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Thread: Work in Progress: Zun3

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    Default Work in Progress: Zun3
    I have always started working on themes, got lazy/hit something that would make the entire theme pointless. So anyway, i noticed that people were always making Zune HD themes, or later zune themes. What i really wanted was a theme from the eariler, 30 GB zune. So this is my most recent attempt, and from what i have done so far, (which believe me, isn't much) its going very well.

    to do list:
    •Make custom icons
    •remove the magnifying glass thing that represents the search page
    •find a better default wallpaper
    •imply everyone's suggestions into the theme, if realistic
    •get "favorites" working. this all depends if someone can tell me how to duplicate icons.

    So if you have any comments or suggestions, just reply and tell me what you think!

    Keep in mind that this is an extremely early, alpha screenshot.
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    cant wait to see how ti turns out

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    Hmm, actually, first gen. Zune was pretty cool lol
    anyway, have ya tried to copy the specific app's folder tha you want to have in favorites? I mean, you have to copy the whole folder of an app in Applications folder.. Or whereve these appstore apps are actually stored.

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    but woudnt that mean duplicating the app? if you had a 100MB app, why would anyone want it taking up 200MB? but anyway thanks for the advice. when i i get home in a little bit i had a little idea i thought of that im going to work on, regarding custom icons and page backgrounds.

    also, iPod is to be added on iPod touch.

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    Yeah, that would definately duplicate the app, far as I know, it's the only way..

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    did u stop ur landscape nxe theme

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    dudee did u search?? i wrote a GUIDE on duplicating apps lol

    Duplication guide

    and for getting rid of the search icon.. its SBSearchPageIndicator.png and SBSearchPageIndicatorCurrent.png in

    and do userwallpaper but include a bunch with the theme i say 0.o cuz i think on that zune it let u pick the wallpaper
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    bookmarked. have stuff to do for now, i will probably resume progress near the end of the week. that doesnt mean you all cant keep this thread alive and post suggestions though.

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    how in the flying heck did you get all those apps close to another on top of the page like that?

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    iconoclasm and smaller icon sizes.

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    is it just me or should the text in the screenshot be slightly bigger? or maybe bolder? or maybe down more?

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    well yea if ur gonna make a zune theme u should probably do how it is =P

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    lol, i can say that this probably isn't a very use-able theme.

    if it's based off of something that was originally intended not to be touch screen friendly, forcing it to fit that user interface could be messy

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    well i was considering for that reason making the text a bit bigger, so the icons will be easier to use, but i was still hoping to make it smaller then zune HD themes. I will be posting my concept some time at the very most by the end of the week.

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