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Thread: [Release] Snow Leopard Portrait

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    did it again this is what happened
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    can't see the pics

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    i also have a folder when i ssh called webkit should i delete that or something?

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    your missing files. I don't see the Macintosh HD. Re-install the files in Application folder again.

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    no i have it. its on the homescreen everything alright now for the names coming up twice

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    the Macintosh HD is on every page not just the main one. your missing files... and your missing files on the main page to...looks like you didn't install the fils in the right place

    do me a favor and turn off leopard main and take pics of the pages
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    o ok i know what i did wrong with that one i put the folder in there instead of the stuff inside the folder

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    Quote Originally Posted by ofm05 View Post
    The reason i don't have so many 2 3s is because when your on a finder page you just hit the red button to close it, but hey you can do what you want with it. Just saying your going to confuse who are trying to follow the instructions.
    Oh yea, you are right, I might have to go back and add those back in

    I totally forget that


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    before using springback

    after using springback

    with the theme on

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    Ur missing cydia

    Voice memos too
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    ^ is this theme pretty easy to set up? i mean i have the instructions and all and i guess im just intimidated . i have a 2g and i haven't seen anyone try it on a 2g so i wanna give it a go? wish me luck!!

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    lol ok i added them now

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    if anyone can post a vid or screnies of how to set this theme up it would be great! i will try this though based on the instructions

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJ23isback View Post
    lol ok i added them now

    Did you respring again? Also you have another code that is causing the conflict look for it there is no reason you should be able to see the labels and also make sure you turn off page labels inside the springjumps app

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    Is there a way I can use te stock lockscreen or perhaps have like a "guest" login name? I don't have Photoshop nor have skills for it. Any help is greatly appreciated! Awesome theme by the way!!

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    yeah don't click the lockscreen inside winterboard and you will keep the stocked on

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    MJ23isback turn off icon labels in winterboard.
    Quote Originally Posted by eniNg View Post

    1. Looking for icon psd. Want to make icon for videos app, VLC.
    2. How to fix this?
    need help.
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    i basically have this theme i want it to be but i just had a little problem... on the widgets page i have the hd icon there and it is turned sideways... i noticed that i shouldn't have the hd icon on that page at all... any suggestions?

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    yeah i found the issue with those icons that have come in the process of updating the link with all the fixes to v1.2

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    Love this theme! cant wait until the 3.1 jailbreak comes out for the 3GS so i can use it. Let use know when you update the link.

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