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Thread: [Release] Snow Leopard Portrait

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    link has been updated

    If you already have it install just repace leopard main with the new one in v1.2.1

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    mysteryskater125 (2009-09-25)

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    i haven't taken the time yet to go through the theme and look yet, but how is wi-fi, signal strength, edge, and 3G shown on the status bar. i've only see it with the wi-fi style bar, which i'm guessing is the signal strength

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    new update?! so what new in this one? dl as i type!

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    it fixes the issues with those extra icon problem ppl are having
    its not really and update but a fixed to 1.2

    Also if you have the theme correctly it should look like the new pics on post 1

    Quote Originally Posted by mysteryskater125 View Post
    i haven't taken the time yet to go through the theme and look yet, but how is wi-fi, signal strength, edge, and 3G shown on the status bar. i've only see it with the wi-fi style bar, which i'm guessing is the signal strength
    The apple is the signal for 3G, Edge, the more full the apple shows the stronger the signal is. And the Wifi Bars is for your wifi bar.
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    ok now i pretty much got everything working except i dont get the macintosh hd in the very first page, can you send me a link of the icon to download?

    or how can i fix it, i tried replacing everything in the applications folder like 3 times and same issue.

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    give me a few ill check the files to see if i got rid of it by accident

    All the files for the Macintosh HD are there, I just re-checked. You should have 8.Are you sure you turn it on in the springjump app?
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    Alright so I dled te new update and all u need to do is only replace the leopard main theme right?? Also u notice u have a status notifier. I have notifier installed but I don't have anything show up in the status bar unless I'm on safari and then it shows up. Also when I'm in the widgets page I still have the HD icon there and it's turned sideways. Other than that the theme is awesome AND I'm rockin it on my 2g! I've ran many themes from inav to palm pre and I don't notice that much of a slow down when using this theme. I guess any theme I use I will have some sluggish... Maybe cuz it's a 2g =). Thanks again!

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    Yea it's defiantly because it's a 2G^. There's zero lag on my 3G.

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    ofm05, looking for psd. I wish to make videos icon for stacks.
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    hey ofm05, how do we make our own icon for the drop down menu?

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    Link for download on 1st post is not woking for me - tried over and over ad still no luck.

    Anyone else care to share via a differnet source?


    btw - rockin theme! well done!

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    I love the theme and use it on my Ipod Touch, only thing is that the Icon in the upper left, the Wifi Signal is still there so is there a chance to slide it over like in your screenshots?

    Again, great Theme
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    What's new in the update? Do we need it, cause I don't wanna mess my theme up? I got everything running smoothly.

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    Wi-fi is in the wrong place,its just behind file. How do i fix this please?

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    If you have some minor issues it's up to you to fix them. It's not that hard, ofm05 can't hold your hand and guide you through all the fixes. It's working smoothly for a lot of people so if your having issues figure out how to fix them.

    If your theme is running smoothly you obviously don't need the update.
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    whoadie (2009-09-28)

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    I would love to fix it but dont know how, in de plist i found were values for a margin for the clock but none what so ever for the wifi signal or the lable "iPod".
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    You have to configure it in Photoshop dude or just hide the WiFi signal.

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    Well yeah, Photoshop would be a possibility but without the .psd file oh one screen it would look crappy because of the background pattern that would shift right with it.
    Hiding the wifi alone would not fix the problem 'case the lable is still ther .

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    Well I don't know what to do, mines flawless ...

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    U don't need a psd file. If ur using an iPod touch that's the problem it's self.

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