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Thread: [THEME] TEKNOLOGIK official thread

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    Default [THEME] TEKNOLOGIK official thread
    This is my theme TEKNOLOGIK, based on the layout of White apple/whitoken/inav and various others. As i have grown the theme i thought i`d start a thread incase there`s anyone out there that missed the Whitoken theme.

    It can be downloaded from my deviantart page: Teknologik iPhone theme by ~darren-coates on deviantART

    A video preview can be found here: [ame=]YouTube - TEKNOLOGIK IPHONE THEME[/ame]

    And im adding new icons and wallpaper at the teknologik posterous site here: teknologik's posterous - icons for dazcoates` TEKNOLOGIK theme


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    very nice. only thing id work on is the "more" page. the layout dont match the icons placements. But nice adaptation on themese mentioned. id probly use this sometimes.

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    mind posting some .psd's cause I would like to make some custom icons for Myspace and beejive. or if you could do it and post them here. I wanted them to be part of the right column like where the messages, winterbaord, etc are.


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    seems like long load time when you hit "more" on the apps page..

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    Hmm..i like the theme, but how can I mod it to not use categories and just have it spring jump to another page further down with the rest of the app etc...

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    Rosewood type wallpaper. Thanks again Darren for the awesome theme!

    Purple Plasma type wallpaper
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    I absolutely love this theme and have been using it for months now. I've modified it to suit my color tastes, but the rest is pretty much the same. Great design!

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    Quote Originally Posted by braceyoself View Post
    I absolutely love this theme and have been using it for months now. I've modified it to suit my color tastes, but the rest is pretty much the same. Great design!
    This is a nice theme. Do you by chance have a how to?

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    Hey this is a wonderful theme and have been using this for quite a while. If you are the original creator of the theme, then I would like to ask for your permission to post my version of the theme on the web. I have modded your theme to have new wallpapers(guitars) and a different layout for the 'More' page. I have put games and fun apps under the more page and have a Utilities page instead of the Games page.

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    My Teknologik Mod !!!

    Ubuntu User
    My Iphone 3G

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    I created some wallpapers from some images I found online. I also have the overlay to put on top of any image to create the wallpaper if anyone is interested. Its in photoshop's PSD ext to keep the layers in tact.

    Just rename these to Wallpaper.png in the teknologik folder under themes.

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    sorry..but where i can download this theme??


    can i have the screenshot...for the icon position?
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    Here's a link with a walkthrough video on youtube. Hope this helps!

    How to get the Teknologic theme for iPhone | Daily iPhone Blog

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    Is it work with 3GS 4.0.1

    As I mention

    Is it work with 3GS 4.0.1?
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    not sure about the theme itself but the apps that make up the theme like LCD2 and a few others are not compatible at the moment.

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    Default Teknologic Mod Screenshots
    So relieved this project is finally complete. Wanted to share.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -photo1st.png   -photo2nd.png   -photo4.png   -photo5.png   -photo8.png   -default.png   -photo.png   -photo2.png  

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    Hi iamfugazi...
    Your theme look nice and unique. Can i have it ? How to get you're theme. My phone is iphone 3GS ios 4.2.1 and the original teknologik theme not working well on my devices. Thanks...

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    Default My Teknologik Mod Screenshots




    E-mail me at
    if you wish to enjoy this mod of teknologik.

    Gaurav Kapoor

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    how do u get the clock like that ? u need live clock right? but how do u get the digital?

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    Question how do you get this theme
    Quote Originally Posted by iamfugazi View Post
    So relieved this project is finally complete. Wanted to share.
    hey i was wondering how do you get these changes to teknologik because i have the original vision and this one looks much better.

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