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Thread: [RELEASE MyPad

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    Default [RELEASE MyPad
    [SIZE="5"]CYDIA RELEASE ROUND 2!!! Due to the corrupted files I didn't know about, I had to take it down and re-submit. I've downloaded and tested both and the widgets are now WORKING!!![SIZE]

    UPDATE!!! Scroll down for the Calculator screen shots and link.

    First off! Special HUMUNGOUS shout outs to the following individuals:

    Zausser - if it wasn't for your Carbon theme, this journey would have never happened! And thank you for your support and motivation! This would never have materialized without that extra push. Thanks man... YOU rock!
    k.nitsua - for your themes! They were awe inspiring when I first jailbroke my phone and was looking for that "theme".
    ibnyaffa - for the Calendar, Clock, and Weather widgets.
    adlyr - I don't know where to start. Too many to mention, but mostly for the d-pad, those countless emails, your inputs, and being there for me.
    Chris and Monty - without you guys where will I be? Thank you for being there and just being oh so patient with a noob. I still am a noob... thank you for those countless PM's and 101's.
    iphonerookie and Scotty P - one of my first few friends in this forum. Rook - thank you for letting me skin your SCPro mod. Hope you like what you see. I should've kept iPad, but I don't want any heat from Apple even though I was the one who publicized it first. Anyway, you have helped me a whole lot more on some "STUFF"! Thank you. Scotty, you gonna mod this right? Anyway bro', you will be big in this community. Just keep those ideas rolling!
    Vansmak - for the name suggestion!
    Beta Tester - Chris, Monty, adlyr, iphonerookie, Slate004, ColbyClark, and Scotty P. Thank you all for your honest and humbling opinions.

    If I forget anyone, so sorry and PM me, I will update this post to add you.

    Well, here it is. It is my very first theme, my very first “beyond” basic, but not advanced Photoshop, and it used to be called iPad for those who don't know!

    This is a 1-page theme. Special attention is made on the Media folder. It is organized as so to eliminate having folders in the main page outside of the Dock (non-Infinidock support), or having any Applications scattered in one Media folder without any means of organization. All main folders are accessible from the Dock while in another folder… this gives a feel of being able to jump from one folder to another… almost as if having SpringJumps, but in 1-page form. Although there is an option if any of you do not like the Media folder set-up.

    This is a full theme with the exception of the calculator and keyboard. I will be doing an update with the calculator in conjunction with the Cydia release some time in May 2010. There are LockInfo and SnowCoverPro images included for those who have them. This release is a primary support to FCSB/FiveIRows/iBlanks.

    The Package is called "MyPackage" and it includes:

    - MyPad Theme!
    - BossPaper Folders to be used as rotating, or pick and choose your own background
    - iPod "fixed" icons for the d-pad inside "MyPod" Folder
    - Options Folder
    - SBSettings Folder
    - TTF Droid Sans

    Options Folder includes:

    - AltIcons for those who dislikes the "text" Launch Icons
    - Iconoclasm support! "My-conoclasm" .plist included
    - Infinidock support! For those who may dislike the Media Folder organization
    - PSD's for your own customization

    Infinidock Support includes:

    - New "Folders" to replace the original Folders
    - 8 Dock Icons so you can access each Categories SB Folders from the Dock with Hidden Dock OFF

    PSD Folders includes:

    - non-action "bezel" icon to match the AltIcon
    - background for Categories SB so you can change the Wallpaper background matching your color of choice
    - original Dock Icons + Infinidock Option Icons so you can change the glow or gradient
    - Launch Icons so you can create your own "text" icons
    - MORE icon - Media Folder support. If you like the Media Folder or don't use Infinidock, this .psd will help you customize how you wanna name the MORE folder
    - Settings so you can change the color in the center matching your color choice for the Wallpaper

    Main page shows the options you can do with this theme. You can use the original set-up with Five-Icon Dock with the original Dock (with a cutout for BossPaper or any other colored Wallpaper). Or for Infinidock users, you can use the Image Icons with the Infinidock Dock Option. You can also use the Infinidock Options for a Five-Icon Dock (non-Infinidock users). Be aware Infinidock users - if you are settled with the Media-style organization and are using the original Dock Icons and Dock. there is a little discrepancy on the spacing between icons 2 and 3. That isn't my fault for this is originally designed with Five-Icon Dock and FiveIRows. VERY MINOR!!! . Notice the Safari (Globe image)... the middle one is the option. I hope it's centered correctly.

