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Thread: Help Please with keyboard themes

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    Default Help Please with keyboard themes
    Does anyone know if there is a problem with installing keyboard themes from cydia or when you download one from this site on a 3.0.1 firmware for Iphone? I downloaded 2 themes and tried to ssh it into the stashe/themes

    I tried the 3gstorm and this krystal red keyboard theme.

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    It does not work on 3.0 yet but there is a way to get around it.

    Here it is.


    how come the whole thing is starred out...

    Go to ***************** and search keyboard theme 3.0

    Wow....I guess that website is banned on this forum...

    Ok I know I have seen this guide on here before but Here is my guide on it along with how to toggle diferrent Keyboards an and off with winterboard. I also give a link to the tru blue keyboard so u can see how it is set up.. after you follow guide how to install iAcces then follow below tut how to use with winterboard..hope this helps a bit..

    Open cydia go in to sections and then go to repositories and search For iAcces Repo.

    Install and refresh packages if you need to then search for the Package iAcces OS3 Install

    it will Respring your Device, when done you need to reboot,
    when comes back on find app on sprinboard and open (if crashes reopen) once you see a bunch of chinese Writing close The app.

    Now go On to your desktop and open winscp(or what ever you use) now go to /private/var/stash/Applications and find the iAcces app and drag to desktop.

    After on desktop open it up and you will see a img folder in there is where you will have to change your images now you can use the tru blue keyboard link I will post or you can make your own.I Suggest Downloading Keyboard and see how it's done

    now after you change images close out winscp then go open iAcces app again but this time when you see the chinese Writing make sure you turn all the ones that are on to off except the very first one.

    Close out of app (I chose to hide it with SBSettings) Now if you want the keyboard to be your stock you can follow this next step But if You wanna be able to change back and fourth between Keyboards Just Respring Now.

    So go General,keyboard,international Keyboards,and turn English Off now close out and Respring Now this will be your stock Keyboard...Goodluck and enjoy your new keyboard

    If you wanna toggle different keyboards using winterboard then follow these steps below.

    create these folders:

    folder with your theme name on it example: Red Ecko Keyboard

    so create these folders:

    1. your name Keyboard

    2. Folders or as long as you have them installed 1 or other

    4. images

    directory should look like this: your name Keyboard/Folders/

    Once finished take your personalized theme and drop it into this directory: root/var/stash/themes

    toggle on with winterboard and enjoy.

    Thanks to JJMA
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