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Thread: [RELEASE MyPad

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    To all iPod users who would like to use this theme when released... The replacement for the Phone is going to be YouTube. I will be including it with the iPhone release so there won't be any issues for a Cydia/Rock release.

    BTW, for those who are scratching their heads on the world image in the middle of the dpad... It's Safari.

    <<auto-merged section below>>

    A minor screenshot on the auto-gens update with the uncleaned page. Still needs to change the background so don't bicker on the bleeding widgets and font color for the Title.

    Side by side with the remote Launch icons.

    And how it looks if they are all images. Very simple, not too overpowering, and keeps the exact same bezel design as the Launch icons.

    So just a couple of shots to see the difference on the "remote" look and your normal "image" look. For the remote Launch icons, the fonts are not what you see. I'm no longer sporting the Bank Gothic Z permitted me to use.

    For those who don't know... note that the MacMan app did not theme. This is also true with the Stock apps that are not part of the the Main page (the d-pad page). So I have to theme the Stock and any Cydia/Rock apps I currently have and placed in an Icon Option folder.

    Also, to re-iterate that one of the bigger option is for you iPod users. The replacement for the Phone icon is YouTube. Sorry, I had to make a decision on this and I believe it is a wise one. This is just to make it easier for a Cydia/Rock release.

    Thanks all to adlyr from Macciti once again - I believe he is a member here as well - and he is also responsible for the d-pad. anyway, I had my AppIconMask backwards! I didn't follow the directions correctly provided by k.nitsua. Sorry man... LOL... but it is now fixed.
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    The only TGIF with your auto ones is you don't have the highlight over them I think you should put it I know not all icons use the highlight but I know k has a way to make them all use it I think it has to do with the mask

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    Omg i love this theme. ive been looking for somthing simple like this for a while an gave up. this one i really wanna try.

    A suggetion for ipod touch users with this them is changing the phone icon with maybe a music icon or safari.

    cannot wait for this to be released.

    Beyond the Grave

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    Just to let you know what icons are in the dpad: mms (left), iPod (top), email (right), and the center (or the globe) is Safari. The only possible solution for an iPod support is to replace the phone (bottom of dpad) with YouTube. So don't worry about the Music and Safari... They're already covered.

    Anyway, the clean is almost done and the only thing I need to start on are the SBSetting. And calculator. Yrs you read that right. It looks like I am going to tackle the calculator and have it ready for release. (crosses fingers). For a first time themer and photoshopper, this is gonna be pretty big! and to let you in on a little something, I got so tired of looking at the brown and yellow notepad that I even changed the colors on those!

    BTW, is anyone living in the Bay Area running ibnyaffa's weather widgets having trouble with the weather working? I also noticed that the LockInfo is also messed up. I also tried a different theme (ZX) and the weather isn't working at all.

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    Dude this looks very cool! Can't wait for the release!

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    Looks great! You have done a very nice job so far. When do you expect to be finished with this?

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    I'm in the cleaning stages right now. I'm trying to put as much time as I can to get this cleaned up. About 3 to 4 more folders, redo the text on the icons and do the option icons before I package it for beta testing. I told my testers that it will probably be sometime next week for them to get an email with a link... The pre-beta has been tested by adlyr and gave me his inputs on a few things. A couple of areas that I can't get to theme right are the caps for the volume in the mediaplayer. Even though I'm using the exact gradients for the fill, the caps are coming out brighter. The dividers for some areas are coming out stock blue and I thought I had themed every single divider, but I guess not. And the FeaturedSelected for the AppStore is still coming out stock blue. All "selected" images have been touched and still no luck. Maybe the more experienced themers who are beta testing this will be able to inform me of what is going on. Then while in beta, I will be doing the SBSettings and calculator. I'm expecting beta to be a fast one. The problem is my time, but lets all hope it will be out a week after the iPad release. That is my target date - in hopes that I can add the calculator along with it. SBSettings for sure, but unsure about the calculator. Worse comes to worse, I either do an update for the calculator or move it back another week or 2 from the 10th. So no later than the 25th of April. I still have to do the set up for the release so there are still a lot of work that needs to be done outside of the main work.

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    Looking Good man.
    Hmm..releasing the origional dpad image(with 90% opacity)That k.Nitsua suggested, may be an interesting idea.