    Imaged Launch Icons and text Launch Icons. Mix and match to your specifics! Whether you go with the original Dock and Dock Icons set-up or with the Infinidock Options, it's your choice!!!

    UI galore!!! I'm not sure how many, but I did almost every single folder I felt needed a "face lift" of some sort. Over 500 imamges according to Chris - and I still added close to or just a bit over a hundred after his post. I'm still looking into adding a few more... calculator not included, YET!

    LockInfo and SnowCoverPro weren't left out. Thanks to Zausser's ZX, which truly inspired me to do those as well. Only if the keyboard was as easy as 1, 2, 3... I could've done that as well to present a very complete theme, but I had to stop somewhere or I will never get done!

    This is the only update MyPad will have... and this completes my list.

    A lot of hours are put into this theme and had great results on the overall beta testing, so I hope the community is happy with what I have delivered. If not, then I apologize for being a noob, a first time themer, who lacks the knowledge in all directions. I can only learn from this and be a better themer in the future... that's if I decide to continue this time consuming hobby. Now for the Legal…


    By downloading this file and SSH’ing it to your device, you are agreeing to the following:

    - MyPad and its images are for use on your iDevice.
    - You have the right to modify any contents for your personal use.
    - All postings of any modifications can only be posted in both Macciti and Modmyi forums in its respective threads.
    - Any modifications to make this a better theme must be shared and approved by me prior to your posting.
    - Any approved modifications will be added to the original file to be shared with everyone.
    - The use of MyPad or any of its images/contents cannot be used in any theme release/modification without the proper
    authorization of its creators.


    I will only do request from whatever is in the PSD package for any non-PS users! I will not change all the colors in the UI's to match the PSD. Please understand that any request of changing the colors in the UI will take a lot of time and it's almost like doing a brand new theme. This is already a free theme as it is. Sorry for sounding so rude, but try to understand the situation.

    This is a free theme even though 99% of the work was done by yours truly. However, if you wish to contribute to my hard work, the link is in my signature.

    I now present to you my very first theme...

    New download link includes Calculator > MyPackage.rar

    For those who are just waiting for the Calculator to be added in their MyPad theme, here is the link.


    Optional LockBackgrond (plain background for non-LockInfo users) - copy image below and ssh to replace original

    For those who have downloaded the previous links - here is the link for the PSD (Settings included)


    For Cydia downloaders only.

    Once you have set-up MyPad in your device and the AppStore icons did not theme at all, please download iWipeCache in Cydia. Then run it, it should clean up any "dirt" for your AppStore apps to theme.

    I'm sorry for having the set-ups as .rar files. I can't get a good image with clear instructions. If you don't have any programs that unzip files, please e-mail me. My contact is in Cydia - MyPad theme and I will e-mail it to you as soon as I can.Set-up PDF downloads: *** I messed up on the InfiniDock set-up, there are some things that are missing in it, so you will need to download the 5-Icon Dock as well if you are not an Iconoclasm user.***

    MyPad 5-Icon Dock

    MyPad InfiniDock
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -edacfc3f.jpg  
    Last edited by gundom; 2010-04-23 at 12:20 AM. Reason: Release

    Twitter: gundom66

    MyPad and Special Darque are free themes. A little thank you with the "Thank You" button is sufficient. No donations necessary...

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    Definatelu gonna use this theme

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    I gave up to read everything LOL. But good work.

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    very nice for a firsty. the general concept is nice, but i personally think that icons should have some kind of image on them.

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    Well look who stopped by and posted a preview thread. Good to see you at MMI.

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    gundom (2010-03-19)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikesmasher View Post
    very nice for a firsty. the general concept is nice, but i personally think that icons should have some kind of image on them.
    Thank you so far for the positive response. I'm working on the "auto-gen" so there will be an option to those who wants the actual app images on the Launch icons. If I can't get it to theme right, then I'm gonna need someone to do it for me... or else the release will just have the "text" Launch icons.

    By the way, this is a 1-page theme.

    Quote Originally Posted by zausser View Post
    Well look who stopped by and posted a preview thread. Good to see you at MMI.
    Thanks Z! It's almost done man. I think. I found a few images that didn't theme the way I thought it would. You weren't kidding when you said that it's a lot of work.
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    awesome work!
    My Themes

    HTC HD2 HTC 1 HTC Sensation

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    looks great. some alt icons so ipod users could install would be appreciated. and i like the remote feel to it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluemetal View Post
    I gave up to read everything LOL.
    Me too lol
    Quote Originally Posted by lolcats1 View Post
    some alt icons so ipod users could install would be appreciated. and i like the remote feel to it
    Agree with cats.. Like the remote look and as I have a iPod Touch for themes I would like to see a iPod version also upon release..

