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Thread: [RELEASE] Black Luna by Chaz

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    Default [RELEASE] Black Luna by Chaz
    This is my first theme black luna
    inspired from some great themes and icons out there.

    I want to thank all the people who give me permission :

    whitoken ipod touch 3.0 theme by ~6mik-design on deviantART

    iNav Apple (Icon with descipriton)

    Tenuis Icon Template

    I include instruction & PSD in the zip files
    Some of the font are different from the preview
    cause i accidently delete the original PSD
    Well i hope u guys like it

    Here's the link to download the file :

    Black Luna - ChAz by ~chaz-james on deviantART

    Please leave comment
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -untitled-2.jpg  
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    I'm installing it now! I have a few complaints.
    I don't see why "Rss-reader" and "nimbuzz" should be in the static bar.. They are two random apps that not many of us use, therefor, they should be in the apps category on the regular springboard.. And also, u have ALOT of games, for "Time management" I only have the sims 3, wich kind of makes the whole category useless? The theme looks good overall! Thanks.

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    Ok. I finally got this theme installed. This is the first time installing a theme like this. It was a lot more complex than I thought.

    You missed out a few steps in the walkthrough chaz. But it wasnt too bad. I had to read around a bit to understand it. Specially to get rid of the icon names to make the theme all neat. Add

    Go into winterboard and activate the theme

    and activate "no undocked icon labels" and "no docked icon label"

    that at the end so that people know how to get rid of the names for the icons. Also, would it be possible to put a spring back to home or something jump so that I could get back to the menu without having to slide back through all the pages?

    Otherwise nice theme. Ill keep trying it out for a while and see how it goes. Hope the LBP themes come out soon
    And yeah, like Careface said, the icons on the main app page could use some change and there are way too many games pages. I dont know anyone with as many games as you Maybe more apps pages would be better for more people.

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    actually the LBP themes is ready to be released, now im waiting for ur e-mail (daikonran)
    then i'm gonna upload the package

    i usually press the home button to get back to menu
    i'm such an amateur

    lol i know i have so many games, i'm gonna make another package for 4 pages
    iphone media apps and games

    then i need to make the same thing for my lbp, so i need to post pone the release ?

    anyway im gonna make the 4 pages now, if u guys want to request icon now its the right time.. i'll be waiting, thanks for the comment
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    for an icon a good one to use would be to change nimbuzz to beejive IM. All you would need to do is change Numbuzz on the Icon to say Beejive, and just include it with your set of icons!! I would do this but I have ZERO experience with PS.

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    man u cant make these themes for iphone????
    and plz release LBP release lol

    nvm lmao they are for the iphone hahah
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    this is for iphone, u can see there's a dock icon (phone) in the screen shot

    i also make some icon for those who dont like LBP icon

    black luna updated ver 1.1

    -additional page for apps
    - better installation guide (thanks to Dainkonran)
    - some new icon

    LBP wood release.... tonight
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