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Thread: [Release] iQ87

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    Default [Release] iQ87
    Inspired by the Official Modmyi theme by Bluemetal.

    is finally released. You can download the full theme on your Rock app!
    Just do a search for iQ87 in the Rock Store App.

    Here are a few snapshots of the theme, but it includes much much more.

    click for full size:

    click for full size:

    Video Setup Guide!
    (click for full size)

    An installation guide is included in the theme folder, and also theme help is offered here on

    To install, follow these installation steps:
    This guide is to help you install iQ87 theme onto your iPhone!

    *Warning* This theme is not the easiest to install but if you follow the guide directly you should have no problem*

    First off you are going to need the following apps.
    All Apps can be downloaded from Cydia or Rock (All required apps come with the installation package!)

    -iBlank (for the blank icons)
    -Blanknull (if this is not installed all blank icons will take you to safari)
    -5 Column Springboard
    -5 Icon Dock
    -SpringJumps App (I also included more springjump icons in the theme folder that we will use)

    **You are also going to need to be able to SSH into your phone (access your phone files). I use WinSCP and iFunbox.
    I suggest that if you are new to SSH'ing into your phone that you download iFunbox,
    (just google iFunbox and download the program) It is very easy to use and its Plug and Play!!

    People using the Spirit Jailbreak need to download Afc2add from Cydia. Here is a quickfix that was posted on the iFunbox website.

    Quick fixup for iPhones Jailbroken by Spirit

    iFunbox relies on the AFC2 service to access the root file system of iPhones. AFC2 is usually enabled during jailbreak procedures as many previous Jailbreak tools do. If AFC2 serivce is not enabled, iFunbox will recognize it as a jailed iphone and access the file system with AFC service.

    Recently iFunbox is found recognizing iPhones jailbroken by blackra1n and spirit as jailed ones. The reason is that the AFC2 service is not enabled in jailbreaking procedure.

    A quick fixup is to install a tiny app from Cydia, afc2add to enable the AFC2 service on iPhone. Remember to reboot iPhone after installing.
    More details can be found at:

    Thanks “Helper” for the message.

    ~After you have downloaded all the appropiate apps and have downloaded the iQ87.theme, we are ready to move on...

    ~Using your SSH program (iFunbox or WinSCP) Copy and paste Extra Springjumps **ALL 45 folders** into your ://Applications Folder (they are located in the .theme folder)

    ~Respring your iPhone (this can be done using winterboard by clicking on and off a theme or SBsettings)

    ~Now go into Winterboard on your phone and turn off all themes! (including the iQ87 theme, we need the default iPhone theme to setup)

    ~You Should be looking at a original iPhone theme with a 5 column springboard/dock)
    It might look a little crazy but DONT panic!! it will sort its self out in time!!

    ~Now put 1-5 Springjump icons at the top of each page, all the way till page 6 in your iPhone. (these will be used to navigate through pages)

    *Should look like this*

    ~Put springjump0 (zero) on the dock in the right corner (this will be your "home" button)

    ~Once all the springjumps are in place its time to make 12 Blank icons using iBlank App you downloaded earlier (its easy)

    **This part takes the longest, but its worth it!**
    ~All the blank icons will go on the home page (they will be used to position the clock/calendar/weather icons)

    Once all 12 blank icons are made position your home screen like this:

    ~Move all of your other apps to the other pages. You will organize those later.

    ~Now, Once all the icons are in their correct places, go into Winterboard and enable iQ87 theme.

    ~If any of the icons are out of place you can try to fix them with the theme enabled, if not disable it and fix it then enable it again.

    ~Now organize all your Apps using the catagories at the top (ie:Media, Games, Utilites, Apps, Jailbreak) this takes a while too.

    ~You are finished! Test out the Springjump's/Home button/clock/calendar/weather to Make sure they are all working!


    ***If you have problems, go to Apple, iPhone & iPad News | Forums | and do a search for [Release!] iQ87
    There will be a link that will take you to my forum page with PICTURE instructions.
    You can also send JayQuint87 on a PM with your question/problem!***

    __________________________________________________ ___________
    To change the Weather widget go to, input your city.
    Then click on the "EXTENDED FORCAST" link.
    Once you pulled up the Extended Forcast, Look in the address bar for a segment that looks like this... USCA0797
    Copy that segment and paste it into the ConfigureMe.js file (/var/stash/Themes/iQ87.theme/PRIVATE/WEATHERWIDGET/PRIVATE/CONFIGUREME.JS)
    ***You can access this file using your SSH program or you can do it directly on your phone using iFile App***

    Below is what the configureMe.js file looks like. where it says "PASTE IT HERE" put your city segment there. leave the quotation marks
    (in the actual file, not here :P )

    ************************************************** ****
    // The location field should be a relatively machine-legible string
    // if using the default, Apple/AccuWeather parser (originally from Leopard's Weather.wdgt)
    var locale = "PASTE IT HERE" //e.g. 'Defiance, Ohio'|'Moscow, Russia'|'Ledyard, AT'|'London, UK'|"USNY0996"

    Big Thanks goes out to Bluemetal for the theme inspiration, Widgets, and custom Springjumps!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -frontscreen.png  
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    why are u posting this again? it was closed for a reason.

    ...well then, now that i see u have perma. good job lol
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    ok, im going to close this thread unless u have permission to use blue's icon and to be able to sell this theme.

    and making another thread isnt smart.
    consider this a warning

    ok dude reopened.
    nick said u got permission so

    anyways again great theme
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    Lol yea it's all been handled

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    Quote Originally Posted by battlecrushr View Post
    ok, im going to close this thread unless u have permission to use blue's icon and to be able to sell this theme.

    and making another thread isnt smart.
    consider this a warning

    ok dude reopened.
    nick said u got permission so

    anyways again great theme
    Yeah its all settled.
    But thanks again for the comment!

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    Nice work! I think it would be helpful to include screen shot of Jumpspring page(s) to show how the app icons will look like..
    Nice color scheme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SPPassion View Post
    Nice work! I think it would be helpful to include screen shot of Jumpspring page(s) to show how the app icons will look like..
    Nice color scheme.
    There is a screenshot on the iFile setup you can take a look at. Just scroll down a bit on the original post.

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    So what should i say:
    1. This theme is nice and you don't use my graphics.
    2. I gave you permission for using the Widgets.

    I did not gave you permission to sell this theme/widgets and make a complete copy of my themes including using my Special springjumpbuttons for a static
    topbar on all pages.
    You did not even gave me credits for all this.

    So to stop finally this frustrating discussion: you have my permission now for this theme.

    What did I learn ? No one gets anything from me again.

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    hey guys how can i change the am and pm to 24 hours clock?
    and the weather is everytime with sun no moon no clouds how can i change that?

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    Awesome theme! Best one I've seen/used so far! A link from the news ticker on the home page to the actual news articles would have been nice though. ;-) But again, great work! Makes me feel like I have a brand new phone!

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    Can some please let me know where the he'll I can buy the iq87 theme from, I've searched everywhere for it so I can actually buy it. It is not coming up in Cydia by default, is there a repo that needs to be added?

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    Anywhere else to purchase besides Rock?

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