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Thread: [open source] the open source theme

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    We shouldn't create anything when nothing is for sure... I wouldn't want to waste my time.
    #eli7e revived me

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    I got Spinboard and its hawt!

    I meant something like Mac os x newton virus

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    Got really bored cause the internet was down. What do you think?
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    um, ew. sorry just a personal opinion.

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    Yes ikesmasher after I took a second look I realized that it does look horrible. I tried and failed. But I will try again one day.

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    The theme and its creation should have some very clear rules set at the beginning.

    Everyone should be able to use it.
    by this I mean that most people love the themes but cannot ssh or mod files etc to get one to work.

    However most people can press a button on cydia and then go to winterboard to set.

    can this be done like an application that is downloaded from cydia?
    Would you be able to add updates automatically later?

    Has to be easy to use as a theme.
    Is it going to have support on icons, wallpapers etc.

    It should stay portrait.
    Apple designed the phone to be held like a phone most of the time so I think the theme would work better if it was in that flavour.

    Questions to ask before developing
    What API's or programs/code exists now to make something unique work.
    Which of these are you going to use to design the new theme.
    What makes the iPhone stand out from all the other phones.

    I personally think that you are looking for a theme that uses tricks to make the phone actually feel like a complete new OS even though it is just a theme.

    Is there anyway to utilise the multi touch technology in the phone for a menu system.

    No pre releases
    This way it will get you to finish the project.
    Only have a limited number of beta testers that know what they are doing.

    Show production work
    by showing the work progressing will keep people interested in the project and may even give you feedback without having to worry about support and fixes every other day.

    own a job
    There is nothing worse than people doing a project and not taking responsibility for their part.
    they didnt know that it was theirs or was not made clear.

    Plan the project
    Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

    Whoever is doing the project is experienced in most of the elements that will be worked on.
    Realistic timescales and outcomes should be decided before beginning.

    I wish you the best of luck and really cannot wait to see what the creative genius's in the project pull out,

    Good Luck

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    Has anyone thought of improving the Contact flow or appflow apps and incorporating them into a theme somehow. I always thought those programs were great ideas that were never fully materialised.

    The graphics of the apps were not quite up to snuff either but in concept they are right up there with stacks or springjumps.

    (i remember when springjumps came out it seemed really useless until someone put them in the dock)

    Also I always thought the appflow idea would be brilliant combined with categories (it just seemed pointless to use appflow when the app i wanted was right next to it on springboard)
    And contactflow should be more integrated into the phone app I mean it would hardly get used as a standalone app.

    Hopefully someone will see the potential in these ideas and run with them as I have no graphics or coding capabilities to do it myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by victorliao View Post
    ^ Lol.
    Just have to agree, lmao

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    Is pear banned?

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    Yeah he is.

    And blkcadi, you can't really respond to that hahahha
    Storm Shadow

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    What did pear get banned for??

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    So is the release imminent? or should we rename the thread to

    Open Source Theme: Sorry, We're Closed

    Sorry, couldn't resist, but I would gather that this is pretty much a non-starter.
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    Geez, this open source thing is ridiculous!!! for every idea there are 10rules on making the theme...

    EDIT: BTW, I saw a theme that had the number of notifications separated from the actual apps on the springboard... is this a mod/tweak that you have to install?
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    Definitely love to be involved

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