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    Looks good. You may try chroming out your "Loading" text like you did on your dialer. Good work!

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    Oh lord!!! This clean is really too much! Actually, I'm too much! Too picky that is. But the good is that I FINISHED THE SBSETTINGS IN 2 HOURS THIS MORNING!!! I don't know if that is goo or bad, but being a first timer is such a huge accomplishment for me. I found a couple more folders thy need an overhaul. And the dialer is really ticking me off! There goes my picky self again.

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    I got a very good review on the Beta. However, I'm still shooting anywhere between April 10 and 24 for the release. I may or may not include the Calculator at this point because I want this to be a good release. I'm working on a "surprise" to be included in an Options folder. Basically, all the options will be in that folder including the AltIcons some have mentioned I should include. I finally learned how to do it right with this very little knowledge I have in my head, so I'm happy with the results on the AltIcons. There will be goodies included at release along with the Options folder... And this is the screen shot for those who likes images instead of text... and it's the final "auto-gen" that will be included in the release.

    Anyway, going back to the "surprise", it's something I needed to do due to a concern from one of the beta testers who would rather have this with SpringJumps. It won't have SpringJumps since this IS a 1-page design. However, this surprise solves the issue he had. Just you wait...

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    I'm ahead of schedule, but I am going to make sure that I have all of my grounds covered. I'm giving myself until the 24th, or at least that's my set date. However, there may be a HUGE possibility that I will release this within 2 weeks with or without the calculator. Once I feel good about the package and the presentation, I will be changing this thread to Release!

    I was originally working on 2 themes these past 5 weeks - trying to finish this and a new theme on the horizon. But after a very minor concern at beta testing, I had implemented what I've incorporated from the future theme to this... DIG THIS COMMUNITY, and any other lurkers who got the tweet earlier:

    - This will be released as a primary support to FCSB/FiveIRows/iBlanks
    - This is a 1-Page theme
    - Dock Navigation with thought-out organization giving you a feel of using SpringJumps while in the Main Folders

    The Package is called "MyPackage" and will include:

    - MyPad Theme!
    - BossPaper Folders to be used as rotating, or pick and choose your own background
    - iPod "fixed" icons for the d-pad inside "MyPod" Folder
    - Options Folder
    - SBSettings Folder
    - TTF Droid Sans

    Options Folder includes:

    - AltIcons for those who dislikes the "text" Launch Icons
    - Iconoclasm support! "My-conoclasm" .plist included
    - Infinidock support! For those who may dislike the Media Folder organization
    - PSD's for your own customization

    Infinidock Support includes:

    - New "Folders" to replace the original Folders
    - 8 Dock Icons so you can access each Categories SB Folders from the Dock with Hidden Dock OFF

    PSD Folders includes:

    - non-action "bezel" icon to match the AltIcon
    - background for Categories SB so you can change the Wallpaper background matching your color of choice
    - original Dock Icons + Infinidock Option Icons so you can change the glow or gradient
    - Launch Icons so you can create your own "text" icons
    - MORE icon - Media Folder support. If you like the Media Folder or don't use Infinidock, this .psd will help you customize how you wanna name the MORE folder
    - Settings so you can change the color in the center matching your color choice for the Wallpaper

    There you go! The surprise is OUT and the GOODIES are in!!! It's almost giving 4 months of work for free. Wait this theme is for FREE!!!
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    Update on the first post!!!

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    No longer a MacCiti weekend exclusive. I now bring to you my very first theme. Check out the first post for the official release!


    It looks like the editing of the Title did not change at all. It still says Preview...

    I need a favor to those who have downloaded this or is going to download. First off, thank you for trying it out. However, I have a friend here at work who thinks the instructions are confusing. Please, if you find this to be true, post it in here and I will do my best to guide you with the least headache. Though I'm a bit puzzled because I went through with this with a couple of people with a pre-beta to test out both the theme and the instructions and everything was corrected to make it as easy and as understandable as possible. Even after the beta release, my testers didn't find it confusing. Slate004 even said that the instructions are a breeze. I'm just concerned because I wanted to make sure that the instructions are easy enough to understand when I release this in Cydia. Instructions will be posted in here as PDF's for both 5-icon dock and Infinidock releases. iPod Cydia release maybe just a tad bit longer...

