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Thread: [BETA] HTC Sense 2.1 (Legend/Desire/EVO4G/Incredible) for iPod touch and iPhone

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    i have a problem with the dock here is a screen shot of what my phone looks like
    IMG_0006 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    i can still use the buttons but i cant see them

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    Soccer stud make sure u don't have shrink

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    i dont never reinstalled it after i restored my phone

    I take that back i have it installed but icon size is still set to 100% does it still make a difference?

    I uninstalled it and now the icons are where they are supposed to be but the dock isnt showing
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    Can u plz upload the iphone version of the theme on a different site, not sendspace or megaupload, they dont work for me!, plz upload it on a different site.

    And can u explain how to setup the theme?
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    how can i change the spacing on the weather widget ..

    the location , temp and current weather sattus will not fit inside the box. its partially in and out

    even with the default font it still doesnt all fit in the box like in the preview screenie


    heres a pic of what im asking

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    Quote Originally Posted by soccerstudd View Post
    Awesome looking theme the only problem i have with it is that the dock is messed up half of it is cut off. a request if i can i have messages, opera mini and cydia on the bottom row but there is not an icon for cydia and opera can u make one? i would also like an icon for qik video pro and qik video,and one that looks like a folder called folders
    Just go into the icons folder and rename the bottom icons as Messages, Opera, and Cydia transfer to your iDevice and respring..

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    i fixed that problem with the icons not showing but now i cant see the dock it isnt being themed anyone know of a fix?

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    what fontswap text is that @Sekoye

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    i had a question... i noticed that on the screen shots for this theme that one of has the location, degrees, and what the weather is but on another screen it shows the high and low degrees... when installing this which one does it show? i hope im making sense... i just want to have all that info. and also this may be a noob question but whats the difference from eblwii and li-ion's theme?? i tried installing li-ions theme but i just get the icons and background. thanks in advance!!

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    could you please make it with a little less colorful background or wallpaper. Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulrybicki83 View Post
    could you please make it with a little less colorful background or wallpaper. Thanks in advance.
    that's the wallpaper that makes it look like the EVO.

    but if you want to change it, just delete the wallpaper.png file

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    i like it, this are the only themes i like, they are pretty easy to tweak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by juniorbeto View Post
    i like it, this are the only themes i like, they are pretty easy to tweak.

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    is it easy to install? i dont have time or patience to install these themes anymore.

    ot this looks great!!!

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    can anyone confirm what the difference is with eblwii and li-ion's version??

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    Default placement off
    Here is what my phone looks like. I want to be able to have the 2 rows of buttons like I've seen others do but how can I get them place right.

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    i would like to have the version of where the weather widget portion has more features... such as the hi's and low's and everything else... i hope i made sense... thanks in advance

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    you need five rows dude

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    5 rows? Is there an app to do that?

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    where can i find a animated wallpaper of EVO wallpaper?

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