response


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    I change the password and link every 12 hours. If you didn't download in that time you need to email me at my paypal email so I can send you a new link.

    Also. Note that I cross referance that email with the palpal emails
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    Quote Originally Posted by zausser View Post
    I released beta 3 on rock as 1.0 I'm still going to update the donators with more options and I'll update the rock theme as well. Just wanted to get it out while I had time.
    Hey zausser, will you also update the rock download with the beta tester emails so we can get updates that way?

    Thanks...loving this theme!
    kwickone I.T.H.

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    The Rock theme will get the same updates as the beta testers. But the beta testers will get it first to make sure any bugs are worked out.

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    ^ cool. My question was geared more towards when SevenOS goes live (not beta anymore). I am assuming you don't want to keep sending out emails to us
    kwickone I.T.H.

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    Seven OS is live. on Rock. I have no way to have the beta testers have the rock theme. So yes I'll send all beta testers EVERY update of SEVEN up until I stop updating. Hope that makes sense.

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    Heres my LS. Im using wedapanel widget with weather elements v3 backgrounds that change with the time and weather and just pasted the overlay ontop. I couldnt get the time to show up though maybe someone could help with that...Z...K....rook?
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    Dexy88 (2010-05-13)

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    just curious, why Rock and not Cydia. I got rid Rock long while back, doesn't play nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sargd66 View Post
    just curious, why Rock and not Cydia. I got rid Rock long while back, doesn't play nice.
    Appsidy is where paid themes were posted in cydia and stopped hosting paid apps after some issues that made it stop working. So Rock is now the only option to host paid apps unless you have a payment system within the app itself

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    hi gang...a question...if i want change the name of weather...where i must go?
    Sunny - Soleggiato; Rain - Pioggia etc etc

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    K/Z I know its really not a major issue but the only thing I think doesnt look right or go right with this themes UI is the notes app theming. Just trying to help out but it does look a little sloppy so maybe you can fix it up. I actually think the notes app theming from the Monster droid theme by mrpunk2u actually complements this theme quite well.
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