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Thread: [BETA Release] Ubuntu Ultimate V3

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    I didn't mention this before because I thought I had screwed up with the installation, but the same thing happened with U3.
    1. Installed U2/U3 via iFile
    2. Resprung, and all the icons were messed up
    3. Uninstalled with Cydia
    4. iPod was stuck in Safe Mode, couldn't get out
    5. (While in safe mode), reinstalled U2/U3 via iFile
    6. Installation worked (result code: 0), but only on 2nd try
    7. Now all the icons are in the correct position, everything works fine.
    - note: after all of these steps, uninstalling didn't lead me to be stuck in Safe Mode again

    U3 Feedback:
    - on pages 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, music and video icons are swapped
    (I assume you want music to be before video since your category folders and page 6 show music first.
    - pages 0-5 "dock" don't work yet
    - when syncing with theme on, the words "slide to unlock" appear next to the lock thing
    - status bar time (while in an app) has shifted over to the right
    - is there a way to remove status bar from lockscreen?
    - should rework the clock widget/icon for better quality
    Last of all, the icons are still out of alignment for me. There might be something wrong with the iconoclasm layout.

    Btw, the category folders is very confusing. It works magnificently, but still confusing. I don't know which folder to put which apps (Apps1, Apps2, Apps3?). Then when I put apps inside, where exactly in the list should I place them so that it won't disturb the dock and everything.

    Despite the fact this is just a beta. This theme is so far very outstanding. Dare I say this theme stands on par with Wynd's lopeard theme.

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    is anyones calender out of shape, if so ik how to fix it

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    How can i do it iphone version
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    Quote Originally Posted by akura-ivan View Post
    I unistalled theme and i want to install this again but i have error 256...
    it says that i need categories sb but i have one. In the Lopeard i must deleted folder iSetup and everything was OK, but in this theme i dot have this folder
    Anybody help me ?
    Where does it say error 256?
    Try installing it again. That's what I did and it worked for both beta 2 and 3. And I don't know what you mean by a iSetup folder because all I did was just uninstall through Cydia for Lopeard.

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    I should be reinstaleed categories sb and deleted isetup.log !
    everything is ok but i have question how i want to phone and sms icon on the dock but i have video and music !

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    Then you probably should've read the first post before installing this. For now, this is only for iPod touch, so there's not much you can do for now until PhanaticD releases an iPhone version. Just don't blame him if anything goes wrong since iSetup creates new folders/apps for you according to your device.

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    Do you know when Phanatic will release version for iPhone?

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    very soon. and excellent feedback levydevy, i will respond more later when i hav time =P

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    Ok looking forward for this theme for iphone...good luck
    maybe yoг will recomended landscape theme for iphone ?

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    iphone version by wednesday

    ok response to levydevy
    icons- yes i realize that some of dock ones are mixed up, not that important for me right now tho
    dock- the dock will not work, because i am using webclips as placeholders for visual purposes. duplicate apps for a functional dock is way too buggy and causes memory issues sometimes
    slide to unlock- i will get rid of that
    status bar- thats still actually from my first version of ubuntu UE, ill fix that
    clock widget- -__-
    icon alignment- screenshot por favor so i know wut u mean
    categoriesthey are pages, u have three pages for each category, u get to the next one by tapping the arrow. put fifteen of ur own apps on each "page". u dont necessarily have to use up all three categories apss for each category, but they are there if u need them

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    Yeeee in wendesday i will first

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    PhanaticD, awesome theme. I do have a question though;

    Let's say while on the home screen, I hit the web tab, is there a way to close the tab (and go back to the homescreen) without hitting the the home button? I would have thought that hitting the web tab again would close it. Not sure if that was intended or maybe not possible.

    Otherwise, great theme!

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    Sorry for the noob question, but what do i do if some of the icons are normal? Like the rest of the icons have their name next to them.

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    @feelingleftout hmm thats exactly wuts supposed to happen, maybe ur icons got mixed up. happens alot with this. do wut i said on the first post about icons being messed up. where does it go when the web menu is down and u press it again??

    @brian123 u hafta make ur own =P theres a PSD in the theme folder in the icons folder called 0maker.psd, its includes all the existing icons so u have something to base it off of. if u dont have photoshop i gess ur screwed or get gimp which is almost as bad as being screwed (gimp sux)

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    THANKS waiting for iphone version

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    @PhanaticD When I hit the tab again nothing happens. Well, the tab gets kind of grey for a second then does nothing. I will try what you said and let you know. Thanks.

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    PhanaticD, here's some screenshots. The dock and home, web, system jumps are fine, but the tabs aren't.
    As for the categories, when I reach 15 apps in Apps 1, I continue placing in Apps 2. Do I place the folder "Apps 2" into the Apps 1 folder so that I can click it when I want to see past the 15 apps?

    EDIT: sorry, I forgot to re-orientate the pictures
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -img_0213.png   -img_0214.png   -img_0215.png   -img_0216.png   -img_0217.png   -img_0218.png   -img_0219.png  
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    feelingleftout that means its just jumping to the page its currnetly on

    levy devy, thats realyy ****** up haha wtf that doesnt even make sense 0.o try using iconoclasm 1.3 instead of i think 1.4 is the newest one

    the categories are all set up, all u hafta do is add apps. u tap the arrow to get to apps 2. u tap home to get to home, and u tap the ubuntu to see my message

    categoriesSB is a lil buggy tho so if everything disappaers just press home and reopen the category and things will be fine

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    If I understand iPhone version will be in this wendesday

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    yeh im gonna work on it now

    iphone release, i lied about wednesday
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