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Thread: [Preview] iHTC HD2 animated flipclock with weather

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    Wow that is freaking awesome!!!!!!!!

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    release the weather ?

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    ja komigen valle, vore grymt om vi fick vädret också

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    Quote Originally Posted by obsessionXYZ View Post
    its a modded lockinfo.html..

    i figured out that if you use LockInfo you can interact with it on the homescreen and not only on the Lockscreen..

    i simply rewrote the lockinfo.html file as if it was a widget.html, then that way you can interact and have it on just on homescreen, and not under the icons every where.

    although, when used in lockscreen, you have all the feature s as the lockinfo..

    so in short word of how to achieve this:

    LockInfo ->Homescreen->ON (or Lockscreen, what ever you feel you want to use)->General->Scrolling ON..

    downside is that you can use the other LockInfo plugins.. not on my file anyways..

    hopefully when the html is finished, the shortcut apps will work with iframe and jQuery script, but the best would be to be able to link to the actual app..

    perhaps you know if its possible to? from html to a native apps, if so ? code?

    unfortunately I'm not that good in coding ;/
    but could ya send this edited lockinfo.html file to me? I think I could try some tricks

    download. install. enjoy.
    If you like what I do and would like to support me, feel free to donate! thanks! : )

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    soon guys.. soon.. i have little editing to do left with the weather.. hopefully it comes before the weekend,


    i might dropping the idea with the "fav-apps" its very hard to get it straight up, 8/10 times I end up either on Universal search page or page 1.. and i noticed that its a memory consumer.


    little sidenote about this, im creating this so that the lockinfo work nice, then i have to test the additional widget-, wallpaper- lockbackground-html's.. so that they actually work for you guys, thats why it takes little longer time, just imagine respringing more than 50 times only last night.. it takes time, sorry about that but its necessary..


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    Take your time man don't rush anything your doing an excellent job!!

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    Aliens animated weather is AWESOME ! go check it out

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    DOWNLOAD!! with animated weather will be available today...

    look in the first post for download links..


    remember its BETA and does not contain any icons or other images for the theme its self.. just the widget and lockscreen..

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    Downloading it now...will let you know in a while

    Weather seems to work well...but how to find the city zip and how to get rid of the calendar on homescreen....btw BIG THANKS for the beta release..

    Managed to change the city zip and turn off the calendar...thanks and will patiently wait for the official release...and here is my screenshot so far..

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    @ observer. How did you find the location change & fisable calendar please?

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    To turn off the weather, rename the calendar folder into something like calendarx. However you need to replace the file calendarbg.png with transparent png (with the same file name)....try it out and let me know

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    Thanx. Where do you find the location change details? Normally i put in my city and country and that works, but this configure is different, would appreciate your help

    Im in the UK
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    for your city country go to and change the details in the ConfigureMe.js (located in the Weather/Scripts folder)...the file looks like this..

    var ZipCity="EUR|SE|SW008|KALMAR"
    var ForecastToday= false
    var UseStatusnotifier= false
    var ShowAnimationFirstTime= false
    var ShowAnimationFirstTimeAterTap= false
    var FastAnimations= true
    var ShowRealFeel= true
    var useRealFeel = false
    var isCelsius = true
    var enableWallpaper = false
    var enableLockScreen = true
    var stylesheetWall = 'vaal'
    var stylesheetLock = 'vaal'
    var iconSetWall = 'vaal'
    var iconExtWall = ".jpg"
    var iconSetLock = 'vaal'
    var iconExtLock = '.jpg'
    var source = 'appleAccuweatherStolen'
    var updateInterval = 30 //Minutes

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    That worked thanx. My weather wont refresh by touch on wallpaper, but will on lockpaper. Any ideas?

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    @pancho! Thats nice. How did you set the calendar like that and get it into english?


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    This is definately a contender with aliens animated weather, which in my personal opinion is better because it full replicates the htc weather

    Ive managed to intergrate this flip clock into it. But i need your permission to release.

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    my wallaper weather doesnt refresh by touch but my lockscreen does, has anyone any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yusuf530i View Post
    That worked thanx. My weather wont refresh by touch on wallpaper, but will on lockpaper. Any ideas?
    It only works if you have the LockInfo file modded.. otherwise you only get as all other themes with widget.. they are under the springboard.. and you have to use sh**loads of blank icons or iconoclasm...

    IMO.. i think the lockinfo mod is the best way to get a real theme working as you want it to work..

    i want to interact with my phone, not only look at it and start apps one by one..

    sure you say.. why not get a real HTC then..

    well on paper the HTC HD2 is better than iPhone.. but in real life, again IMO, the iphone has the advantage of being stronger..

    downside with iPhone , IMO.. you have to JB your phone to get the most out of it..

    before the JB, it didnt feel like my phone at all.. it felt more like i borrowed it from Apple.. but now will all the customization it feel like mine..

    i only had my phone 2 weeks and with no knowledge whatsoever on Apple devises.. but still i JB my phone pretty much tried to figure out the system.. and so on..

    back to topic.. i suggest you all really.. to go and puschase LockInfo.. its by far the closest you get to be able to do real deal on you phone..

    oh.. remember... iPhone supports HTML5 too.. that door has just opened.. and is really evolving..


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    @obsessionXYZ, I've figured it out how to get it working with lockinfo, I will now think of getting those shortcuts to work, not sure if there will be any success though.

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