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Thread: Eight OS

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    " are we there yet?..are we there yet?..are we there yet?."

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    Quote Originally Posted by metaserph View Post
    " are we there yet?..are we there yet?..are we there yet?."
    Ha ha. Not quite, Im at work right now. Will hopefully not be too tired when I get home.

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    Ha ha ha, same anticipation here...tomorrow is today. What should I be watching, this thread, my email, or both?

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    Not where I am, It is still Friday for 5 more minutes. Literally working on the install info now. Once it is good enough I will upload then email out.

    Check your inboxes. Beta 1 has launched!
    1:25am here, im off to sleep. Work tomorrow.....
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    please post screenshots of the beta.

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    Im forcing myself away from my computer now as my fiance needs to sleep to. Im sure the rest of the testers will post screens as they go...


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    I loaded it up and it works like a charm no flaws as of yet looks awesome!

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    I've made the donation but haven't received my copy, I thought it was released today?

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    it was ill check on it when he gets on

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    okay so im kinda lost... on the pdf instruction on iconoclasm it is telling me to set Ptest1 as my uniform layout and page 1 as eight os menu nav and Eight Os Pages on the rest but i do not have Ptest1, eight os menu nav and eight os pages as a layout. what i have is eight os 3x3 layout, eight os categories, eight os sb pages, eight os widget + app layout, eight os widget + menu layout, and eight os widget layout...

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    awesome ness abiout to download

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    pick widget+menu as the overall one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas Knight View Post
    pick widget+menu as the overall one
    so use widget+menu as uniform layout? then what do i use for page 1 and the rest up to page 11? also how do i change the weather to fahrenheit

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    ssh in and go to the themes folder and you will see weather widget.

    also use the sb pages for the rest of the pages except page one

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    alright looks like i got everything to work, and i like it so far (thanks nick!). Anyway I was wondering where did you guys place your phone, text and mail icons? Ones that you use frequently. I placed mine inside the menu folder but then i realized i will not be able to tell how many mails or miss calls that I received...

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    Go to your categories folder options and select cumulitive badges

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    Just a thought:
    what about making the menu button a spring jump. I'm thinking make it function like a pop out menu like in the leopard and ubuntu themes?

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    You mean a stack? That's already in the works. Just need to figure out the symantics if it

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