    * Calculator
    * 5-Icon and Infinidock Release (FCSB/FiveIrow/iBlanks only)
    * My-conoclasm .plist (Iconoclasm support)
    * MyPod

    That's the sequence for Cydia release once the Calculator update is posted. Calculator is coming soon!
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    nice i changed the title for u

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    Dude..I dunno what to say.
    Words can't describe how awesome this is. Like I think this is the ultimate theme in my eyes. Fantastic work man!
    Definetly needs to be theme of the week .

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    I honestly don't think this is capable of being the theme of the week or on any other week compared to all the great themes that are in this forum. I don't have a graphically inclined theme to even have that kind of status. I do thank you for thinking of my theme that way. I truly appreciate
    it. I'm trying to learn from everyone so I can produce a much better looking theme next time.

    <double-post merge>

    I know that the initial color packaging is very "dark". And that is pretty much how most remote controls are like. Greyish to Black with very little colors on the buttons. A good example is the Harmony One where it is just gloss black with white letterings. Colors are available on icons, depending on what you choose, but mainly, it's black. This theme was based on that certain look... with an iRemote feel to it. And that is why the packaging includes options for it to be personalized whatever the user wishes within the packaging.

    With the PSD's included, a PS user can maximize personalization by changing the colors, gradients, glow of the provided icons - both original and optional. I will start off the screen shots on a couple of colors. All done through iFile here at work, so I can't really change the glow and gradient of the icons, but it gives you an idea of what you can do... PS user or not.

    This is with the wallpaper changed to Red with the optional Dock and Icons.

    With the original Dock and Dock Icons.

    You can even do it with the original Dock Icons and optional Dock.

    If I had access to PS right now, the 3rd image would've had a red glow around the cutout instead of the white.

    Now with Blue.

    Again, I could've changed the glow in the icons to match the wallpaper if I wish. Or mainly change the Red center of the Settings button to Blue.

    This image shows the fixed wallpaper for the Categories background. You can still see either the BossPaper or a different colored Wallpaper through the cutout Dock Icons. If you do not want to use a fixed background, just modify it in the provided PSD... just be adviced that the widgets will be seen behind the icons. But I can suggest that you can change the color of the fixed wallpaper since a BossPaper folder has been provided as well.

    So just a few examples for the community. Hope you like some of the options provided. And to those who are using this theme. I thank you all for giving it a try.

    Please post some screen shots of your set-up and let the community see for themselves that they aren't stuck with just a "dark grey" theme.
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    UPDATE IN THE FIRST POST!!! Including an "additional" DISCLAIMER... but I will grant the 2 requests that came before the disclaimer. It will just take some time.

    Twitter: gundom66

    MyPad and Special Darque are free themes. A little thank you with the "Thank You" button is sufficient. No donations necessary...

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    Yet another update!!! This time, it has been released in Cydia. See first post for all the release!

    Okay guys! I FOUND THE CULPRIT!!! Thanks to adlyr for finding the issue. Anyway, before I packaged for Cydia, I re-downloaded something Friday night that didn't do a thing when I first downloaded the weekend before. I accidentally deleted the file and when I redownloaded it, the configureme.JS in that download CORRUPTED ANY EXISTING CONFIGUREME.JS I HAVE IN MY PC!!! My theme and other themes! So I have made corrections for the download links and will update Cydia when I get back home tonight from work.

    The corruption may just be random... unfortunately, it happened to me. The new download link has been posted. And Cydia will be updated on or before the weekend - with explanation!!!
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    MyPad and Special Darque are free themes. A little thank you with the "Thank You" button is sufficient. No donations necessary...

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    Aww its off Cydia. I was home converting it into "iPod Friendly" by SSH'ing the names of Textfree into Messaging, iCall into Phone, and Music into iPod, but I accidentally screwed up and had to delete the whole thing of my iPod, then when i looked to re-download it from Cydia, it wasn't there... Now im going to be without a computer until Friday and no way to repair my now crappy looking springboard.

    When you say widgets were corrupted, did you mean the Clock, Weather and Date things cuse they didnt work for me.

    All in general, I love this theme, cant wait for it to re-launch in Cydia.

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