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    One thing I'm not sure of is which icon to replace the Phone icon on the d-pad for you iPod users. I would like to keep the placement for the MMS, Mail, and iPod as is, however, I'm sure that different individuals would like to have something different on their d-pad. So the only way to do this is to make a request after release. I will try to create "STOCK" apps only in a separate "iPod Folder" after the initial release. I will also try to have 4 different placements for each STOCK iPod apps. The only issue I see doing it this way is the Cydia/Rock release. It has to be a specific icon to replace the Phone icon for an iPod release. The separate iPod Folder idea will only support those SSH'ers. I still have a lot to do, so I don't wanna worry too much on this issue until I release the iPhone version. This issue is something I've been debating in my head for quite some time since I didn't ORIGINALLY planned for an iPod version... but it will be great to HAVE BOTH versions.

    And for you non-readers (j/k), it's good to read the whole thing so you know where I'm coming from and how much more I have to do, or maybe comment on the other "options" in mind. But it's all good. I'm that way sometimes. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by gundom View Post
    One thing I'm not sure of is which icon to replace the Phone icon on the d-pad for you iPod users. I would like to keep the placement for the MMS, Mail, and iPod as is,
    are the icons on the d-pad part of the background? or is it a blank d-pad, with white icons that we move over ourselves?

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    The d-pad is blank, just like the Loading screen. I had to move the icons around the canvas to get it in the right position. So I move, I ssh, I move, I ssh... Until I get it in the right position. So if I do release an iPod version, I have to do the above sequence a number of times to each dpad position for all of the stock iPod icons. If you don't follow the placement on the icons you see currently on the d-pad, the alignment will be off.

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    Welcome to MMi ^_^

    Great theme for a first!

    Cool idea with the d-pad. I suggest elaborating it a little more and incorporating it cleverly in other aspects of the theme. Not in the EXACT same way, hence the word "cleverly" ^_^

    Quote Originally Posted by gundom View Post
    And this is where it all started... <_<

    I really liked this image. You should make this an alternate choice.
    Last edited by k.nitsua; 2010-03-20 at 09:32 AM.
    #eli7e revived me

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    Quote Originally Posted by gundom View Post

    The name MyPad came about after being referred by one of the members at Macciti (I hope it's okay to mention it - it's where I started about 5-6 months ago).
    its ok to mention it bro, they are not as insecure over here.
    anyway, this is how the name came about. and for the record i think mypad is better then ipad.

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    gundom, if you hadnt named this iPad I wouldve never stumbled in here, this is great suff! props to you ans I cant wait to use this theme. Call it MyPad. -Vansmak

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    looks really nice man excellent job i agree about hte icons i prefer images in icons, though i understand why they are just words with the whole remote idea behind it. unfortunately i've never been a big one page theme person, but this does look really nice to let you know also i'm thinking you should work on the plus and minus buttons on the phone dialer you should make them flow smooth with the call button

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    I just finish all of the UI's this morning. Now for some clean up. Yes the dialer needs some clean up. I've been telling myself to do something with the +/-, along with the Call button. I also finished the MMS section as well, but haven't tested it yet. I'm hoping that I did it right. I still can't get to theme the auto-gens at all. I'm gonna need to ask for some help from someone.

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    Well I'd be happy to try to make them for you if you send me the icon psd I got auto create working for my newesttheme so I'd be happy to try todo yours

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    is it just me or do the icons in the categories look like quick access icons in zausser's theme "x"? anyway, great theme looks really sleek

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    It's a bit the same but a bit different. Before he previewed his, I had already set mine up... Though without any previews. When he did preview it, I was a bit shocked to see the similarities. I didn't know what he had planned and mine is completely off of a "remote" like idea. The "Launch" icons I posted was the original design from 12/2009 - 2 weeks before Z posted his WIP. It's been changed and I scrapped the Bank Gothic Fonts even though Z permitted me. But it's still "TEXT" icons. I'm working on an auto-gen as an "option" for those who likes image icons. The only problem is that I won't be able to provide "action psd" for I don't know how to create one. I can only provide the png for the bezel and you just have to do it manually - drag the unthemed app, put behind the bezel, center it as much as you can, and save. That's the best that I can provide.

    Santa, I'll pm you what I have by tomorrow.

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