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Thread: special thread widget HTC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheidenreich View Post
    Although this is not a HTC Widget, but I think it's nice

    Edit: Also with Analogclock for the Lockscreen without LockInfo (it's better for memory)

    Hello Simone,

    Can you please share that clock widget for lockscreen and springboard?

    Thank you,

    Hello Nicos,
    here the Theme with Flipclock for Homescreen ...

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    I do not find the theme for the Lockscreen at the moment, sorry

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    Default Widget on Sprinboard Page Two
    Hej Guys

    Who can i take this Weather Widget on my sprinboard page two ??

    In have on the first page the Clock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheidenreich View Post
    Hello Richard
    First you must install "LockClock Hide" in Cydia.
    Send me per PM your City/Country and your Emailadress, then I'll make the theme ready for you, included the english Wallpaper.js and the weather etc. above.

    hey can you do all of that for me =]


    and my email is [email protected]

    thx you

    is there anyway i can have the clock a lil smaller?
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    this is one of the most pointless threads ever...

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    i love your flip clock on the lockscreen but i didn t get the weater on the lockscreen running
    what i do wrong
    best regards

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    Smile Some help with customized theme?

    Can someone help me?

    I have picked one of Sheidenreich's
    themes, (thanks for those great themes, you rock man! )
    and I've made some customizations:

    - Date in my own language (Dutch)
    - The year is shown (getFullYear())
    - The configureMe.js is also changed for my location.

    But, the year is shown on a second line, like this:

    Why isn't the whole date shown in one line?
    (Here's my customized theme: HTC

    And I would like to ad the <| sign like in this image:
    (The sign next to the sun)

    It couldn't find it in the uploaded themes here,
    or am I blind?
    I believe its a special page0.png file,
    so can someone upload it for me?


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    I'd like to know where I might find this dock.


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    i have a question i want the flipclock with weather on my lockscreen is this possible? and how do i have to do this i have already installed "lockinfo" could somebody please help me?

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    Default My attempt at htc theme
    hey guys this is what ive done with my htc theme based on the htc hero sense ui
    this was inspired by all the people doing the htc hero specially xdroid and htc her sensce
    still a work in progress

    at the moment im working on live widgets on different pages if any one could point me to the right direction that would be great
    i tried doing a html widget an called it e.g. Page0.html with Page0.png

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    How can i add mail and calender? On my lockscreen using thr htc sense flipclock and weather with cydget?? Thanks

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    My Dog Pop Arted!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheidenreich View Post
    So here is it ...and so it looks now ...

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    and this for making your own LockBackground
    (it must name "LockBG.jpg" and will change in the folder "imgs")

    Here is another background (I had tried that it automatically switches to night and day, but I not know, what I do, that it works, since already a Lockbackground.html is active)
    Maybe someone knows, what I must do, that it works?

    Greetings Simone

    PS. For english version you must delete the translation in "Wallpaper.js" and translate the "date.js"
    This is amazing.
    This my lockscreen at the only if a way could be found for me to have it on my springboard.....

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    ^^^this is a very amazing lockscreen i agree

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