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Thread: LBP theme (by: cHaZ)

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    here's the big icon for games :

    Page2.png picture by chaz_james - Photobucket

    u can check out the file in here :

    Pictures by chaz_james - Photobucket

    Thanks for the comment
    Check out my page :

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    cdanae77 (2009-09-19)

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    Quote Originally Posted by chazzy View Post

    To make a large icon game, i usually browse for the pic on d net and fix the tracing then copy paste to the template, what big game icon do u need ?


    what's d difference between ipod touch and iphone themes ? lol
    i'm an amateur, if it's just an icon, i can make them for ya just gimme the list wat do u need if it's not then i need some help
    I've been doing the same thing Chazzy. BTW I like what you've done with "UP"
    If anyone needs something just ask me as well and I will TRY to hook you up. Im not done with mine yet.... But look here

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    Brick James. What app is that In your lock screen? intelliscreen? Looks really nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daikonran View Post
    Brick James. What app is that In your lock screen? intelliscreen? Looks really nice
    It's gruppled. I can hook you up with it if u like. I am at work now but if u wait til the morning I can shoot it your way. I will even set it up 4 u if u like. All I need is yur zip code. Or, I will just email u da site which guides u through the whole thing.

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    Just the site would be great Thanx.

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    Chk yur inbox

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    I'm loving your theme to and your big icons. I currently have the wood version. I have a pc running vista and have been trying all night to make the icons chaz does the small ones with text, no joy all I have is paint and it keeps bringing up the white back ground. If anyone can do some for weather, YouTube, cydia or anything else you have, the help is much appreciated. Keep up the fantastic work all of you

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    I have a few of those icons you want, but only for the leaf theme. I think a lot of people here have installed the leaf theme. More support for that one it would seem

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    cdanae77 (2009-09-19)

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    ok cool ill have a look at installing that one if chazzy doesnt mind, im new to all this jailbreaking im still with original iphone, its fantastic what you can do once you have 'broke' it. if you dont mind would you share your icons???

    Thank you for your help.
    hope your other themes get permission.

    just a thought has anyone come up with a mr men or little miss theme....yes im a big kid hehehe
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    Hi Chazzy do you have a light wood page for the lbp theme, with shelves so i can put extra pages on with shevles please?
    many thanks
    oh and please let me know when you get permission for your other work on your devian page, i am loving your stuff

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    Here's the big game icon (page 2) for LBP WOOD
    Extra pages with shelves, is it sumthin like this ?
    I don't know wat its gonna look like though with the icon though

    @Brick James

    I really like ur screen lock
    just some tips, if u want the leaf icon look nicer and not 2 close to each other, try to resize em u 50X50

    For those who want up and wall-e, im gonna release em next week
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -brown-wood-page2.png   -dark-wood-page2.png   -extra-pages-shelves.png  
    Check out my page :

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    cdanae77 (2009-09-22)

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    can someone help me make the icons with the description i just need youtube and apple remote. thank you

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    How do I get this theme?

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    the link is the first post of this thread to download. dont forget to say thanks to chazzy.

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    I tried this tonite, and I think I might be a bit retarded. I can get page 0 set up ok (using leaf) but have no wallpaper, or lock screen for that matter. I don't know where the wallpaper is in the file I downloaded, and I don't know how to make multiples of the spring jump icons either (like having more than 1 page 0 jump icon). maybe I just don't understand it, and none of the pictures on the page help, because the bandwidth is always exceeded and i cannot see them. any help?

    *edit: ok, I was able to get the wallpaper thing fixed, and I think my problem was I was using the walkthrough for black luna instead of trying to wing this one. some of the icons do not show the little words next to the icon though like it shows on the picture sets. I'm just gonna keep messing with it and see if I can make it work.
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    Hi, how can i get those of ur themes? I really like it so much.

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