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Thread: [BETA Release] Ubuntu Ultimate V3

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    Hmm. I have it installed(springjumps) an all of the "jumps" work. Like web. I can go to the web and tap on system and it still works. Maybe one of my cydia apps are makin in do that. Any suggestions?

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    well according to ur screenshots its not on the first page. and the first page uses the default set that comes with springjumps from cydia. maybe they got deleted? try reinstalling it (springjumps)

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    Well, I reinstalled springjumps. Then I reinstalled ubuntu.... It came up with an error- it said something like it couldn't find libhide or no apps are deleted. Do you need the whole debug log? Maybe that's it. But the first page is okay, but some have icons all over the place....

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    no thats jsut a warning thats fine. as long as it installed/returned 0

    ok uhmm theres probly some random app in the menu bar. usually its voice memos because i manually removed that from my own ipod and its *** and pops up there. so just get rid of that and put the jumps where its gotta be, trust me if one thing is in the menu bar everything will look ****** up

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    It installed with 0. I will try deleting voice memos....

    It works! I deleted voice memos(using sbsettings). But when I was in sbsettings I saw that some things like apps 1, web1 and 2, and system 1 and 2 were unchecked. I turned them to on, resprung, and re-ran springback, and it worked! Is there any easy way to move the icons around?
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    Ok. I can do that

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    there will be another update coming soon thanks to fastflame

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    Haha awesome, glad I could help out!

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    actually im just gonna wait till the final release, nobody comments on this thread anymore so HA =P

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    Hell, I am stuck at an unjailbroken 3gs. Otherwise, I definately would be commenting on the thread. I'll tell you what though, as soon as I figure out a way to jailbreak 3.1.3, I definately will download your theme. Looks wicked cool!

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    PhanaticD (2010-04-27)

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    thanks. final version will be a paid by donation theme

    okay 50 cents for early access to the repo one week only. just donate and i think i get ur email? idk i have recieved no donations otherwise. .
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    What's new in final version

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    I donated. You will get the money via paypal. Check your e-mail!

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    cool things, im not done with it yet.

    thanks for the donation i forgot i hafta link to the bank account to accept money tho =/ so it will be like 1 or 2 days yet

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    I donated Check your e-mail!

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    Phanatic, is this still only compatible with iconoclasm 1.3?

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    yuppers. uhmm i just turned 18 so im working on getting my checking account so i can verify paypal so it might be a little while yet
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    Wow, a youngen

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