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Thread: **Released** MyDock

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    Thanks, I will package it tonight and make some instructions. Do you have springback?

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    yeah I have springback but Im not gonna take the time to organize my apps specifically for this theme other than what needs to be done for it to show up properly as I have over 480+ apps at the moment. unless its gonna be a one page theme? In which case I guess I could just put them all in one folder w/ 480 apps lol

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    Wow, I forgot you had 480 apps. Mainly I wanna test the springback file, If you can hide all your apps but the ones I will have listed, and make 10 category folders with names I will list. setup iconclasm with the pages i have made. Then hit the springback file and see if everything aligns up. Thats mainly all i need you to test, I've had it running on my phone for a while now and did my own beta basically. I will have better instructions.. If it seems like to much let me know.

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    Ok so I just make a springback of my stuff now then just hide all of my apps except the ones for the theme make the category folders and set up the pages and then use springback? Sure I guess I could do that. But by hide do you mean like poof them away or put them in the folders?

    Just pm the link with instructions
    Sorry for my long time between posts Ive been working on homework (and playing Halo Reach beta)
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    Yes that is right, and you will poof them away. I'm not on my computer right now, but when I get there ill send it to you. Thanks!

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    yep no problem I might not get to till later tonight but definitely before tomarrow.

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    Loading Screen

    Still looking for a beta tester, so I can release to cydia
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    yeah well i fixed my problems and rejailbroke but I think im still gonna stay away from iconoclasm at least until an update comes out that officially fixes all the bugs

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    I completly understand I'm glad you got everything worked out.

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    yep thanks for trying to help me through it though... stil cant believe I give my iphone for my dad for 5 minutes and he has the dang thing restoring

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    Yea, what did he end up doing to it?

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    I dont know becuase I put it in dfu mode 100x and it did nothing for me. I think its probably the fact that he put it in dfu mode then used it on his computer to get it to restore and not my computer

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    Theme is released, should be up on cydia soon. If you would like a copy pm me.

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    Released on cydia! Would a moderator change title to released?

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    this theme looks sweet

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