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Thread: Evolution OS by blue

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    Thanks blue feel free to use them anyway you like. I'm still pretty sore I'm going to rest for awhile then I will get back at it again

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    @blue -> ich werde es ueberpruefen. Gebe dir bescheid!

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    @Bluemetal first and foremost the theme is AWESOME. I think that for the final version there should be a way to navigate through the pages without having to swipe through. And maybe a second set of icons for each app(for people who'd like to utilize categories more.) And I know you've probably tried to cutdown on ram usage but thats another big issue that determines whether or not someone uses a theme.


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    @bluemetal kann es sein, dass das categories-Icon falsche Maße hat? Es sieht zumindest anders aus als die anderen :-)
    und: kann es sein, dass das iconoclasm Layout auf max. 4 Icons untereinander beschränkt ist?
    das minimal-theme war schon klasse aber evolution ist perfekt :-) freue mich auf den Lockscreen und das lockinfo- layout

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    @ Franklinromeo hey friend I use catergories with this what I do is I made one icon then I put my 4 other catergories in that folder so I open the main one then choose 1 of the four that is inside of it like games media web and system. Works real well that way you only use 1 icon from this theme. And about the ram issue if you use the liveclock or digital clock or both lol that I posted on page 16 then the ram issue and lag goes away. Just some ideas that might help ya

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    Quote Originally Posted by franklinromeo View Post
    @Bluemetal first and foremost the theme is AWESOME. I think that for the final version there should be a way to navigate through the pages without having to swipe through.
    i loved the idea of this theme, but didnt like the idea of infiniboard and scrolling through everything, and dont particularly like categories. so made my own springjump mod. Sorry, blue, not trying to hijack. but maybe gives you some ideas for a inav type version of blue?
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    [QUOTE=holdemdogg;5182568]OK guys I think I got them done

    Digital Clock first

    I included a new Clock.png also


    1.Got into the Evolution OS Beta 2 file and delete the library folder. Make a backup first incase you dont like it.Make sure your are in the Evolution OS Beta 2 folder do not delete the library folder in the main directory this will make your phone unusable.
    2.Unzip the digital evolution file and copy the widget.html overwritng the other one in the evolution folder.
    3.Copy the Clock.png into the icon folder overwritng the other one
    4.Respring your done

    Should look like this

    No Seconds Hand

    What this does is make the world clock not draw the images for the second there for cutting down on some memory and lag.

    Thank you it definitely fixed the lag.

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    Post up your version please

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    Theme is very very good, and please icon for Apps, Informant and DocsToGo, thank you !

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    Default My Lockscreen
    I know you probably working on a lockscreen but heres my version I wont post the file incase you want to use it in the final version. I made a lockscreenhtml so it will look like the home screen and used info lock with blue headers.Use clockhide to hide the stock time and date Made the image at the bottom to look like a icon and removed the slide to unlock text. One thing about it is I cant get the battery to show when charging not a big deal to me but might be to some still working on that part. All the headers are collapsible of course just wanted to show all them.

    The lock itself moves when you slide it

    Still needs a little tweaking but here it is

    I hope you like it

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    Looks awsome but if you ask me tap to unlock would LOOK better, but with tap to unlock it can be a pain lol looks good so far love the idea of using part of theme itself to make the lockscreen I'd use it lol not with lockinfo tho

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    I was thinking maybe loosing lock info and put a picture in the top portion like make a template then users can add their own pic??

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    I got the lockscreen working but can't seem to get a background lol what do you add to the widget to include lockbackground.png

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    I hope you understand I can't release it yet incase blue uses it in the final version since your the first to show in it soon as I get a few bugs out of the script I'll pm you a copy so you can like beta test it

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    Thanks, I renamed the widget to lockscreen but only the time and date apear no background lol

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    Yea theres a few more things that have to be wrote in to get it to show.

    Heres what i was refering to as putting in your own pic just grabbed these off my pc real quick

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    Wow that looks ace!

    Could you help with my problem or do I have to wait for you to release your ls?

    Sorry I forgot you said I could beta test once you fixed
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    Default my version of a dialer
    Same as other just given some ideas wont post anything till blue says ok

    This is why it has test acrossed it

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    T H A T is a nice dialer! very clean! love it

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    Very Nice hold'em. I had to work on easter all days so i found no time for anything. I will continue working on evolution tomorrow and then take a look at all the very fine things you have made.

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